Is Your Perfect Pool Rectangular Or Freeform? Here's How You Can Tell

Purchasing a pool is an exciting process; so exciting, in fact, that you might have forgotten that you need to choose a shape for your pool! If this decision sounds tedious, or even a little overwhelming, then worry not: Barrier Reef Pools has compiled a go-to guide for your decision making. This includes the advantages of both rectangular and freeform pools, their definitions and what you can expect from each.

But the most important thing for you to remember is that pool shapes are neither right nor wrong, black or white. In the end, whatever fits your vision perfectly and makes you want to dive straight into the water is what you should choose!


How You Can Spot A Freeform Pool

Freeform pools can encompass a wide variety of designs and shapes, but the one thing that binds them together is: they have no set shape! Freeform pools can be any size, shape or design. These details can be designed by you, or you can pick from our varied range of pools.

One side note is that freeform pools are conventionally on the larger side and tend to come with built-in spas (although not all of them.)

Why You Might Want A Freeform Pool

The advantages of freeform pools are hard to deny, and even harder not to want in your own home. To keep things as streamlined as possible for you, we’ve curated the biggest advantages of freeform pools such as:

  1. The unrestrictive and unconventional shape of freeform pools means they can fit into unorthodox backyards.
  2. Freeform pools are typically large in size and this makes them a good fit for families.
  3. Due to it’s uninhibited form, a freeform pool can be made to fit any aesthetic you are planning on designing for your home.
  4. Freeform pools can bring an informal feel to your home, perfect for large family gatherings or playing with your children.

Our Types Of Freeform Pools

As you can expect, freeform pools come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. It is difficult to pin down an exact standard of shape, as the unconventional size and shape of freeform pools are their biggest advantage. However, kidney-shaped and circular pools are quite popular. Barrier Reef Pool’s own range offers a wealth of options such as:

  • The Indulgence
  • Kidney
  • Manhattan pool and spa
  • Coral Sea
  • Barrier Reef
Sahara main pool

How Rectangular Pools Stand Out

Rectangular pools are instantly recognisable with their geometric shapes reminiscent of squares and rectangles. Their linear lines and sharply-defined edges are capable of bringing a noticeably formal and modern feel to your home.

You’ll likely recognise a rectangular pool straight away, as they are one of Australia’s most popular pool shapes. This means plenty of backyards feature them and the standard for design is both set and high. You may have noticed that rectangular pools are fairly set in their geometric shape. While this is certainly true, it does not mean they are inflexible. In fact, they can come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, including lap pools and plunge pools. This is especially accommodating for smaller block residences.

Another interesting fact to note about rectangular pools is that they are the oldest shape of pools, and have been around for centuries – even the ancient romans enjoyed rectangle pools!

Why You Might Want A Rectangular Pool

Rectangular pools are popular for many reasons and The Fibreglass Pool Company has condensed these down to a fine list. The advantages of a rectangular pool are as follows:

  1. The simple, straight-forward shape of the pool allows for an easier installation process. This will also make the digging and construction less disturbing for you when the pool is being built.
  2. Additionally, the simple shape makes it much easier for you to design your poolside area and the furniture and/or garden that will accompany it.
  3. Rectangular pools are typically easier to fit into a home, on account of their flexible sizes; such as plunge pools or lap pools.
  4. The final benefit is a matter of taste: if you want to add a sharp, sleek pool that fits well with modern-day homes, then a rectangular pool is always a good choice.

The Barrier Reef Pools Rectangular Range

Due to the overwhelming popularity of rectangular pools, Barrier Reef Pools has made sure to keep our very own range up-to-date with only the best selling pools. If you’re looking for inspiration for your own pool, looking to settle your mind on a decision, or simply curious, then you should take a look at our selection. Our rectangular pools include:

  • Brampton
  • Billabong
  • Sunseeker
  • Caprice
  • Olympic

A Spectacular Range Of Rectangular Pools

Now that you know the details of rectangular and geometric pools, why don't you take a look at our extensive range for some inspiration. Who knows, the pool you're looking for could be one click away!

Is Your Perfect Pool Rectangular Or Freeform? Here's How You Can Tell

The decision concerning your pool’s shape should be an exciting one, but should also not be taken lightly. There are tremendous benefits inherent to both rectangular and freeform, but these will depend on your home, property and personal taste. You will need to ask yourself: What does my dream pool look like? And then work your family’s needs, backyard space, and poolside area design into that thought process. But rest assured, the decision might be important, but there are no right or wrong answers. There is only you, your pool, and the summers you’ll spend together.

Our experts are always available to talk should you require any assistance in your decision. Why not get in contact with your local Barrier Reef Pools display centre now?