How Long Do Fibreglass Pools Last?

Purchasing a swimming pool for your home is a big decision, so you want to be sure that the pool you have chosen, is not only going to be stress free to look after but also stand the test of time to be enjoyed for many years to come. A question that is frequently asked here at Barrier Reef Pools is, how long does an inground pool last?

How Long Do FIbreglass Pools Last

Different Pools Have Different Lifetimes

There is a couple of pool options on the market and their lifetime varies. Vinyl liner pools are generally the cheapest to set up initially, however they lack durability. They require higher maintenance than others as the vinyl lining generally only lasts for around 10 years before it needs replacing, the average cost of a vinyl liner replacement is around $4000. Another choice that’s available when considering a pool, is a concrete pool.

Concrete pools most certainly last longer than vinyl liner pools, although, many need resurfacing around 15 years later. The cost of resurfacing a concrete pool starts at a minimum of $10,000. They usually require more upkeep and chemicals to keep them clean. Concrete pools are porous which makes them susceptible to algae and bacteria, meaning more money is spent on electricity and chemicals. Concrete is also much cooler and requires more time and energy to heat. Fibreglass pools naturally insulate, and heat quicker compared to concrete pools, saving money on energy.

If you purchase a high-quality fibreglass pool, you can expect them to last for more than 30 years. Unlike vinyl and concrete, they don’t need replacing or resurfacing. With a Barrier Reef Pools fibreglass pool, you can expect them to last a lifetime, in fact, they all come with a lifetime internal, structural and osmosis guarantee!

Vinyl Ester Resin = Your Pool Lasting Longer!

Some of the benefits include.

  • Higher resistance from corrosion
  • Higher resistance to water penetration and damage
  • Higher resistance to heat
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Our Fibreglass Pools Are Made With 7 Layers of Strength

  • Layer 1- UV and chemical resistant gel interior surface finish
  • Layer 2- Anti-corrosion barrier using the highest quality Vinyl Ester Resin
  • Layer 3- First structural and additional chemical resistant layer using glass fibre
  • Layer 4- Second structural layer, using high quality polyester resin and glass fibre
  • Layer 5- Reinforcement layer is an additional layer of high-quality polyester resin and glass fibre
  • Layer 6- Outer core laminate which consists of Klegecell/Divonycell sandwich core strengthening
  • Layer 7- Outer sealer coat is a high quality waxed polyester resin to protect the pool layers.

Fibreglass pools are designed not to crack, they have a slight flex, so they are able withstand earth movements and extreme temperatures. Concrete pools are notorious for shrinkage cracking, this may occur when they are very first placed in, if there is excess water in the concrete mix, or intense temperatures and wind.

Our fibreglass pools have outstanding strength and exceed the Australian Standards for thickness. We are the only fibreglass pool manufacturing company with the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product certification. Unlike concrete and vinyl-liner pool companies, that offer an average of 7 years warranty, we offer a lifetime structural warranty on all of our pools!

Just like a car, to keep it running at its best and to ensure longevity, it is important to maintain your pool with the products and equipment specifically designed for it. When comparing different pools, you want to make sure you are getting the best value for money over the lifespan of the pool and ultimately choosing one that is going to last the longest with the least amount of effort involved.

There are 3 major factors that determine how long your fibreglass pool will last:

How Your Fibreglass Pool Is Manufactured

Not all fibreglass pools are made the same. The quality of your fibreglass pool depends on the materials used and the workmanship of the manufacturing company. It’s a good idea to use a company that has a warranty included with their fibreglass pool shells. Barrier Reef Pools only use the highest quality materials in a state-of-the-art climate-controlled manufacturing plant. Our pool shells are produced under strict quality assurance measures and they not only exceed Australian, but worldwide standards for durability and strength. We have an 8-stage quality control process to ensure we manufacture the highest quality Fibreglass Swimming Pools in Australia.

How Your Fibreglass Pool Is Installed

It may be tempting to try to a DIY fibreglass pool installation yourself to save costs, however you should be aware of the major safety risks involved, with over 30 years of experience, we have seen things done the wrong way and the costly bill that comes along with it to fix. Ensure you use a licenced pool builder to install your pool to avoid problems such as bulging walls or your pool shifting. All Barrier Reef Pools are steel and concrete reinforced for superior strength. Backed by a Lifetime paving guarantee.

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How Your Fibreglass Pool Is Maintained

As we know, pools are filled with water that contain a sanitising solution such as chlorine or salt. They are exposed to the elements and generally they are in direct sunlight for a majority of the day. If a pool is neglected, no matter what type, the surface may be compromised, and problems might arise. Making sure your pool is filtered and clean is one of the simplest ways to extend the lifetime of your pool. However, you do not want to overdose your pool with harsh, strong chemicals. This may decay the protective coating on some pools and reduce the lifespan substantially. Barrier Reef Pools Fibreglass pools are the easiest pools on the market to maintain, they can be looked after properly without a great deal of effort from the homeowner and will stay in tip top condition for many years to come. The surface of our fibreglass pools are virtually non porous, stain and chemical resistant, making them easier to control against bacteria and algae which means spending less money and time keeping them clean.

Overall, the manufacturer, the installer and the pool owner all contribute to the lifetime of the pool. Buying a high-quality fibreglass pool that is installed by a licensed builder and maintaining it correctly will all extend the longevity of your pool.

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    It really helped when you explained the importance of installing a fiberglass pool with a professional’s help. The other day, my brother mentioned he’s interested in installing a pool in the back of his house to make sure it’d be ready for the summer, so I’ll email this to him immediately. Thank you for the information on fiberglass pools and their installation requirements to help you avoid future repairs.

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