Do You Need A Professional To Install A Fibreglass Pool?

Many people assume that since fibreglass pools are pre-manufactured in industries and transported to sites for installation, they’re easy to install and can be done by an individual directly. This however, isn’t true – at least if you want to experience long-lasting results and enjoy the benefits of fibreglass pools.


Fibreglass – A Popular Choice For Pools

Such pools are a popular choice because:

• They can be installed easily

• They don’t require a lot of maintenance

• They’re long lasting

• They have high durability

• They’re available in several shapes and sizes

• They’re more environmentally friendly than other pools

• They’re customisable

• pH level of your pool won’t be affected by fibreglass

• It’s easy to increase their attractive value

• They’re cost effective

• They’re smooth on the skin and feet

Should A Professional Install Your Fibreglass Pool?

It may seem like the only process involved in fibreglass pool installation is digging a hole in the ground and inserting the fibreglass shell, but there’s a lot more to it than that. While your individual efforts at pool installation may be commendable, they’re no match for what a professional can do for you.

Pool installation is a big investment, and you don’t want to go wrong with it. You should leave the task of pool installation to the professionals. The following considerations will show you why:

Pool Installation Process

It’s necessary that your pool is plumbed correctly, drained, and installed. This requires the bedding material under the shell floor of the pool to be free-drained. Minimisation of system pressures is done through appropriate filtration plumbing. Compacting and filling cement stabilised backfill around steps and walls of the swimming pool is the next step in the process. Sub-soil is drained around the perimeter of the pool and there’s stand pipe system compliance. A bond beam must also be installed so that the pool doesn’t rise up. Safety standards must be complied with and a professional will make this process easier for you.

Warranty Coverage

Wouldn’t you like to know you’re protected in case something goes wrong with your pool installation? That’s not going to happen if you install your fibreglass pool yourself. In such cases, you have to stand behind your work and at the most, get a manufacturer’s warranty if the defect is with the pool shell. With a professional, this isn’t the case. You’ll be given warranty coverage from the professional installer as well which can protect you in case of issues that arise with pool installation. You’ll also be more relieved knowing that the installation has been done by a professional.

Continued Support

Professional pool installers with provide you with continued support even after the pool has been installed. If there’s an issue with using a pool over its lifespan, all you have to do is get in touch with the professional and they’ll help you out. If you decide to install the fibreglass pool on your own though, you won’t receive any follow-up support beyond the point of purchase from the manufacturer of the fibreglass shell.

Abilities, Equipment & Knowledge needed

Pool installation is a process requiring certain skills, knowledge, and engineering experience, particularly when it concerns electrical work, concrete laying, excavation, ground preparation, and plumbing. While you may not have the qualification to perform such work yourself, a professional certainly will. Using the right equipment, a professional can get the job done effectively. They can also respond to problems quickly and pursue courses of action to solve them. You may experience several hurdles that you can’t resolve while trying to install the pool yourself, but a professional will be able to spot what’s wrong and fix it so that the pool is installed correctly.



You may feel like you’re saving a lot by installing your own fibreglass pool but the truth is, having a professional do it for you will actually turn out to be a lot more cost-effective in the long run. If you make a mistake while trying to install the pool, it could result in high ground water pressure or excessive loading that will involve costly repairs.

Professionals Will Make It Easier For You

There are many aspects of fibreglass pool installation that may be difficult for you to deal with as an individual, but a professional will be able to make the whole process of pool installation easier for you.

Getting The Permits And Meeting Building Codes

You’ll need to figure out exactly what permits are needed to install a fibreglass pool and how you can apply for them. This can take up a lot of your time. Professionals don’t face this issue. They already know the process involved and can get the correct building permits for you.

It’s very important to follow building regulations and codes when you’re installing a fibreglass pool. If you don’t, you’ll be charged heavy fines for it and may even have to abandon the project entirely. A professional will be up to date with the latest requirements and building codes and make the process easier for you. You won’t have to deal with the stress of whether or not you’re violating any regulations.

Coordinated Delivery

A professional will be able to coordinate the delivery of the fibreglass shell. A flatbed truck is used to transport the shell and this is then moved into the excavated region with the use of a crane.

Thorough Inspection

With a professional, you’ll know that the installation of the pool has been carefully inspected throughout the process as well as before handing over the final product.

Managing Time And People

A professional will have to manage all the people involved in the task of pool installation and ensure that it is completed in a timely manner. Site prepping, pool laying, and finishing touches needed are done within specified deadlines.

Paying Attention To Detail

A professional will ensure you get the most from your pool installation. Details such as pump installation, lighting, filtration system, and accessories will make your pool more enjoyable and add to the beauty of your backyard.
Given all the benefits that a professional offers when it comes to installing a fibreglass pool, it only makes sense to hire one and save yourself the trouble of pool installation. Find a pool builder in your area today or your local fibreglass pool brisbane installer!

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