Attractive Home Swimming Pool Enclosures

A swimming pool is an attractive addition to your backyard that you can take pride in. It not only enhances the home value but also improves the overall beauty of the house. But you can keep the swimming pool clean and increase its appeal by investing in a beautiful pool enclosure.

A pool enclosure is a construction that encloses the top and sides of a swimming pool, forming a protective barrier around it. In essence, pool enclosures resemble a translucent atrium that allows light to enter while obstructing trespassers, rain, and debris. These enclosures are utilised to safeguard the pool area’s privacy and guarantee that the swimming pool complies with all relevant security regulations. They work wonders at shielding a pool from stormy or chilly weather.

The different types of pool enclosures

There are numerous types of pool enclosures available on the market today. Some of the most common designs include:

These screen enclosures surround and protect your swimming pool and the surrounding area by creating a barrier. They are extremely popular and aid in preventing debris, unpleasant insects, and alligators from entering your swimming pool. These enclosures are available in a variety of roof styles and sizes to match your preferences and requirements.

These enclosures are the best option for pool owners who want to build an enclosure around their swimming pool without blocking their lovely backyard view. Many pool enclosures require vertical support pillars, which can obstruct your view. But the screening material and frame for ExtremeView enclosures are designed in such a way that they eliminate the need for support posts.

These enclosures are constructed to increase the amount of usable space in the outdoor living area. These enclosures encompass the second floor of the house and can also surround balconies. They also feel incredibly roomy due to their height.

These are durable and stable structures, but they are extremely expensive. They essentially stretch the indoor area outside. These enclosures also use materials like bricks and stones for their construction. Since they hold more weight, the metal frames of these enclosures are thicker. Glass is mostly used for roofing, but other impact-resistant and lighter options are available, like polycarbonate. These enclosures can be designed to have either retractable roofs or rollers. They are suitable for all climates.

These enclosures are practical and extremely flexible. They typically have an arched design, and when opened, the various sections glide into one another. They are simple to use, do not obstruct the surrounding view, and you can relax by the swimming pool, taking in the view of your beautiful garden.

Roof design for pool enclosures

You can choose the roof design for your pool enclosure based on your liking. Some common roof designs include:

A gable roof enclosure, often referred to as an A-frame enclosure, features two slanted roof sides that intersect at a centre ridge, creating a triangle-like design. The roof peaks at the centre and can stand independently without being connected to the house. These are ideal for homes with swimming pools located way out in their yard.

This is one of the most popular choices for roof design. This enclosure has a level top and sides that slant obliquely to meet the house and wall panels. The open and symmetrical design of this roof system gives the impression that the enclosure is quite roomy. The mansard roof system offers a simple and sturdy design. Their universally flattering looks make them suitable for all kinds of houses.

This is an economical design that is built as an extension of the existing roof of your home. These stunning roofs are an architectural marvel with their towering beams. They provide the home with unmatched structural protection and drastically increase the value of your home.

Hip roofs are like mansards without the level midsection. On the rooftop, where the sides meet, the hip roofs have a streamlined design that resembles a pyramid or a home. These roofs combine the versatility offered by mansard roofs with greater architectural detail. These roofs have a taller look and are much more resistant to the wind during storms.

These roofs are like semicircular, airy arches rising into the sky, providing an illusion of openness and limitless space. They have soft, sloping sides and an extremely appealing design. They also have an extremely stable design.

Added features to make your pool enclosure look gorgeous

You can add some architectural and structural details to your pool enclosure to make it more appealing. Some of them include:

This will allow you to get a traditional and elegant look for your pool enclosure. You can use hinged windows and sliding roof panels to get proper ventilation.

Wooden enclosures provide a calm, natural atmosphere for a pool and, when constructed properly, they are exceedingly strong. Along with large doors, numerous windows, and potted plants, this design maintains a beautiful indoor-outdoor atmosphere.

You can use mesh screens instead of glass or polycarbonate screens. It is perfect for keeping insects and mosquitoes out, allowing you to take a more leisurely swim. Additionally, due to the mesh’s fineness, you will be able to enjoy the cool breeze on a summer day.

Consider using an overhead pergola as an alternative to pool enclosures. They are extremely stylish and come in numerous designs, like classic timber designs and contemporary louvred designs. You can increase the effectiveness of this design by adding a feature wall along with the pergola.


Pool enclosures are an appropriate choice for pool owners looking to design a special outdoor space that can be used year-round. Modern enclosures come in a wide variety of designs, textures, and constructions, allowing you to select the ideal enclosure to meet your needs. It not only protects you from cold weather but also prevents leaves, bugs, and insects from falling into the pool. A pool enclosure also increases the value of your property and adds extra charm to your swimming pool.

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