An Outdoor Kitchen By The Pool Can Be Useful While Entertaining Guests

When you have a fibreglass pool installed in your home, you can turn your backyard into an entertainment hub for your family and friends. But to take the entertainment to the next level, consider providing your guests with food and drinks. An outdoor kitchen is something you're likely to find at a resort. But you can also have one installed in your backyard.

Do you picture yourself baking pizzas in a stone oven, in your backyard? Maybe what you want is an outdoor bar that you can serve drinks out of. Adding an outdoor kitchen to your backyard enables you to provide your guests with food and drinks at any time. You can have your outdoor kitchen installed at the same time as your pool is being installed, or later.

Why Should You Install An Outdoor Kitchen?

Entertaining people requires work. Usually, you’ll find yourself hustling into the house and back to your pool area, to provide your guests with refreshments. You’ll also need to clean up any spills near your pool area and keep note of all the dishes that are gathering around your pool. When you have so much to do, having fun could be the last thing on your mind.

But when you have an outdoor kitchen installed, you can store all your refreshments in one place, near the pool. That way, you can continue to actively be a part of the party, instead of playing the role of the busy host. You can invite your guests to sit on the bar in your dining area, while you grill delicious food out of your outdoor kitchen. If there are any mishaps, such as someone spilling something, then you’ll have a functional sink next to you, which can help you with cleaning that spill up.

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An outdoor kitchen can also enable you to increase the value of your property as well. In the same way that your property value increases when you upgrade your interiors, an outdoor kitchen can make your home seem more desirable.

With an outdoor kitchen, you can enjoy the comforts that your home provides, but outside. Maybe you live spending time by your pool, entertaining guests. When you get an outdoor kitchen installed, you can provide your guests with meals you’ve prepared yourself, right in your backyard.

The Features An Outdoor Kitchen Should Have

An outdoor kitchen is designed to match style with comfort. While designing your outdoor kitchen, the functionality should be something you consider seriously. What features do you think are must-haves for your outdoor kitchen?

You may want to add a grill, as well as a cooktop. If you want to keep drinks chilled, then a cooler or even a refrigerator might be a good idea. It’s also important for your outdoor kitchen to have a functional sink as well as a faucet. Trash bins are also essential.

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Other than these, there are other features you can get, that can help you entertain your guests better. You can consider getting an ice maker, a wine cooler, a meat smoker and even an oven you can bake pizzas out of. Many people have cabinets installed in their outdoor kitchen as well, so they can store everything from plates to glasses and more.

In addition to this, you should also consider what the ambience of your outdoor kitchen should be like. The atmosphere in your outdoor kitchen should be such that people can feel comfortable there as if they can sit down and have a nice conversation.

Note that your outdoor kitchen should have a shade as well. Without this, your expensive appliances will be exposed to the elements. While enduring the sun’s rays might not be an issue, the rain or even a storm could ruin your outdoor appliances.

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What Is Your Backyard Design Like?

An important factor you’ll need to consider is what your current backyard landscape is like. If you want to change the design of your backyard later on, then you’ll need to accommodate your new design around your outdoor kitchen.

Maybe you have a garden in your backyard. If this is the case, how much space are you willing to sacrifice to create an outdoor kitchen? What about your patio area? How far do you want your patio to extend? You’ll need to know what your structural goals are, as well as what your ideal backyard design is before you add an outdoor kitchen to the area. Once built, an outdoor kitchen is a permanent addition to your home.

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Installing An Outdoor Kitchen

In order to install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard, the first step is to build a solid base. The deck can be a ground-level deck, a stone patio or even a floating deck. You’ll also need to run your utility lines such that they are connected to your outdoor kitchen.

This means your outdoor kitchen should have a gas connection, a water connection as well as an electrical connection. It should also have the right drainage facilities, so you can clean dirty glasses and utensils. Once you’ve ensured that your utility lines reach your outdoor kitchen, it’s time to build a shelter overhead. You can opt for a pergola or even a canopy.

When the structure of your outdoor kitchen is in place, you can then start installing your appliances. These include a refrigerator, countertops, a grill, as well as other appliances. Finally, also add space where your guests will be able to sit and enjoy the food you prepare for them.

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With summer around the corner, getting an outdoor kitchen installed could be perfect at this time. Come summer, you will be ready to entertain your guests by your fibreglass pool, providing them with delicious freshly cooked food, as well as chilled drinks.

From outdoor barbecues to even baking pizzas, your outdoor kitchen can turn your home into the favourite hangout spot among your friends. An outdoor kitchen can be installed at any time, and you’ll essentially need to ensure that your utility lines are connected to your outdoor kitchen area. Add a few lounge chairs as well as a coffee table, and turn your backyard into the ideal space to hang out this summer.

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