Australia's Top 6 Favourite Pool Games

With Summer fast approaching, there’s no better time to get your pool parties planned! And what’s a pool party without a classic Aussie pool game? Not a party at all (duh)! Pool games have long been a favourite past-time for adults and children alike. So we’ve written this list of Australia’s Top 6 Favourite Pool Games so that you and the family can make the most of your weekends! Hint: if your kids seem to have a never-ending abundance of energy, then keep these pool games in mind this summer!


#1 Marco Polo

The number one classic pool game in Australia, and possibly the world! Marco Polo has been played by children in pools since…well since there have been pools!

One player is designated ‘It’ and he or she must swim around the pool with eyes closed, tagging other players. The ‘It’ player can only use sound to find the other players, but can call ‘Marco!’, at which point the other players must respond ‘Polo!’ When the ‘It’ player tags another player, that player becomes ‘It’!

This game will provide infinite fun for the kids and challenge their spatial awareness. An interesting rule to keep in mind is that no player is technically allowed to exit the pool. However, if a player can get away with exiting the pool without the ‘It’ player noticing, then this is encouraged. But if the ‘It’ player suspects someone is out of the water, they can yell ‘fish out of water!’ and any player caught out of your pool will then become ‘It’.


#2 Sharks And Minnows

Like water tag, the player who is “it” is the shark and the rest of the players are minnows.

The minnows begin at one side of the pool, and when the game starts they try to get to the other side without being tagged by the shark player. The first player to get tagged becomes “it” for the next time! This game is similar to the land-based ‘Bullrush’ or ‘Stuck in the mud.’ Kids may even have to use teamwork to bypass the shark player!

#3 Pool Volleyball

Volleyball is a popular game for all ages: kids, teens and adults. All you need to play this game is a net and a ball. In fact, the ball doesn’t even have to be a volleyball (although we’d recommend it.) You may consider using a giant inflatable beach ball for added fun. Pool volleyball works well with small or large – teams can rotate in and out easily. If you ever get sick of playing with humans, throwing the ball to your dog can also become apart of the game. After all, it’s been proven that dogs can swim safely in your pool.

#4 Water Polo

This is a competitive team game where two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal. You can use nets on either end of the pool and the team with the most goals at the end of the game wins the match!

#5 Submarine Race

The Submarine Race might be a lesser-known pool game, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less fun than the rest of the items on this list! In this game, each player lines up against the wall on the far side of the pool. When the game starts the kids race underwater to see who can go the furthest in a single breath. It’s a great test of endurance, swimming capability and sheer competitiveness! Just make sure that an adult is nearby to supervise, as this game relies on the players to hold their breath.

#6 Treasure Hunt

This game works by hiding a variety of objects at the base of the pool, while the kids have their backs turned. On the given signal, the players quickly turn around and dive into the pool to search for the hidden objects. Whoever finds the most wins! We recommend using goggles for this pool game, but if you’d like to turn up the difficulty then go without!

We might be a little biased, but there’s no better way to spend your summer weekends than playing these games in the pool with your family and friends! Because fibreglass pools have an affordable entry price, they are a perfect fit for families looking to jump into a new pool. Our designs feature plenty of space for all of these games and more. Alternatively, our small pool range can fit onto almost any property; so get your goggles on! Fill out our free quote form today and a friendly expert from our Barrier Reef Pools team will be in contact shortly.

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