Are Cheap Swimming Pools Really Worth It?

It’s exciting to think of jumping into your own backyard swimming pool after a tiring day. Many homeowners today are looking to install a backyard swimming pool for the many benefits it offers. Installing a swimming pool in your backyard is a big investment to make, so you want to make sure you’re making the right decision. Very often, people choose a pool based on what fits into their budget instead of also considering other factors. While keeping budget constraints in mind is important, the desire to buy a cheap pool shouldn’t come at the cost of pool functionality. You don’t want to buy a pool you think is cheap only to end up spending a huge sum on its maintenance. This guide will help you out when you’re considering cheap swimming pool options.


What affects the cost of a swimming pool?

Swimming pool cost is impacted by multiple factors which determine whether or not your pool will be a cheap one. These factors are:

Pool size

You’re going to end up paying a lot more for a larger swimming pool when compared to a smaller one. These are more expensive to construct, transport, as well as install. They also have higher running costs because keeping them safe will require you to add more chemicals.

Material of the pool

Swimming pools can be a vinyl liner, fibreglass, or concrete pools. Vinyl liner pools are the cheapest pools available in the market but you may just end up spending more money on them through their lifetime because they require a lot more maintenance and the liner needs to be replaced often.

Concrete swimming pools are the most expensive options out there as they involve high labour costs and also need to be built from scratch at the site. The installation of a concrete pool is a long process and this also adds up to how much the pool ends up costing in the long run.

While fibreglass pools aren’t the cheapest option in the market, you’ll save a lot of money on running costs when you choose such a pool. These pools are pre-fabricated in factories and transported to the site for installation, which can be completed much sooner. Their gel-coated surface also means that they don’t accumulate algae and other contaminants easily, making it easy to maintain such pools.

Design of the pool

Basic, rectangular pools will work out to be a lot cheaper than pools with fancy designs or additional features such as pool jets, steps, fountains, etc. Whether it’s an in-ground or above ground pool Above ground pools are cheaper options when compared to in-ground pools. These just require you to place them on a level concrete slab and add a deck to contain the pool. In-ground pools on the other hand, are labour intensive and require the land to be excavated to install the pool. This makes them more expensive options.


If your backyard is easily accessible so that the pool can be transported and installed with ease, it’s going to work out to be cheaper for you. If however, you have a backyard that has many obstacles and can’t be easily accessed, another workaround will have to be figured out and this will make it more expensive for you.


Cheap in-ground and above ground pool options

Above ground swimming pools

Above ground pools are great options when you don’t have a flat backyard land. Here, a concrete slab can be used to level the ground so that it doesn’t settle over time, knocking the pool askew. You’ll need an electrical hook up nearby and the pool will be ready to use once it’s filled up. Vinyl liner, inflatable pools, and fibreglass pools are the different above ground pool options available and they can be enhanced with features like reinforced vinyl and plastic shells or even metal frames.

Vinyl liner pools are cheap options with an easy setting up process. They can also be easily transported. Their running costs are high though as they are easily damaged and require frequent repairs. You’ll also have to spend on replacing the liner every 5 or 7 years.

Inflatable swimming pools are the cheapest above ground pool options available which are plastic pools that can be blown up and filled with water. Although these are easy to use, they lack durability and can get easily damaged. If you aren’t careful, they can rip the flooring or walls.

Fibreglass swimming pools can be installed above ground quickly when you have uneven terrain in your backyard. These pre-fabricated options come in multiple shapes and sizes. They’re easy to maintain, durable, and require fewer chemicals to keep clean, which makes them more affordable options in the long run.

In-ground swimming pools

In-ground swimming pools require excavation of the land in your backyard and are good options if you have a flat terrain, but they’re more expensive when compared to above ground pools. A plunge pool is a cheap option which is much smaller than a full length pool and can be used for relaxation in your backyard. In-ground pools can be vinyl liner, concrete, or fibreglass. We’ve already explained the pros and cons of each type earlier on in this article with vinyl liner pools being the cheapest and concrete pools being the most expensive. Taking maintenance and other running costs into consideration, fibreglass pools appear to be the most affordable pool option.

Little pools

Little pools are also cost effective above ground pool options that are easy to install and don’t add up to a lot of labour costs. Sitting on a concrete pad and connected to an electrical supply, these pools can easily be filled and used. They also come equipped with filtration systems, lighting, and steps so you won’t even end up spending extra on the cost of the pool. These are highly durable pool options made using the latest market technology. Their strong build and high safety standards make them a strong competitor to the high quality fibreglass pools available in the market.

The next time you sit down to make a decision about your swimming pool, don’t just go for the cheapest option available. Make sure you factor in other costs as described above and make a decision that’s truly good for you.

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