6 Of The Best Swimming Pool Features For Your Home Pool

There is no better way to beat the heat than a relaxing swim in a pool. The joy doubles when that pool is in your backyard. Today, homeowners are not stopping at simply having a pool. They are bringing their resort expectations home to turn their swimming pools from ‘functional’ to ‘fabulous’. They want more entertaining experiences and quality time with their friends and family.

Gone are the days when swimming pools were only about turquoise-lined rectangular shapes filled with water. Today, you can amp up your home pools with a wide array of features that make your pool the center point of all outdoor activity. From built-in spas and tanning ledges to spa jets and LED lighting, the list is endless. Whether your home is a rustic farmhouse or a modern ranch, the pool options allow you to complement the style and architecture of the house the way you want.

In this blog, let us look at the top 6 best swimming pool features that can make your home pool the talk of the neighborhood.


1. Built-in Spas

What’s better than a relaxing swimming pool in your backyard? A swimming pool with an in-built spa. That’s right. Imagine treating yourself to a blissful spa session while relaxing under the stars. ‘Tis the stuff of dreams which we can turn into reality. We offer the grandeur and luxury of swimming pools with a built-in spa so you can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Spas can introduce an unmatched tranquility to your pool which can improve your overall mood and mental health too. They promote harmony between the mind and the body by easing muscle tension. After a long day at work, you can straight away enjoy a soak in the spa to unwind and calm the nerves.

Our team of professional pool builders can seamlessly fit a spa into your swimming pool design. You can choose from our extensive range of swim spas or plunge pools and spa combination.

The Brooklyn Pool & Spa Combo

2. Tanning Ledge

Also called a Baja shelf or a Shamu shelf, a tanning ledge is a separate shallow area in your pool that is generally positioned at its end. It is 5 to 8 inches deep and serves as a perfect spot to catch some sunshine, sit with a book or simply chill.

If you have kids, a tanning ledge can be the ultimate feature addition to your swimming pool. It offers a safe setting for your kids to play and have fun. For young kids who are scared about stepping inside the swimming pool, a tanning ledge can be a good starting point to get them acquainted with the pool.

We offer tanning ledges that have both a straight side and a curved side, so they can elevate the aesthetics of your swimming pool to another level. With our customized tanning ledges, you not only get an additional lounging area but also the perfect spot to sunbathe.

3. Automatic Pool Cover

Automatic pool covers are a blessing. They are made using heavy vinyl which is much better compared to a solar cover. This means an auto cover can help heat your pool. If you own a heat pump, the cover can prevent excess heat from dissipating into the air helping you keep the heating costs low.

Another benefit of automatic pool cover is it helps to keep the dirt and debris at bay. In the case of a sandstorm warning, you can keep the pool covered so it does not become messy. You save a lot of time and maintenance money with automatic pool covers at your aid. Not to forget, if you have kids using the pool, there is no chance for them to sneak into the pool without your supervision.

Our automatic pool covers create a style statement for your pool with its sleek style and functionality. It can help you maintain the chlorine levels of your pool and save a lot of maintenance in the long run.

Automatic pool covers help you maintain the chlorine levels of your pool and save a a lot of maintenance in the long run

4. Spa Jets And Swim Jet System

Looking for interesting ways to make the most of your swimming pool? Look no further. Swim jet systems can add that spunk to your existing swimming pool which can make heads turn. They offer a lot of benefits and are ideal for swimming pools where space is an obstacle.

If you have a small pool where end-to-end swimming is a challenge, consider incorporating a swim jet system. The swim jets operate by pushing large volumes of water which create resistance for swimmers to swim against. This proves as a good form of exercise, therapeutic exercise or swim training. You can jog on the spot similar to working on a treadmill.

For those looking to enjoy the relaxing benefits of massaging hydrotherapy, spa jets can be an excellent choice. You can choose to install them in a seating area and experience the calmness of a spa at the comfort of your home.

The Swim Spa With Spa Jets

5. Water Features

Have you been always in awe of hotel pools where the water spills over from one side to the other? How does that happen? This is exactly what your friends and family will wonder when they enjoy a dip in your swimming pool. Cascading water looks extremely serene and breath-taking. It gives you a royal feel and can turn your ordinary pool into an oasis with a waterfall.

We offer a wide range of water features from beautiful spillways to lagoon-style waterfalls and more. This one-of-a-style feature can be a great addition to any swimming pool and make it look straight out of a movie scene.

Depending on the style and design of your pool and the backyard, we can create an elegant look that matches the overall vibe of the house. Be it sophisticated, modern, old classic charm or something more dramatic, we know how to deliver the finest results.

6. Ample Seating

The fact that you have your very own swimming pool installed at home is proof enough that you are a water baby. But what about the times you would rather chill around a pool than be in it? Or, if you have a pool party and there are way too many guests? That calls for a proper seating plan. This is where abundant pool seating helps.

Often, pool owners are so focused on making the pool a hit with their friends and family that they neglect the additional features. Large benches or wrap around seating can cater to guests when there are more than just a few. From built-in benches and bar stools to lounge chairs and pool stairs, there are endless options to choose from.


Final Thoughts

If you are going to install a swimming pool or already own one, you might as well enjoy it to the fullest with these additional features. They will make your swimming experience more joyful and comfortable. Apart from the above-mentioned features, if you are looking for more features to complement your backyard, we can help you. From LED pool lighting and water slides to aesthetic fountains, the possibilities are endless.

Get in touch with our friendly team today, and we would be happy to discuss your requirements with you!

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