How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost?

Installing a fibreglass pool is a big decision for many and generally one of the first things that people ask when considering a pool for their home, is how much will it cost? The initial set up cost is not the only thing homeowners should consider, but also the ongoing costs involved to maintain their pool and which option is going to be the most cost-effective long term.

How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost

How Much Is It For An Inground Pool?

When it comes to purchasing a pool, there are a few options available on the market, this includes fibreglass, concrete and vinyl-liner pools. Understandably, there are many variables when it comes to the total cost of your new pool such as the shape, design and layout that you choose, as well as any extra add ons.

How Much Does A Fibreglass Pool Cost?

On average, people typically spend $25,000 to $35,000 on installing a fibreglass pool. However, the price can vary and may be substantially less or greater than this depending on the size, shape and the site that the pool needs to be installed in.

Factors That Contribute To The Cost Of Your Pool

Ultimately, it comes down to your personal preference and where the pool is to be situated at your home. Here are some variables that may alter the cost of your pool;

  • The shape, size and design you have chosen for your home
  • Any extras you may choose, such as lighting or water features
  • Whether your yard is sloping and the condition of the ground and soil
  • Easy access to your backyard
  • If you have chosen a self-cleaning pool
  • The quality of your fibreglass pool

When installing a fibreglass pool at your home, it is important to use a licensed pool builder to supply and install your pool. This ensures the pool is covered by warranty. Here at Barrier Reef Pools we offer a lifetime structural warranty on our fibreglass pools, opposed to a concrete pool which will generally give you a 7-year structural warranty at best. Barrier Reef Pools are the only pool company in Australia with the 5 Tick Certified Product Standard. It may be tempting to undertake a DIY fibreglass pool kit that some companies offer, however you should be aware of the risks and undisclosed costs that may be involved.

It goes without saying, if you’re going to make an investment to your home like a pool, it pays to purchase the best quality pool you can afford, not only to ensure longevity, but also to decrease the maintenance and costs that are involved with running it. It is also a smart idea to get any warranties that come with your pool, put in writing, that way you are covered if anything unforeseeable happens to your pool.

Placing A Fibreglass Pool

One Of The Many Positives To Installing A Fibreglass pool, Is How Quick They Are To Install!

Another thing to consider when building a pool, is how long it is going to take to install. Put simply, the longer it takes to install, the more is going to cost. The great thing about a fibreglass pools, is how quick they are to put in. A fibreglass pool can take as little as a week to install whereas concrete pools can take upwards of 6 months.

How Much Is A Vinyl-Liner Pool?

Vinyl-liner pools aren’t as popular in Australia as fibreglass and concrete pools, and this is because of the high upkeep that they require. They can be put in both above and in-ground, with an above ground vinyl-liner pool setting you back approximately $10,000. The cost of an in-ground vinyl-liner pool is similar to that of a fibreglass pool. Vinyl-liner pools require higher maintenance than other varieties of pools, making them less appealing.

How Much Is A Concrete Pool?

Concrete pools are usually priced similar to fibreglass pools, although it’s hard to give a specific price guide when concrete pools are not limited to shape or size. However, they are generally priced at the higher end. For decades concrete pools were the most common and sought-after pool, nowadays, fibreglass are a more popular choice, that is believed to be because of the quality and high standard that fibreglass pools are made to. The warranties on fibreglass pools generally surpass those of concrete pools, such as Barrier Reef Pools lifetime structural warranty.

What Are The Ongoing Costs Of Having A Pool?

The amount of money and time you spend on the upkeep of your pool depends heavily on the type of pool you install.

There Are Some Factors That Attribute To The Cost Of Maintaining Your Pool;

  • The system you choose to clean your pool, whether that’s manually yourself or with one of our cleaners such as our self-cleaning systems• Whether you choose chlorine or saltwater for your pool and the cost of the salt or chemicals that you use to sanitise your pool
  • The type of pump and filter you choose to filter your pool water
  • Maintaining added features (if you have them) such as water features and heating systems
  • Maintaining the pools interior surface with aesthetic maintenance

What Are Some Of The Ongoing Costs Of A Fibreglass Pool?

If you’re looking for a pool that is the easy to maintain and costs the least to run, a fibreglass pool is the front runner. Once installed, it requires little effort to keep it looking fabulous all year round. Fibreglass pools are virtually non-porous and smooth, unlike their counterpart, a concrete pool, that is susceptible to algae and require more chemicals and more time filtering the water, which equals more money spent on electricity and chemicals.

What Are Some Of The Ongoing Costs Of A Vinyl-Liner Pool?

A vinyl-liner pool requires much higher maintenance than a fibreglass pool. The vinyl lining in the pool, usually only lasts for 10 years, which means spending money relining it. Pools that are vinyl-lined are more likely to be damaged from sharp objects which can equal costly repair bills. A new vinyl-liner costs approximately $4000 to replace.

What Are Some Of The Ongoing Costs Of A Concrete Pool?

A concrete pool is far more porous than a fibreglass pool and tend to be more prone to algae and bacteria. This usually results in the owner spending more money on chemicals and maintenance to keep their pool clean. Another costly thing to consider when purchasing a concrete pool, is that some surfaces need resurfacing after approximately 15 years. This is a significant cost to the owner over the lifetime of the pool.


Some Last Things To Consider When Comparing Pool Prices

Ultimately, choosing the right pool comes down to the homeowner and their personal preference. if you do decide that you want to add a pool to your home, you want be sure that the one you choose is a sound investment and that you are going to attract buyers not deter them, if you choose to sell. Fibreglass pools really are the easiest pools to maintain and products such as our self-cleaning pool, make maintenance virtually handsfree. Unlike concrete and vinyl pools, our fibreglass pools come with a lifetime structural warranty.

It is sensible to choose a pool that’s not only going to be cost effective and easy for you to maintain, but also to appeal to prospective buyers if you do decide to sell your home in the future.

How much is your dream pool going to cost? Contact our friendly team today to organise your obligation free onsite quote!

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