Here Are The Top Solar Pool Covers for 2022!

Solar pool covers or blankets are important pool accessories that provide a diverse range of benefits. For starters, they block the sun's UV rays, which are known to cause chlorine deficiencies in pool water. They're also effective at keeping debris out and retaining heat, which keeps the pool water consistently warm.

If you’re on the lookout for a solar pool cover that’s worth your money in 2022, you’re at the right place. In this post, we’ll go into detail regarding all their key specs and deliver our verdict as to whether or not they’re your money’s worth. Feel free to buy one or more of these covers for your concrete, vinyl liner, or fibreglass pool.

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1. In The Swim 16 Mil

This solar pool cover has a thickness of 16 mil and dimensions of 32 × 16 feet. However, you can pick from other dimension options as well, depending on your pool size.

Its clear design has a polyethylene make and it’s easy to trim with a regular pair of scissors. The aluminum base layer ensures high thermal efficiency, which makes this one of the best heat-retaining solar pool covers.

In The Swim also provides an 8-year warranty on the product. It’s also compatible with pool cover reels. Considering all the features that this pool cover provides, its price is on the affordable side.

Our verdict: A quality product that’s suitable for all pool types. We recommend buying this if heat retention is what you’re primarily after.

2. Sun2Solar 1600 Series

If you’ve got a rectangular in-ground pool, the Sun2Solar 1600 Series will definitely impress you. It’s available in 23 dimensions – ranging from 8 x 4 feet to 50 × 25 feet.

The cover is 16 mil thick and features a premium-quality resin material. The material, combined with the thickness, guarantees evaporation reduction and heat retention.

You can choose from dark blue and clear colour options. We recommend buying the clear option if your priority is heat retention.

Our verdict: All in all, this is the best product for rectangular in-ground fibreglass pools.

3. Blue Wave NS110

For circular above-ground pools, there’s arguably no better solar pool cover than the NS110 from Blue Wave. The product can reduce water evaporation by a whopping 95%.

Its build material consists of durable polymer, and its thickness is 8 mils. Additionally, this pool cover is UV-resistant.

Blue Wave provides a 3-year warranty on the product. The only downside is the missing drain hole, which would have been of immense help for removing accumulated water.

Our verdict: A great choice for buyers who own circular above-ground pools.

4. Robelle Heavy Duty

This solar pool cover caters to the requirements of rectangular pools and is capable of raising pool temperature by an impressive 10 degrees. It features a diamond design and has a colour on each side – a grey-aluminum underside and a blue surface. This makes the product an excellent heat retainer.

Some of the other highlights of this product include UV resistance and its heavy-duty build, which makes it one of the most durable pool covers out there. The cover has dimensions of 32 x 16 feet and 10 mils thickness.

Robelle gives buyers a 10-year warranty as well. However, you’ll have to arrange for a pool cover reel if you want to use this solar pool cover.

Our verdict: A top-notch heavy duty pool cover for rectangular pools.

5. Thermo-Tex Solar Pool Cover

The Thermo-Tex 2831632 is perfect for harnessing solar energy through its combination of polymer materials and UV-stabilized cover. It’s best to use this pool cover with in-ground rectangular pools, as it has dimensions of 24 x 12 feet.

While the product’s 6 mil thickness makes it simple to be trimmed, the limited thickness makes it prone to faster wear and tear. Users can pair this product with a reel as well.

A major downside is the 3-year warranty, which Thermo-Tex only offers to USA and Canada-based customers.

Our verdict: A good cover for in-ground rectangular pools, but its terms of warranty could have been more inclusive.

6. Crystal Blue Pool Cover

If you’re looking for the best heavy-duty pool cover in the business, look no further from the solar pool cover from Crystal Blue. It’s the best heavy-duty choice for large rectangle-shaped pools.

The product features a diamond bubble design that has superior air space for enhanced heat retention. Buyers can choose from three dimension options – a 32 x 16 feet model, a 36 x 18 feet model, and a 40 x 20 feet model.

The dual colour sides with the aluminum underside make the cover perfect for both heat retention and gain. The only major con of this product is that it has the potential of accumulating water.

Our verdict: A heavy duty pool cover that has no match in terms of performance and quality.

7. Space Age 12 Mil

The Space Age 12 mil pool cover captures solar heat efficiently owing to its dark underside and blue surface. Its 12 mil thickness makes the product tear-resistant and durable.

The cover can raise the pool temperature by a whopping 15 degrees or even more. Space Age provides a 2-year warranty as well.

Its only cons are water accumulation, which has to be dealt with by using a siphon or pool pump.

Our verdict: A good solar pool cover for round-shaped pools that could have been great.

8. Blue Wave NS520

We’ve saved the best for the last. The NS520 from Blue Wave is a premium-quality solar pool cover that excels at almost everything that a pool cover is supposed to do.

It has a clear colour, which allows the cover to transfer and retain heat significantly better than dark-coloured pool covers. The cover can raise pool water temperature by 15 degrees.

The dimensions of this cover are 16 x 32 feet, and its thickness is 14 mils. Apart from being durable, this pool cover is both UV-tolerant and chemical-resistant. The 6-year warranty from Blue Wave comes as the icing on the cake. However, there are no drain holes on this product.

Our verdict: In terms of overall features, there’s no better pool cover than the Blue Wave NS520.

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