5 Reasons You Might Want A Plunge Pool

With the pool world exploding in popularity and new pool types emerging all the time, it can sometimes be hard to find a pool that suits your needs. However, at Barrier Reef Pools we have a fibreglass pool for just about every reason; and you’re most likely here because you’re thinking a plunge pool could be the one. Truth is, there’s dozens of good reasons to buy a plunge pool, but we’ve curated the top 5 so that you can be absolutely sure you’ll enjoy your plunge pool.

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What Do You Mean By Plunge Pool?

plunge pool is a scaled down, small sized pool. It is square in shape – although it can be rectangular – and it fits nicely into smaller backyards. Some plunge pools are deep enough to come up to shoulder height and even submerge yourself under if you wish. Yet, most plunge pools are shallow and primarily used for wading, relaxing in, or cooling off from the summer heat. They are modelled after the naturally forming plunge pool at the base of a waterfall and many will come with steps or a ledge to sit on once submerged. The unifying feature of plunge pools is that they are small, compact versions of larger sized pools, used for relaxing.

Reason 1: The Ultimate Relaxing Pool

As you might have guessed, one of the most common reasons plunge pools are so popular is because of their relaxation facilities. Picture it: you’ve just returned home from a long day at work, the AC is broken and it’s the middle of summer – what more could want than a relaxing dip in your pool? The plunge pool allows swimmers to lounge and wade with ease; it’s the perfect pool to lay back in, float and soak up the sun while still staying cool. Plunge pools have also been recommended for relaxation therapy because of their ability to employ the mineral water system. Their small, shallow space also makes them optimal for aerobic, low-intensity exercises that are low-risk for injuries.

Reason 2: It Can Be Heated!

Probably the only reason against getting a plunge pool is – just like every other pool – the winter chill tends to turn it exceptionally cold. However, what would normally be another pool’s biggest weakness is actually one of the plunge pools strengths! First of all, plunge pools can be heated. Secondly, due to their small, compact size, plunge pools are extremely affordable to heat. Because they have less surface area than traditionally sized pools, they also heat up much quicker than normal. Not to mention that plunge pool covers will also be relatively cheaper. Remember that point we made about being ultra-relaxed? Well, now you can do it year-round.

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Reason 3: Great For Non-Full Time Swimmers

Another reason a plunge pool might be the pool you’re after is if you see yourself as more of a casual, sporadic swimmer. We all know larger pools are a significant investment of time and money, but plunge pools are much more affordable. Meaning, of course, you don’t have to feel the need to swim every single day just to get your money’s worth. Additionally, because of their compact size their cleaning and maintenance process and costs will be significantly lower. Lastly, if you’re the type of person who doesn’t see themselves doing a dozen laps before 6am in the morning, then the more laid-back, relaxed environment of the plunge pool could be perfect for you.

Reason 4: It’s Compact Size Means Surprising Benefits

The fourth reason you might want a plunge pool is likely one that you’ve realised yourself: their small size. This allows plunge pools to be installed in almost any property or home, particularly ones that already struggle for space on the block. Alternatively, you may already have a centrepiece for your backyard or perhaps your property isn’t one you think suits a larger-scale pool. But, if you still want to enjoy the benefits of an award-winning fibreglass pool, then the plunge pool can suit your needs to a tee.

Reason 5: Let’s Face It - Plunge Pools Just Look Good

Speaking of your tastes, the plunge pool adds a very distinct and contemporary feel to any home. This is because the plunge pool is typically geometric or rectangular: the sharp angles and clean edges will bring a formal feel to the aesthetic of your backyard. Plunge pools can also be fitted with pool lights to make them look even more impressive. Another benefit of their sharp appearance is that it’s typically easier to design and finance your poolside area around them, leaving more space for your BBQ or lounging space. The plunge pool design also means they can fit neatly into a minimalist aesthetic.

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Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we hope we’ve impressed upon you the fantastic benefits of owning a plunge pool. Even though sometimes the sheer amount of pool ranges on display can sometimes be overwhelming, it’s important to remember that there is a pool out there for every family; including yours. If you’re looking for a smaller sized pool, one that has a contemporary look to it and is easy to relax in all-year round, then it sounds to us like you’re looking for a fibreglass plunge pool. If these amazing benefits haven’t made up your mind yet, then click through to see our breath-taking range of plunge pools now!

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