Is A Fibreglass Pool Worth The Money?

Purchasing a fibreglass pool is a big step for any Australian family, so it’s only natural that you may be questioning whether or not the investment is worth it. While we may be Australia’s favourite fibreglass pool installer, we’re not here to “sell” you a pool and sweep your concerns under the rug.

Far from it.

Instead, the purpose of this article is to inform you on exactly what you can expect from owning a fibreglass pool, the surprising benefits, and let you decide for yourself. After all, the person who knows the most about whether or not a fibreglass pool is worth it is you.


An Investment For Yourself And Your Family

You may have noticed we didn’t use the word purchase when we described installing a fibreglass pool earlier. That’s because we’re firm believers in the idea that as a potential pool owner, you’re not buying a pool: you’re investing in one for your home. Now, we know that might sound like a bunch of new-age salesman talk, but hear us out. 

You might buy yourself a bar of chocolate from the shops and notice that it’s gone rather quickly (we don’t blame you.) But when you invest in a pool, that fibreglass pool is going to last in your home for decades. Those decades are going to be filled with weekends spent splashing in the pool with your family, keeping healthy and increasing the property value of your home.

Noticing a trend? Installing a fibreglass pool is an investment because, over the many years of life, that pool is going to pay you back with plenty of benefits – divebombing on summer weekends is just one example!

Consider The Health Benefits

Looking for another example of why fibreglass pools are worth the money? Not entirely convinced about our investment catchphrase? Well, look no further: fibreglass pools provide pools owners with tremendous health benefits.

Swimming has long been supported by medical professionals as a great way to stay healthy, keep in shape and work out. A fibreglass pool can encourage this in many ways, the obvious being lap pools are a popular choice among pool owners. Fibreglass pools are also more accessible to the wider public – by way of faster installation time and more affordable prices than concrete – meaning it will cost you less to stay healthy.

Regular swimming in a fibreglass pool can provide a fantastic cardiovascular and aerobic exercise for you. What’s more, swimming in general is easily accessible by everybody: the buoyancy of water supports frail bones and relieves joint ache, meaning the elderly can participate as well. In fact, even just having fun in the pool is a great way to burn calories – so get the whole family involved. 

If you’re wondering whether a fibreglass pool is worth it, then consider whether or not you want to invest in your own health.

6.5m Horizon Mondo Grey

Timeless Memories

Speaking of investments, is there any investment more worth it than good memories? A fibreglass pool will provide your family with these in bucketloads. 

Pools are famous for their appeal to children and the fun weekends they can provide for families. The best part? You don’t even have to leave your home to enjoy them. Just like teaching children to ride a bike for the first time, teaching your kids to swim is a memory that will last forever – for you and them.

Fibreglass pools make a fantastic area for your family and guests to gather together and enjoy the sun, refreshing water, catch up with old friends and new ones, and even teach your children to swim. We might co

Cheapest Pool On The Market

So, what’s the second best kind of investment? One that’s affordable and returns on investment of course! If you didn’t know by now, we think you should: fibreglass pools are by far the most affordable option on the pool market. Fibreglass pools are more accessible now than ever, and it’s never been easier to jump into an award-winning pool from Barrier Reef Pools.

Let’s dig a little deeper: did you know that fibreglass pools are cheaper overall than concrete pools? And while the initial price of vinyl pools may be lower, fibreglass pools more than makeup for the price difference by having lower ongoing costs.

Compared to concrete and vinyl pools, fibreglass pools do not need to worry about: 

  1. Resurfacing 
  2. Replacing vinyl liner 
  3. Acid washing 
  4. Osmosis 
  5. Algae blooms

All of these can cause major financial problems for non-fibreglass pools. So, price-wise we think fibreglass pools have a distinct advantage.

…It’s never been easier to jump into a fibreglass pool: they are more cost affordable in the long run and their installation process is not prone to the same problems as other pools…

A Speedy Install

One thing you may also take into account for a fibreglass pool is worth it or not is how quickly they can be installed. 

Fibreglass pools are unique in that they can be installed in as little as 7 days, provided the proper requirements are met. This is in stark contrast to concrete pools, of which an installation can take upwards of 3 months. This might factor into your judgment because some pool owners simply cannot wait to get their hands on a pool.

We’ll leave you with a quick summary of the potential benefits in favour of a fibreglass pool being worth the money:

  1. A fibreglass pool is a great investment, capable of returning the initial price with low ongoing costs and timeless memories.
  2. Swimming in a fibreglass pool is healthy and an easy way to keep yourself in shape.
  3. Fibreglass pools are accessible due to their low running costs.
  4. You could have your one fibreglass pool in as little as 7 days.

And there you have it. You might expect us to say so, but we certainly think fibreglass pools are worth the money. Before you make up your mind, you should take a peek at our beautiful and award-winning fibreglass pool range today!

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