Do I Have To Wait Until Summer To Install My Pool?

We know it isn’t conventional wisdom to be thinking about swimming pools in winter. You are all warm and cozy under your blankets drinking hot chocolate with a book in your hand. Getting a swimming pool might be the last thing on your mind.

But here’s the thing. Simply because temperatures are dropping around the country, it doesn’t mean pool building companies have shut shop and aren’t doing any business. If anything, this is the best time to start the pool installation to make your life easier.

In this blog, we have rounded up the key reasons why a winter installation is beneficial for you.

1. No Rushing

As with any project involving a long-term commitment and huge monetary investment, proper planning and preparation become pivotal. Installing a swimming pool is no different. Starting the process much earlier than when you require the pool for a swim gives you more time. You are in no rush to draw up plans for your dream pool or decide the added features you need as there is no restlessness to ‘dive in’. From selecting the type of pool to its shape and location, starting early gives you a kick start to get it exactly right.

2. Summer Ready

The biggest advantage of installing a pool during the off-peak season is when the summer months arrive, you will be able to start swimming. You will be using your time efficiently by building the pool in the winter since you won’t be swimming during the colder months anyway. On the other hand, if you think of installing the pool during summers, most of it would go waste in the installation. Think of all the times you would gaze into your backyard and silently wish ‘I hope that pool was ready for a swim’.


3. Availability of Pool Builders

Summer is the peak season for pool builders. That is when schools are shut for holidays and families look to get such projects started. This means there is a high probability your local pool builder may be unavailable when you need them. There may be delays in your spot booking. There is no saying when and if you may get a spot at all during summers. Why would you willingly go through this when you can avoid booked schedules and delays by installing in winter which is relatively less busy?

4. Quicker Approvals

It is common knowledge that before installing a swimming pool in your backyard, you require various approvals from local authorities. A peak season would mean your local council or certifier is already swamped with multiple application requests that need approval. If the approval takes longer than expected, this can cause a serious delay in making your dream swimming pool a reality. Installing your pool during the winter months gives you a good chance to avoid getting stuck in such a backlog. There is no impact on your swimming time over the summer months too. Win-win!

5. Fun in the Sun

The warm weather in the summer months encourages the kids and families to spend time outdoors playing in the backyard, enjoying a mini-picnic or simply enjoying the breeze. If you consider installing your pool during this time, it means having to keep your kids inside all the time. Your backyard becomes out of bounds and it can impact your summer holiday routine. Whereas, installing your pool during the winter months would be wise, as you won’t be spending much time outdoors anyway. You can catch all the action of the pool build through the windows during the chilly weather while keeping warm inside.

6. Organize Landscape

There is no denying the fact that pool installations can be quite messy. It can damage much of the landscaping of your backyard during the summer or spring months when flowers are in full bloom. It can take most of the year for your bushes, lawn, and other vegetation to heal if you install a swimming pool during the summer months. However, if you install the pool during winter, when you look into your backyard in the summers, you will see a beautiful pool ready to be used surrounded by lush landscape.

7. Better Deals

When winter rolls around, most people let their pools hibernate for the season. It gives pool building companies a lot of quiet days. Since the demand is low, there is a good chance the prices may go low too. You can get good deals and discounted prices from pool building companies during the off-season. The difference may not be too drastic, but even a little amount of savings can work in your favor. The money you save can be invested for accessories such as slides, pool covers, water features, lighting and more.

Things to Consider When Installing A Pool

Here are some tips you may consider while installing a pool in your backyard:

1. Know your budget

A pool involves a huge investment. Apart from the initial costs that you need to account for, there are other maintenance and operational costs too that need to be considered. If you have any pool accessories or added features in mind, then don’t forget to factor them into your budget.

2. Finalize a pool type that suits your budget and lifestyle

Three main pool types are very popular with pool owners – concrete, vinyl liner and fiberglass. Weigh the pros and cons of each pool type to know what will best suit your lifestyle and finances. Consult an established pool builder to help you make the right choice.

3. Understand your zoning laws

Many cities are governed by stringent maintenance and liability laws when it comes to swimming pools. There are no exceptions to these regulations. Make sure you understand these laws before you break ground and start your pool installation.

4. Compare prices

It is easier than ever before to compare the prices of pool installation by notable pool building companies. Carefully examine what each pool builder includes in their initial bid and if there are any warranties. Price comparison will help you make the right decision you won’t regret later.

5. Know your pool builder

Lastly, do thorough research before you select a pool builder for your project. Shortlist the top three you are interested in, visit their website and read about them. Learn about the projects they have completed and read any feedback or reviews from past customers to make a fully-informed decision.

Bottom Line

To sum up, winters are an ideal time to install your pool so it is ready before the next summer arrives. Not only does it offer better working conditions but also helps you avoid any delays due to booked up schedules during the peak summer season. Plus, you can always get better deals in the off-season and find more time to plan the details of your pool without having to rush.

If you are looking to enjoy your summer vacations relaxing in your backyard pool, book your winter install spots with us. We will walk you through the entire process, incorporate your pool ideas and make your dream pool a reality.

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