Do I Really Need A Pool Cover?

You must have asked yourself this question. However, if you want to reduce your chemical and pool heating costs, prevent water evaporation, and extend your swimming season, then the answer is YES!

Most people don’t want pool covers because of aesthetics. Yes, a pool cover isn’t the most aesthetically appealing pool accessory. However, wouldn’t you rather have a pool that isn’t dirty and provides a long period of entertainment and fitness? In this article, you will learn what a pool cover is and why you need it for your fibreglass swimming pool.

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What is a pool cover?

In simple terms, a pool cover is a barrier covering your pool. It protects your pool from contaminants like leaves, dirt, and dust. You can consider this as a barrier that prevents access to your pool. If you opt for one made from a strong material, you will also have safety for your children and pets. 

Benefits of getting a pool cover

1. Slows down evaporation

Remember your school science class where you learned about evaporation? It is the process where a liquid changes into a vapour. If you leave your pool uncovered, that is exactly what will happen with your swimming pool water.

2. Reduced maintenance costs

Two of the biggest costs of maintaining your pool are the draining and refilling, and the heating system. With a pool cover, your pool water will be able to retain heat. If you don’t have a heating system and rely on the sun for heating your pool, buying a pool cover will be the right decision.

When you are not using your pool, like at night, you should always keep it covered. This way, the heat generated from the sunlight will maintain the temperature of the water at night. So, you will be able to go for an early morning dip without feeling cold. Even if you do have a heating system, combining it with a pool cover will make sure that you don’t have to keep it running continuously. This will reduce your lower heating costs, which can be a lot of saved money over time.

3. Retains heat

By covering your pool at night, you can make sure that the water doesn’t lose its heat overnight. So, you can take a dip early in the morning when your pool water will be relatively warm. Having warm water makes it easier to swim in the pool. If you don’t have the budget to go for an expensive cover, don’t worry. Even a cheap one will work in this case. Cheap solar or vinyl covers have a big impact on the aspect of heat retention.

4. Reduced leaf litter

With a pool cover on your fibreglass swimming pool, the amount of leaves in your water will be significantly reduced. This means that you won’t have to empty out your automatic cleaner as often. Also, it will take the load off your pumps, filter, and skimmer net. 

5. Reduced need for chemicals

You need chemicals to get rid of impurities from your pool and keep it clean. It also balances your pool water’s pH level. However, if you have to add more chemicals, it can become a problem for you and your family. High levels of chlorine in your pool can result in redness and itching. It might even affect your eyes. If you use a pool cover, you won’t have to add in chemicals as often. By adding lesser chemicals, you are making it easier for people to swim in the pool, even if they have allergies. 

6. Saves money

A pool cover is one of the pool accessories that are definitely worth the investment. As soon as you purchase a pool cover, you will be able to see the savings you make almost immediately. You won’t have to use as much water, or purchase as many chemicals, and your heating bill will be lowered. Apart from saving money, a pool cover helps you save energy as well, regardless of whether you are using electricity, gas, or a solar heating system. The more energy you save, the more money will be in your pocket.

Are all pool covers the same?

Pool covers are available in a wide range of materials. You can buy an expensive one or a cheap plastic one. You don’t need to get the most expensive pool cover for your fibreglass pool. It should just be something that adheres to the needs of your pool. For instance, if you only want to protect your pool from fallen debris, then a simple tarpaulin or plastic pool cover is the best option. You don’t have a shortage of pool cover options. 

The best pool cover for your swimming pool is the fibreglass pool cover. You must know that fibreglass pools are easier to clean and maintain. If you add a fibreglass pool cover to it, your work will be significantly reduced. Even though these are a bit more expensive than the traditional covers, they are sturdy. Some of them might even weigh about 400 pounds. However, if you have pets, kids, or seniors who are at risk of falling, this type of pool cover is no longer an option, but a necessity.

If you install a sturdy pool cover, you might be able to prevent drowning accidents when the pool isn’t being used. When it comes to safety, a fibreglass pool cover is your best option.

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So, do you need a pool cover?

Now that you know about the benefits of having a pool cover, it’s time to answer the question. Do you need a pool cover? Yes! With a pool cover, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of benefits. It ensures the safety of your loved ones and also keeps your pool clean. These reasons alone are enough for you to buy a pool cover. If you need more, you can always think about all the money you will save on chemical and healing costs. 

If you want to save your money, time, and efforts, buy a pool cover. You won’t be spending a lot of time cleaning and maintaining your pool. Talk to a pool contractor to know which pool cover works best for you.

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