Brampton: Exclusive New Pool Range

Our latest pool range to make a splash in the pool world is our exclusive Brampton series. The Brampton combines the strongest features of our most popular pool ranges, such as its sharp angles and impressive length into one gorgeous looking fibreglass pool. Luxurious swimming space, surprising depth and elegant simplicity are the foundations of the Brampton’s design – and we think it shows. Although this range is our latest arrival here at Barrier Reef Pools, the Brampton is already selling quickly throughout Australia and is on its way to challenge the Billabong and Venice series for the coveted number 1 spot on our selling lists.

Highlights Of The Brampton

The Brampton features an expansive collection of our cutting edge pool technology. Essentially, the Brampton is at the forefront of fibreglass pool innovation and swimming imagination. Some of the features you can expect from this series are:

Dual Non-Slip Entry And Exit Points. Choose to enter or exit your new Brampton pool from either the shallow or the deep end, without having to worry about your balance. These entry points will grip your feet securely with each step.

Child Safety Ledge. This innovative safety ledge will line the side of your pool opposite the bench seat, all the way from the shallow end to the deep end. At Barrier Reef Pools, we know that plenty of our happy customers include families with young children. Our commitment might be to provide them with fun weekends in the pool but we take every step necessary to keep them safe as well.

Bench Seating. The bench seat will line the pool wall closest to the steps, to provide yourself and your swimming guests with a comfortable area to lay back and relax in. (Hint: this seat can be used by young children to wade in, splash in, and even dive into the deep end from!)


As you might expect from our latest in pool design, the Brampton comes in a wide array of sizes to suit your property’s needs. A Brampton pool can be ordered in the following dimensions:


As you can see the Brampton possesses an impressive depth. This is chiefly due to its length; fibreglass pools that are longer naturally allow for a deeper end. The Brampton is one of the longest pools in our selection, provided you are going for the 12.20m option. Making it the perfect pool to swim laps, fit onto properties with expansive length but not width, and of course, this length means you can fit plenty of guests and family members in at once! (Did somebody say underwater races?)

However, the Brampton’s splendid size doesn’t mean it’s restricted to only being a large option: in fact, this exclusive new range can even fit comfortably into smaller properties thanks to its 5.20m size as well. The smaller sizes have been designed to retain the same impressive length as larger versions, merely scaled to suit a more compact space.

Colour Pairings

The Brampton range is perfectly suited to our wide range of beautiful pool colours. Although most colour choices are personal, we’ve also decided to offer one of our own colour pairing preferences to make your choice just a little bit easier. The Brampton pool is naturally at home with an aqua blue colour to bring out its strong geometric features. For this reason, we recommend our Pacific Shimmer colour option; during summer Bramptons of this colour will truly shine and create a refreshing, inviting swimming space.

Benefits Of The Brampton

Of course, the Brampton range comes complete with all the amazing benefits of a fibreglass pool. During winter this pool will heat much faster than concrete or vinyl variants, and retain that heat for longer periods of time. Additionally, the Brampton is uniquely resistant to algae blooms on account of the smooth and non-porous nature of its fibreglass surface. Lastly, every Brampton from Barrier Reef Pools will be sprayed with the latest in our resin and gel coating technology during its manufacturing process. This technology makes the Brampton last longer, look shinier and keep your pool healthier. 

Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’re very excited to share our newest pool design with our wonderful community. The Brampton may be our latest innovation, but we have plenty more designs planned for the future. If you have any more questions concerning the Brampton’s details, feel free to contact our friendly and professional team at Barrier Reef Pools. See our Brampton pool here, or fill out our free onlinquote form today!

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