Can Fibreglass Pools Be Installed Above Ground?

Have you always wanted a swimming pool for your place but thought it was out of reach due to the exuberant cost and layout of your backyard? Well, the good news is, a pool could still be a probable option for your place. Above ground pools are generally cheaper to install and can be built to accommodate nearly any site and will tie in seamlessly with the existing layout of your yard. High quality fibreglass pools can be installed either inground, partially inground or above ground.

Having a fibreglass pool installed above ground doesn’t mean you have to compromise on the overall aesthetics of your pool, there are many ways you can customise your pool to suit your design ideas and your backyard. An infinity pool with disappearing edges is one of the many luxurious looking features that you can have with a fibreglass pool that is installed above ground.


Benefits of an above ground fibreglass pool


Above ground pools are far more cost effective than inground pools and they are quicker to install too. Installing an above ground pool avoids the added costs that traditional inground excavation and equipment brings. To meet Australian regulations for safety your pool must be installed on a flat surface, however, there is generally far less construction involved. The installation is quick which means no waiting around for your pool to be built, you can swim in it virtually straight away.


Some homeowners like the look of inground pools as they complement the overall look of their backyard. If an inground pool is not an option for the site you have to work with or you would rather an above ground pool, there are many ways you can customise the look of your pool to suit your home perfectly. With some clever finishes and landscaping, an above ground pool can be a stunning statement piece at your home.


For many, the cost of the pool can be the deciding factor on which type they go with. In comparison to inground, above ground pools can be thousands of dollars less. Installing a Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass pool above ground doesn’t mean that the quality of your pool is compromised, or it will look any less appealing than if you installed it in ground either. You are still getting the highest quality pool on the market that looks fantastic, just for a much lower price.


Fibreglass pool shells to be designed with superior tactile strength that is suited to be installed in any site, above ground included. Fibreglass pools are constructed to have a slight flex and accommodate earth movements so they won’t crack and will last just as long installed above ground as they do in ground.


Features of a Barrier Reef Pools above ground fibreglass pool

• All of our fibreglass pool range is available for above ground installation

• Manufactured to the highest and worldwide standard and can withstand all elements

• Available in 110 different shapes, sizes and designs

• Safety ledges and non-slip surfaces available

• They are compatible with both mineral and saltwater

• Extremely durable and come with a lifetime internal, structural and osmosis guarantee.

A Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass pool can be installed in almost any backyard

Advances in technology allows us to create the highest quality fibreglass pools that can be installed in virtually any yard. Our entire series can be installed above ground or partially inground. If you have a sloping block or a less than ideal site, ensure you use a licensed pool builder that has extensive knowledge and experience in installing pools on these types of sites. They will know the simplest and most cost-effective way to install your pool, saving you valuable dollars.

Different ways you can install a fibreglass pool

You have the option of installing your fibreglass pool in three different ways:


The first and most obvious way of installing a swimming pool is in the ground. In ground pools are a popular choice and are a great option for homeowners that have a flat site.

Partially in ground

In an ideal world everyone would have a nice flat area perfect for installing a pool, however, we understand this isn’t the case for many. We appreciate that all backyards are unique and a partially in ground pool might be better suited to some spaces. Our friendly team can offer helpful advice about the different options available to suit your site.

Above ground

Installing a Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass pool above ground eliminates the need for expensive excavation work and can be designed to tie in seamlessly with an existing deck or to be flush with your outdoor area.

We can create the pool of your dreams, no matter the site! We can help with:

1. Creating infinity edges, and window walls in your above ground pool

2. Installing your pool close to your house or building

3. A sloping block and require some or all of your pool to be above ground

4. Installing your fibreglass pool above or partially in ground

5. Building your pool to sit flush with existing decking or patio areas

Deciding which pool is best for you and your backyard

Whether you want your pool installed in ground, partially inground or fully above ground, our team here at Barrier Reef Pools are highly skilled and have many years’ experience building pools to accommodate a multitude of backyards. If you are considering transforming your backyard with a fibreglass pool, give us a call today, our skilled team are happy to answer any questions you have and discuss your options.