Cleaning Your Fibreglass Pool Made Easy!

If you’re sick of spending all your spare time scrubbing away pool stains and skimming leaves out of your pool, then you’ve come to the right place. Obviously, nobody imagines themselves cleaning their pool when they buy one – usually, your thoughts are more concerned with dive bombing and splashing! But the reality is that cleaning your pool is not only healthy for your pool, it’s essential! But don’t fret, we do have some good news after all: cleaning your pool doesn’t have to be tedious anymore. In fact, if you follow our advice closely, you can save yourself money and headache in the long run!


Maintenance: Keep Up To Date, Or Consider Streamlining It

We’ve all been told that regular maintenance is important to the health of your pool; but why? Well, the simple answer is this: regular maintenance will keep your pools Ph and Alkaline levels in check, as well as keeping out external debris (such as leaves or insects) that would otherwise offset this balance.

But how does regular maintenance save you time? Well, that’s easy. Regular maintenance of your pool will ensure that it doesn’t suddenly become chemically imbalanced. A chemical imbalance can cause stains on the surface, discolouration of clothes, and skin irritation. All of these scenarios are significantly more time and money taxing than simply checking weekly if your chemical dosage is correct. Additionally, regularly maintaining your pool free of leaves and other debris will lower the chances of chemical imbalance, as well as making each clean as quick as possible – compared to letting it build up over time.

Looking to save even more time? Barrier Reef Pools suggests you outsource smartly: hire a professional, verified pool cleaner who can take care of your regular maintenance themselves, leaving you worry-free.

Keeping Your Filter Clean Can Save You A Tremendous Amount Of Time

This ones an easy one: the less your filter has to clean, the longer it will last. That means you can enjoy a clean, healthier fibreglass pool for longer. Did you know that almost everything that’s in your pool will at one stage or another pass through your filter? That means that the less that passes through the filter, the less wear and tear it will undergo. Meaning, of course, that you won’t have to spend a ton of money on replacing your filter. Additionally, checking your filter regularly can help avoid clogging, which in of itself is a time consuming process that can turn your automatic cleaning process into a manual one.

The golden rule of pool cleaning is: a little bit of cleaning now, can save you a lot of time and headache later!


Pool Cover: Your Secret Superpower!

Many pool owners make the mistake of underestimating their pool cover, thinking that it’s simply a chore to put on during winter. In fact, your pool cover is the single most effective tool to keep your pool clean and healthy.

By keeping it on, even during peak seasons such as summer and spring, you can keep out external debris such as leaves easily. This translates to far less time you need to spend cleaning.

Additionally, keeping a pool cover on means you can use less chemicals to keep your Ph and alkaline levels balanced, seeing as it won’t be used as much. The pool cover will also help your fibreglass pool heat faster and retain that heat, meaning you can enjoy more time swimming, and less time cleaning.

Don’t Leaf Leaves In Your Pool; Clean ASAP!

This will be by far your most time-costly option to clean your pool; but fear not! Not only is skim cleaning your pool free of leaves and debris essential for pool health, but it can save you time. How, you ask? Well, the rule is: a little bit of cleaning daily can save you a lot of cleaning later on. Leaves will compound together quickly and the longer you leave them in your pool, the more chance they have of staining it’s surface. By giving your pool a quick skim clean, you can save yourself those big build-ups and filter clogs on the weekend.

…The longer that leaves remain in your pool, the more chance they have of staining it’s surface. Avoid having to scrub your pool’s surface of stains by removing leaves as soon as you see them…

Stains - Know Thy Enemy

Stains are one of the most common, and most annoying, issues that afflict pool owners. They can be time-consuming to clean and can affect the overall look of your pool. The best way to avoid the time-consuming process of cleaning stains is to properly and regularly clean your pool. The most common stain is organic: typically a result of organic matter, such as leaves, being left too long in your pool. Avoid this by fishing out any loose debris; however, even the most diligently cleaned pool can sometimes see stains.

The good news is that knowing what type of stain you have in your pool is half the battle! Once you know what you’re dealing with, most stains can be quickly erased following proper cleaning procedure.

Calcium Stains:

Calcium stains are the result of calcium build-ups in your pool. Remember what we mentioned about regular maintenance? Making sure that you’re pumping your pool with enough chlorine (or minerals) is essential to avoid this type of stain. Calcium stains tend to appear as a pale, faded mould across the surface of your pool.

Organic Pool Stains:

Organic stains can be caused by:

  1. Leaves
  2. Dirt
  3. Insects
  4. Even berries!

The good news is that apart from prevention in the first place, most organic stains can be removed by a simple mixture of soap, stain remover and some good old-fashioned scrubbing.

Metal Stains:

  1. Iron 
  2. Copper
  3. Magnesium 

Metal stains typically appear on older-dated pool models and are less common in fibreglass pools. However, if you do find yourself with a metal stain, then rubbing a vitamin C tablet over it should remove it.

At Barrier Reef Pools, we understand that time is your most valuable asset. We also understand that you might not want to spend that hard-earned free time on cleaning your pool! But we cannot stress enough that a small amount of cleaning regularly can save you a lot of time further down the line. If you’d like to learn more about pool care, or are interested in fibreglass pools yourself, then contact us today!

You Know How To Clean A Pool: Now Own One!

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