Five Pool Ideas To Inspire You

Ask any Australian - you can be sure they'll say that a swimming pool is their pride and joy, helping them to survive the summer heat. However, it might be the focal point in a garden, but the landscaping and area around it are just as important.

You don’t have to go with the flow (no pun intended) to make your pool stand out to transform it from simple to spectacular.

If you want to make it different and need creative inspiration, why not consider these additions around your pool?

Textured wall

Have you considered a textured wall on one side of your pool? It can look stunning. The ruggedness of a feature wall will complement the smoothness of the water and the organic look of grass. For a resort vibe, natural stone tiles work well with green foliage. For a softer, modern look, investigate granite tiles for your textured wall.

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Create a jungle vibe

Are you dreaming of a tropical holiday – then why not bring Bali to your backyard? A Balinese-style garden will emphasise greenery. Did you know that green is the most relaxing colour for our eyes?

There are plenty of low-maintenance sub-tropical plants to surround your pool. Frangipani is a beautifully fragranced, iconic tropical tree with flowers blooming in the warmer months. Next to your frangipani, consider potted greenery – succulents are ideal in a poolside setting. 

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Mix decking and concrete

Who says you can’t have timber decking and concrete together? Be brave and combine them both. A wooden raised decking area is perfect for chairs and tables and is a natural material in harmony with nature.

If you want to reduce maintenance, choose composite decking for minimal upkeep. Put your decking alongside textured light-coloured concrete tiles for a great contrast.

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Be adventurous with pool fencing

By law, all swimming pools in Western Australia need to be fenced. Altering your fence is a relatively small change that will make a big difference.

Frameless, sleek glass fences are perfect for a contemporary look and give that seamless flow between pool, house and yard. Why not consider timber posts with your glass fencing to tie in with any decking areas, or for a more contemporary look, use steel posts?

Be adventurous – instead of the glass panels mounted on the floor, you can bolt it onto a raised wall border so the fence itself becomes a conversation starter.

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Be creative with shade sails

A shade sail is a fantastic, creative way of protecting your pool and swimmers from the sun. Shade sails come in any colour and cut, so make a statement with shade patterns – mix triangular, rectangular and curved. As well as blocking out 99% of the sun’s UV rays, it will also prevent debris from falling into your pool. 

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