Finding Trustworthy Pool Builders

If you want a dream home, then a swimming pool would surely be a part of that home. Getting a swimming pool installed is what most homeowners desire. A swimming pool makes your home look more beautiful. You can improve your fitness and relax with family and friends in the pool. The pool is also a great place to have parties. If you have decided to get a swimming pool, then the next step you need to take is finding a pool builder.

A pool building company or pool consultant is an organisation that helps people build a pool in their home. These companies can advise you on how they make the best use of space to install a swimming pool. Based on your needs and budget, they can suggest the right kind of pool and design it for you. Pool companies also build the pool and make it ready for use. Getting a swimming pool installed is professional work. You can’t do it on your own. Working with a pool contractor or company is ideal. The question is, how do you decide whom to work with.

The following are some guidelines that can help you find a trustworthy and reputable company to help build your pool.


Where To Find Builders?

The first thing is to find a builder or contractor. The easiest way is a Google search for swimming pool companies near me. Once you get the list of contractors, go through the Google reviews. Then visit their websites to get more details before deciding if you want to work with them. You will be spending a substantial amount on your swimming pool. This is why you should choose a professional who can do quality work. Do some research before you select a builder.

The best way to find builders is to talk to your friends or colleagues who already have pools in their homes. Find out who built the pool. Get to know their experience. If they recommend the pool company, then contact it to start the process. You can also look at advertisements or articles in home magazines or online journals to get details of good builders.

Is The Builder Trustworthy And Reputable?

You would not want to entrust your pool work to a clumsy amateur or a fly-by-night operator. The key here is to find a builder who is trustworthy and reputable. Here’s how you can find out if the pool company can be trusted.

Look for the experience of the company. A pool company that is in existence for many years and has installed pools in many homes would have created a reputation for itself in the market. Don’t go by their assurance. Ask to see photos of their work. Get the addresses of their clients. If possible, visit one or two homes to see the quality of work yourself.

  • A trustworthy company is one that has satisfied customers. Look for online reviews to see if customers are happy with the quality of work, pricing, and timeliness. Don’t go only by online reviews. Try to get phone numbers and talk to the clients of the pool company to get feedback from them. Ask the contractor to provide references.
  • A good pool company would have relevant experience. If you need a fiberglass pool, you need to work with a company experienced in this field. There is no use talking to a company which only offers concrete pools.
  • There may be local trade organizations in the housing sector with a database of pool companies and builders. Talk to them and get a list of companies. This list can be relied upon. You can expect to get professional companies.
  • A trustworthy company would be transparent. They will provide you all the details you want during the first visit. They will send an executive to visit your home to see the site, based on which they would recommend different options. Look for transparent pricing options. Find out if there are any hidden costs. Companies that hide expenses cannot be trusted.

Use the criteria given here to shortlist two or three good companies. You can then evaluate these companies using the guidelines that follow.

Understand The Process

Once you are convinced about the trustworthiness of the builders you are talking to, then understand the process they follow. A good company will have a well-defined process.

The company would first send its representative to visit your home. They would understand your needs and evaluate space availability.

Based on this assessment, they would give you a suggested plan with different options. This would include suggestions for the type of pool, size of the pool, the shape of the pool, design of the pool, customization options, etc. Additional options like building a deck, pool lighting, creating landscaping would be given in the plan keeping in mind space availability.

A good company will give you many options so that you choose one or more of them depending on your budget and needs.

The pricing would be clearly spelled out in the plan.

The plan should explain the timelines for the completion of work.

The company/contractor should handle any approvals from local authorities. The same should be outlined.

Ideally, you should get the pool installed at the time of the construction of the house. This reduces costs and allows you to plan effectively. You can then plan the pool first and then decide the other things for your backyard.


Get A Detailed Quote

The pool companies you shortlist should give you a detailed quote in writing once you confirm your requirements. You can choose from the options offered. Based on this, the company will give you a formal quote. This will contain the pool design based on your selection. It would give you a complete plan for the project, indicating the number of days to complete the work. Most importantly, you would get detailed pricing.

The quote should include:

  • Consultancy/design charges of the company.
  • Cost of the pool (if prebuilt).
  • Construction charges.
  • Cost of materials used in the process (in case excavation is needed).
  • Charges for additional customizations you desire, like landscaping, lighting, Jacuzzi, etc.

The quote should explain the payment process. It should outline payment terms in black and white. The payment to be made upfront and how the balance should be paid needs to be explained. This will allow you to plan your finances accordingly.

Make The Decision

Once you get the quotes from the shortlisted companies, compare them. Do not go only by the price charged. The company charging the lowest price may compromise on the quality of materials or work to save costs. Look at all the aspects of the services provided and then decide if the charges quoted are competitive. You can do some research beforehand to get an idea of market prices in your city/area. Negotiate before closing the deal. This will help you get any additional discounts. It is better to sign a contract before the start of work, so things are crystal clear.

You can follow the guidelines given in this article to help you find a reliable pool builder. Find the builder of your choice, agree on the terms, and get started so you can have the best swimming pool installed in your house.