10 Reasons Why A Staycation Can Be Just As Fun As Going Away!

People take a vacation for many reasons. You may want a break from work, spend some family time, or give yourself a much-needed me-time. Whatever the reason, a vacation requires extensive planning and a long journey.

From deciding on the destination to locating and pre-booking hotels, a vacation demands meticulous planning at every step. Last but not least, there is the need to travel. If you have chosen a remote spot, then you may need to use different transportation methods to reach your destination.

As fun and exciting as a vacation can be, it can sometimes turn overwhelming!

If you are looking for a new experience that is different from a vacation, then welcome to a staycation!


What Is A Staycation?

A staycation involves enjoying a vacation at one’s own country without making a trip to a foreign country. A typical staycation involves staying at home and visiting local attractions. Some people may also choose to stay at a local hotel and enjoy all the fun and relaxation indoors without stepping out.

Many hotels are now including staycation in their vacation themes to cater to an increasing demography that is choosing a staycation over a vacation.

There are multiple benefits to a staycation. Here are the top 10 reasons that attract people to a staycation experience:

1. An Innovative Way Of Having Fun

A vacation takes you to new places and bestows you with the experience of new things. But there is no one way to having fun, right? A staycation can be equally fun.

In fact, the fun and excitement are more because staycation is still new for many people. Travel is all about exploration and discovery with a good measure of fun, joy and adventure thrown in. A staycation presents all the above elements in generous amounts.

For example, you can turn your indoor pool into a family setting or a romantic setting depending on the purpose of your staycation. Include perfumed candles, wooden lounges, and some by-the-pool cutlery.

You could create your own themes, say a popular cartoon-based theme if kids are part of the staycation. You could use inflatable toys or posters of cartoon characters for the theme.

You can get as creative as your imagination allows you. The setting need not be expensive. You could, for example, convert your existing furniture into staycation elements.

2. Relax, Relax, and Just Relax

Since you would be spending time at your own location, you need not worry about catching a tour bus or a plane on time. There is no need to lose sleep over missing your transportation too. You do not have to keep tracking the time as well.

All you need to do is sit or lie down and relax. A staycation is a great option for anyone, but especially so for people looking for a break from a burnout-inducing routine.

3. A Cheaper Way To Enjoy

You do not have to spend on expensive items such as flight tickets, foreign accommodations or tour expenses. You do not also have to spend on restaurant meals. Enjoying your vacation at home allows you to save several thousands of dollars. Consider using these saved dollars on a trip abroad for your next vacation!

4. Get More Time With Your Loved Ones

A staycation allows you to spend more quality time with people that really matter in your life. It can be easy to take your most important relationships in life for granted amidst work and life tensions. A staycation gives you an opportunity to reconnect and rediscover.

For example, you could spend a few days with your parents, reliving your younger days. You could go on a local hiking trip with your sibling. An activity such as routine shopping can become relaxing and fun when you do it with your best friend.

A more popular way of enjoying a staycation is to set up your own swimming pool. Fibreglass swimming pools are fast becoming the go-to option for lovers of a pool-themed staycation.

Fibreglass pools give the best value for money because they are low maintenance, and durable. They are available in different attractive shapes and can be installed within no time.

5. Rediscover Your Hometown

You may have lived in your hometown for many years and yet not have known about certain special spots. A staycation gives you the opportunity to explore and rediscover your hometown.

You may find yourself being surprised by new interesting locales that you had been unaware of.

A staycation also allows you to re-explore and re-experience the fun of visiting classic spots. You could indulge in activities that you have always enjoyed at your local resort, for example. You could also go further and experience activities that you have always wanted to try.

6. Reengage With Yourself

A staycation does not demand too much of anything from you, including time and money. All it takes is your ability to be creative, and you are all set to enjoy!

By its very nature, a staycation gives you more time with yourself. You could use the time to rediscover yourself. As you plan your own staycation, you could reconnect with your creative side. Indulging in activities you like and love relaxes you.

A staycation is also an opportunity to pamper yourself endlessly. You could spend an entire day at your local spa rejuvenating your body. Give yourself a gastronomic treat at the local restaurant. Work it all out with a stroll at the beach, or on a hiking trip, or simply a walk around the town, depending on the attractions your town offers.

Get in touch with the funnier side of life with a staycation.

7. An Opportunity To Indulge Your Pets

A staycation does not require you to leave your pets at home with a pet sitter. You do not also have to worry about flight and hotel rules for pets.

You can take them with you wherever you go on a staycation. Enjoy your staycation with them and make the time much more memorable for both of you.

8. Familiarity Makes Staycation Safer

It can be adventurous to charter into an unknown foreign land. But sometimes, local laws and customs can make the adventure go overboard. You may find yourself in trouble if you do not know the local language, or worse, if you get interpreted wrong.

A staycation prevents all the unnecessary trouble as you would be exploring a place you already know! A staycation allows you to enjoy a vacation the way it should be – free of stress and tons of fun.

9. No Stress Of Packing

As everyone knows, packing is an inevitable evil of a vacation. It can be extremely stressful if you have children. With babies, toddlers, and multiple kids to manage, the stress just explodes.

While there are ways such as travel checklists and delegation to help you with vacation packing, packing seldom is smooth.

A staycation removes all the worry – you just do not have any packing to do!

10. A Perfect Way To Feel Fresh And Rejuvenated After

The purpose of taking a break is to give your mind and body time to relax and heal. A staycation is the perfect option. It does not involve heavy planning or spending. There is no additional stress of having to conform to a foreign ambience. You are free to enjoy!

So, what are you waiting for? Plan your staycation now. Make a list of the local attractions that you have always wanted to enjoy. Go easy on your mind, body and money!

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  1. Claire Masters says:

    I’ve been staying at home for almost two years now and I believe it’s high time I take a break. Thanks for mentioning that a good reason for a staycation is to simply relax, recharge and heal from stress. Since there are still some travel restrictions, think a staycation in a nice park lodging would be so great.

    • Barrier Reef Pools says:

      Hello Claire,

      Staycations are our favourite! In the comfort of your own home, mixed with the fun of a vacation!

      We hope you have an awesome day!

      – Barrier Reef Pools Team

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