A Great Guide To Upgrading Your Pool Filter

There’s nothing more refreshing than taking a dip in a cool and clear swimming pool! Sometimes though after a busy swimming week or a windy day you will find the water is not as crystal clear as you would hope! No one enjoys the ‘freak-out’ of when a leaf touches your foot whilst having a swim, or not being able to see through your goggles through the murky water! Not only the physical discomfort, but the health risks of poorly filtered water on people and the pool maintenance is very costly. The importance of your pool filtration system on the chemical balance to keep the water debris-free is paramount to having a low maintenance pool- and for a high level of entertainment!

If the pool has poor water circulation bacteria could grow, and diseases can be spread. This is the reason the correct size pool filter is so important. Where there is no or low water circulation, like a dam- the water can grow algae and becomes murky and brown. This is not an environment that anyone would like to go swimming in! If the pool filter isn’t powerful enough for your pool, the water quality can be affected with chemical imbalances too. This means you will be forever trying to balance the chemicals! Adding more financial and time expenditure to the maintenance of your pool. When your pool has healthy water circulation, it can fix these issues! With the correct sized pump, the water is pushed through the filter and cleared of debris, bugs, dirt, and it can even remove oils left by your skin and cosmetics. Is it time for you to consider upgrading your pool filter?

Reasons I Should Look At Upgrading My Pool Filter

When you first got your swimming pool, you may have had to make the decision to choose a more cost efficient option with the pump, as it may have been the only option, financially. Or maybe you have moved into a home where you didn’t have any say in the original decision of which pump and filter system to have installed with the swimming pool. Whatever the case- as technology advances, there are better options on the market to help you with maintenance, time and money. So here are some reasons why you should look into upgrading your filter system.

Less Vacuuming

Once you have a more efficient pump and filter in place, the daily, time-consuming chore of vacuuming is minimised. Make sure you choose a high-quality cartridge filter, especially designed for higher efficiency levels, to reduce that vacuuming again.

Reduce Time And Money On Balancing Chemicals

Additional chlorine, and chemicals are going to be needed in the older filters. With a new high-tech filter, it will make sure the water stays particulate-free. Which will mean you will require a considerable amount less of the chemicals- plus it will reduce the time required to test/add chemicals. A larger filter will also not need to be run for as long, or as often as a smaller system, so this will save power (on top of money!) as well!

Improved Water Clarity

The new pool pumps and filters can efficiently and effectively improve the overall water quality. The water will not only look clearer and cleaner, it will be healthier and safer for your family and friends to swim in.


Troubleshooting My Current Pool Filter

Did you know that your filter may not be running at 100% of its capability? With many issues that can occur to lower the effectiveness of a pool filter, it is important to keep an eye on your current equipment to make sure it is doing its job!


Are you noticing excess water or puddles around your pump system?

A leak could impact the flow of the filtration system, so it is important to get it repaired by a pool technician ASAP.

Filter Material In The Pool

Sometimes you may see some filter material in the pool after backwashing, regardless of what kind of filter you have for your swimming pool. But if you start noticing it when you haven’t just backwashed, you may have a problem. Firstly, make sure you check the bolts holding the filter in place. They might be loose, and it could allow particles to escape into the swimming pool. If you have a sand filter, the filter lateral or standpipe may be broken. If it is, you’ll need to replace it. Have a chat to your pool technician for further understanding.

Water Pressure Problems

Problems with water pressure can affect your pool filter’s performance. Checking the pressure gauge should already be part of your regular pool maintenance, and if the pressure is too low, there could be a blockage in the system somewhere before the filter. If the pressure is too high, there could be a blockage at some point after the filter. Once again you should investigate this with a qualified technician.

Cycle Problems

The filter could have a flow rate problem, if your filter often seems to be running only in short cycles. You might even notice this happening even when the pool isn’t in use. The likely problem is that the flow rate is too high, which means your pool pump may be too strong for your filter. It could also mean your filter isn’t big enough for your pool.The filter may also be running in shorter cycles because algae or other debris is clogging it. Clean the pool filter thoroughly, and consider upgrading it if it seems worn out.

How Do I Choose The Best Filter Upgrade?

It’s nice to save money when you can- but when it comes to the maintenance system of your pool- bargain shoppers beware! Some brands can come and go, so for future maintenance issues you might be searching for replacement parts from companies who are no longer in business anymore. Buying a pool filter from a trusted manufacturer will save you headaches and dollars in the long run. Barrier reef pools can help you discuss the recommendations of filters for your new upgrade.

Alternatively you could look into a Self Cleaning Pool! You heard right! The QuikClean Xtreme system is part of our range at Barrier Reef pools, and it is the world’s most advanced in-floor cleaning system, boasting innovative features that ensure a more complete, efficient and effective clean. Put simply, QuikClean Xtreme transforms your pool into a self-cleaning paradise.

Cleaning is but one advantage of the QuikClean Xtreme system, with the increase in circulation creating a similar effect to a fresh mountain stream. Water quality improves dramatically and the consistent dispersal of chemical treatments and water temperature throughout your pool means you’ll reduce treatment and heating costs!

If you are considering upgrading your pump and filter system for your swimming pool, or discussing further about our ‘self cleaning pool’- the QuikClean Xtreme, our highly skilled team here at Barrier Reef Pools can help. We have been operating our business for over 30 years, so if you have any questions regarding our range or would like additional information, give us a call, we are happy to help!

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