Brooklyn Pool Installation: Attadale WA

Brooklyn Pool Installation: Attadale WA​


The Family wanted to create a “ Resort-at-Home environment“ for their family. They chose the Brooklyn as the one piece configuration designed for the whole family. The size and style suited the size of their entertaining space and fulfilled their vision of a luxury pool.


The stand out aspects of the pool are the entry point with the large wadding area which is an ideal depth for young children to play and a lounge area with bubbles for adults to sit and relax. The long generous swimming area is totally unobstructed by steps to allow freedom for jumping in or for swimming laps. The 10cm wide safety ledge which runs around the interior of the pool is used by the young children constantly and also as a foothold to exit the pool

This type of pool was chosen by the client for its clean lines and designer looks which will never date or go out of style.

The spa section of the pool means that the spa can be used independently of the pool, thereby heating it for use throughout the year. The spillway to the pool means that the spa and pool can also be run simultaneously eliminating additional power costs. The spa with the 8 spa jets is great for relaxing, soothing jets massage tired muscles and serve as a comfort only a step from the back door.

Four LED Multi-coloured remote controlled Lights have been added– 1 in the spa and 3 in the pool, which means that the pool can be fully illuminated, but also high-lights the garden beds to add to the ambience of a resort feel.

The Air bubbles in the wading area serve as a water feature (especially in the evenings when the pool is illuminated) as well as playful bubbles for the children or adults relaxing in the shallow waters.

The Family can enter the pool using the wading area or jumping in at the deep end as there are no obstacles to impede them doing so. Exiting the pool is very easy as the 10cm wide safety ledge acts as a foothold to get out of the pool at any point.

A Luxury Pool at an Affordable Price!


Introducing the Brooklyn