6 Of The Best Underwater LED Lights For Your Pool And Spa

So, you’ve just acquired your dream fibreglass pool! Congratulations! But where to from here? Well, obviously you’re going to have many, many years of enjoying your new pool and building cherished memories with your family and friends – by your pool, of course. But we’re talking about after that; namely, taking your fibreglass pool (or spa, we don’t judge here) to the next level with stunning underwater LED lights.

What Underwater Lights Can Do For Your Pool

The right underwater LED light can add a luxurious and showstopping appeal to your pool and spa. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to see better during the night (duh!) you can also show off your beautiful, highlighted pool to your friends and family. What’s more, LED pool lights have undergone amazing technological innovations in recent years, meaning it’s never been easier to buy and install one than today. Oh, and we almost forgot: you can choose your own colour! Read on to find the best colour for your pool.

Will Underwater Lights Require More Maintenance?

We get this question a lot here at Barrier Reef Pools, and the answer is simple: no. As we mentioned earlier, underwater pool lights have evolved to become surprisingly easy to install and maintain. Of course, we still recommend having a professional install them in the first place. This can save you time and prevent a future headache from a potentially incorrect install.

In terms of maintenance, a LED light will not affect the Ph levels of your pool nor require any extra cleaning. Plus, as LED lights are not a part of the structural integrity of your fibreglass pool, the replacement process for them is relatively affordable and easy!

#1 SLX Multicolour LED Pool Light - Astral Pool

The SLX Multicoloured LED pool light features 7 standard colours to choose from including blue, orange, green, pink and clear. These colours can bring an elevated and impressive look to your fibreglass pool during the night. The SLX can also be paired with touchscreens and is compatible with saltwater chlorinators.


#2 FLX Fibreglass Multicolour LED Pool Light - Astral Pool

The slim profile of the FLX fibreglass LED pool light means that it won’t be protruding outwards from the surface of your fibreglass pool. Instead, this underwater light will blend in with the sleek and contemporary look of your new pool or spa. It has the familiar 7 lights as the SLX, but also features 3 colour transition modes. These are:

  1. Smooth
  2. Fade
  3. Disco

It’s worth noting that the FLX LED underwater light was specifically designed for fibreglass pools – meaning you get the latest in cutting edge technology.

#3 Cascade Waterfalls - Astral Pool

Okay, so this option isn’t technically an underwater light, but hear us out: what looks cooler on your fibreglass pool than a waterfall! Especially a waterfall that has an LED light mounted behind it to make it look even more stunning. The Astral Pool cascade waterfall can be installed with both a pool and a spa. The sound of running water is sure to relax you and improve the therapeutic benefits of a mineral pool or spa.

The Best Way To Light Up Your Home Is With A Spa

Because of their compact size, spas are extremely easy to illuminate with underwater LED lights.
Check out our exclusive spa range today!

#4 Atom Series - Spa Electronics

The Atom series LED light is our first recommendation from the experienced professionals at Spa Electronics. As you may have guessed, the Atom series is specifically designed to enhance your spa. What you can expect from this innovative and cutting edge LED light is:

  1. Available in multiple colours such as blue, white, multicolour
  2. Detachable electrical connection 
  3. Suitable for Fibreglass pools as well 
  4. Australian owned and manufactured 
  5. IPX8 Waterproof rating

#5 Quantum Series - Spa Electronics

An Australian designed and manufactured LED light, the Quantum series is perfect for fibreglass pools. It is the market leader in brightness and efficiency. Its colours include blue, white and multicoloured – for those nights you want your pool to look extra special. The best part is that it possesses an ambient operating temperature of between 5 degrees to 40 degrees, meaning it will operate inside a heated pool or spa.

#6 Pond Series - Spa Electronics

The Pond series from Spa Electronics is a versatile mounting system that can be placed behind waterfalls (see above) and water features to give them that extra flair. It is flexible and easy to move, meaning it can fit onto any fibreglass pool or feature. This range is the ultimate luxury add-on, able to set the scene for your night-time swim, gathering or pool party. Choose from 4 beautiful colours. 

At Barrier Reef Pools, we understand that for a lot of families a fibreglass pool has been a dream they’ve been looking forward to. So why not splurge that little bit extra on taking that dream to the next level? An underwater LED light – whether for your fibreglass pool or your spa – is an amazing way to light up your evenings and make an already beautiful pool even more stunning. But before you go choosing your underwater lights, you’ll first need to choose your pool! Check out our amazing pool and spa selection, including our exclusive new Brampton range today!

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    We need to replace our pool light for our 5×2.7 m fibreglass pool.
    What is the light with the best warranty and most likely to not need replacing again in a hurry?


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