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Once your pool shape, size and colour are selected it’s important to know you have the best equipment to provide you trouble-free, sparkling clear water.

AstralPool is Australia’s largest swimming pool equipment manufacturer and our products are designed and made for the extreme Australian environment. Tough, robust and long-lasting, AstralPool equipment is designed with three additional very important criteria:

(1) the lowest operating cost,
(2) environmentally friendly
(3) lowest maintenance requirements.

AstralPool’s multi-award-winning​ equipment achieves these three important criteria. Even more important than the products you choose, is the people that stand behind them. AstralPool’s staff are the most experienced in the industry and we pride ourselves on our level of care and attention to all of our customers. You can be sure, that when choosing AstralPool equipment for your investment, you not only get the very best in swimming pool equipment but are buying from a company whose staff care about you and your enjoyment of your new investment.

Spa Electrics

Spa Electrics have over 35 years of experience in the manufacture of underwater lighting systems. Our innovative Australian owned and made brand is the number one choice of pool building professionals.

Premium Quality

Spa Electrics use the highest quality components to ensure their lights achieve superior brightness while still offering exceptional energy efficiency. By combining innovative designs with premium quality materials, Spa Electrics provide industry professionals and pool owners with stylish and reliable lighting that is guaranteed to last.
Atom EM Series (Fibreglass)

Designed in consultation with pool building professionals the Atom EM Series has revolutionised the world of underwater lighting by producing the brightest compact light on the market.


  • LED Lights deliver greater illumination than a 100W halogen light while consuming less than 10watts of energy.
  • Patented technologies such as our unique cable connection system, Duosink® and Pulsewave® set us apart from the pack and deliver enhanced reliability and performance.
  • With chemically protected heatsinks and 100% silicon gaskets Spa Electrics Lights are built to stand the test of time and operate at peak performance all year round.
  • Our lights are built using only the highest quality polymer and 316 stainless steel components.
  • Class-leading LED and Driver technology coupled with custom engineered internal electronics deliver superior quality and performance.

medium_EMF - SIDE VIEW
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Website http://spaelectrics.com.au/ check out our range of pool accessories.


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