How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Last?

Wondering how long fibreglass pools last is a popular question in the installation process. And for good reason: after all, you’re making a significant financial investment and the answer could well influence that decision. 

The good news is that fibreglass pools are some of the longest-lived pools on the market. In fact, as a pool owner you can directly extend the lifetime of your pool by choosing a professional, certified installer. A pool’s lifespan can be directly traced back to how it was installed. So your choice of who to buy from is critical: and at Barrier Reef Pools, we have the longest-lasting pools for a reason. It all starts here.


A Pool’s Lifespan

Barrier Reef Fibreglass pools typically last up to 30 years. That’s most likely the answer you’re looking for, but we suggest you stick around. Because some fibreglass pools can even last up to 50 years! Yes, you read that right – even we’re impressed! But in order to reach that big 5 and 0 (in fact, if you just care about keeping your pool healthy) then you should read on to learn the exact steps needed to increase the longevity of your pool. Some aspects require precise planning, and others require commitment from yourself. Proper care for your fibreglass pool is a tried and proven way to make sure your family can have more weekends in the pool to cherish.

Flexibility Means Lasting Longer

Firstly, fibreglass pools can be just as durable as concrete pools; in some cases they’re even more durable. Surprising, right? One example of this is that fibreglass pools are designed to be more flexible once they’ve been installed. They will bend slightly at any earth movements, instead of cracking. Over the years this adds up and means fibreglass pools will suffer significantly less wear and tear than a concrete alternative. Additionally, fibreglass is far more adept at absorbing extreme temperatures such as the Australian heat and will not shrink.

Fibreglass pools are designed to be more flexible than concrete counterparts…

Advanced Technology Leads To A Longer Life

All Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass pools come fitted with advanced vinyl ester resin. This might sound fancy, but in essence it is a tried and proven method to increase the longevity of your fibreglass pool. The vinyl ester resin protects your pool from corrosion, water penetration and increases heat resistance. Additionally, all Barrier Reef Pools come fitted with our advanced gelcoat technology. This further strengthens the interior surface of your pool, making it even harder for algae to grow.

A Quality Installation Can Set You Up For Years To Come

The quality of the pool’s installation plays a major factor in maintaining it’s lifespan. As this is where your pool will start it’s life, it’s important that you start it right. The first step is to use only certified, professional pool installers who know exactly what they’re doing. We’re going to take this chance to stick our hand up and say Barrier Reef Pools have over 30 years of experience installing pools for Australian families. We’re one of the most trusted pool companies on the continent! 

Installation Needs A Flat Surface

Ensuring that your fibreglass pool is installed on a flat surface is absolutely critical to its longevity. A fibreglass pool that is built into uneven ground will face significantly more ground movements that could crack or damage your pool, due to uneven weight load. An even surface however will create an even weight distribution. Your pool will be able to bend with movements in the earth rather than crack underneath it, due to the flexible nature of fibreglass.

Avoid Air Bubbles

Pencil compacting is another important factor of every pool installation – make sure you’re using a certified professional. Pencil compacting is the process of speeding up the landscaping as well as getting rid of any air pockets in the sand and/or soil around your pool. If this is not done correctly, then air pockets could cause your fibreglass pool to sink, creating an unbalanced look for your poolside area (especially on your tiles, giving them the look of an earthquake having hit them.)

Fill Your Pool Up The Right Way

Backfilling is the last step in the pool installation process. It is also extremely important that this step is done right in order to ensure your fibreglass pool lasts as long as 30, even 50 years. Proper backfilling will prevent spider cracks, bulges and bends in your pool – but how? The excavation around your pool is filled up with backfill; at the same time, your fibreglass pool is filled with water. This process is done to ensure equal pressure and to maintain stability. Your pool won’t be bulging or bending any time soon if this is done properly! Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we ensure it’s done precisely and professionally – every single time.

A Sturdy Shell, A Long Life

Another reason fibreglass pools from Barrier Reef Pools last so long are because they have all been awarded the Australian 5 Tick Product Certification Award. This means our fibreglass pool shells have undergone an extremely rigorous inspection process by the most trusted professionals in the business and passed every requirement possible. It’s important not to underestimate the quality of your fibreglass pool shell. It’s the starting point of your pool’s life and if it’s not done right, you could be shortening it significantly. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we ensure that your pool shell is the very best that it can be, to ensure it lasts up to 30 years and even beyond.

A Few Hours Of Maintenance Can Mean Years Of Life

Consistent maintenance on your part can also play a large part in how long your fibreglass pool lasts. A few hours of cleaning per month can mean it lasts many more years! Simple, right? We recommend using only chemicals that are suited to your pool; harsh chemicals or too many at once can damage your pool by stripping the gel coating. But don’t worry, we’ll make sure you know the best chemicals to use.

Because at Barrier Reef Pools we make sure that during every pool installation we service, we also educate and inform our customers about how to maintain their new pool. This includes cleaning processes, maintenance, acid-washes, seasonal care and day-to-day wear and tear prevention methods. 

At Barrier Reef Pools we stand behind our fibreglass pools as the longest-lived and highest award fibreglass pools in Australia. Our pools can last up to 30 years and in some cases even longer. Our experienced team of professionals (with over 30+ years in the industry) achieve this by ensuring every step of the installation process – from making your fibreglass shell to lifting it to your property by crane – is absolutely professional. Lastly, we leave you with all the knowledge and information as to how to properly care for your pool. This is how Barrier Reef Pools ensure our fibreglass pools last the longest in Australia!

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