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Barrier Reef PoolsTM (“Barrier Reef”) manufactures fibreglass pools and distributes its pools through independent retailers and/or dealers (the “Dealers”). The relationship between Barrier Reef and each of the Dealers is that of an independent contractor and shall never be deemed or construed to be ​employment, partnership, joint venture, agency relationship, or any other similar relationship. No Dealer has any authority of any kind whatsoever to create any binding obligation on the part of Barrier Reef, or any partner or affiliate of Barrier Reef. Barrier Reef’s Dealers are not agents for Barrier Reef and do not have the authority to act for or on behalf of Barrier Reef.

Barrier Reef has no right to control or direct any employees, contractors and/or agents and Dealers that sells its pools, and each Dealer has the sole right to control and direct its employees, contractors and/or agents. Barrier Reef has no responsibility or liability whatsoever for the installation or repair of its pools, which installation or repair is performed solely at the discretion of the independent retailer or dealer that sold and/or installed the pool, or its subcontractors. Barrier Reef disclaims any and all liability for any act or omission on behalf of any Dealer. Barrier Reef’s obligation concerning pools manufactured by them is limited to its Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Barrier Reef manufactured pools are no-diving, diving board and quick entry devices are not to be installed for use with a Barrier Reef Pool.

4 Quick and Easy Steps To Install Your Own Swimming Pool

Owning your dream swimming pool has never been faster, easier or more affordable with Barrier Reef Pools.

1. Request Your Free Quote

Our Friendly Barrier Reef Pools Dealer will contact you to organize an onsite quotation.

2. Approve Your Quote

Our experienced dealer will then organize all council approvals prior to commencement of your job.

3. We'll Install Your Pool

The pool excavation and construction process will begin & can be completed in as little as seven hassle free days.

4. You Enjoy Your Pool

Swim, relax and have fun with your family and friends for years to come with one Australia’s favourite swimming pools.

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