Rectangular Pools! Why Are They Always A Favourite For Every Household?

Rectangular pools have been around for quite a few decades, and their popularity has not dwindled one bit. The familiar shape with perfect 90-degree corners enhances your property’s landscaping, giving it a sleek, modern feel. A rectangular pool is also easier to build compared to a geometric design or a free-form pool.

Why is the rectangular pool the top choice in most households? Let’s find out.


They Give You More Space To Swim In

Why do you think Olympic swimming pools are always rectangular? The simple reason is that they provide wide-open swim lanes and more space to swim. The rectangular pool gives you an unrestricted stretch of water, which makes it the perfect shape for lap swimming.

One of the many reasons why people install a swimming pool in their backyards is to keep fit. A rectangular pool allows you to swim laps in the privacy of your home to improve your health and fitness. Swimming is an excellent exercise to build endurance, muscle health, and cardiovascular fitness. It also helps you maintain a healthy weight and a healthy heart and lungs. Swimming is low-impact and puts less pressure on your joints as the water supports your body weight. Even those suffering from joint pains can try swimming for health.

Swimming for health and fitness requires a long stretch of water, and the rectangular pool gives you just that.

They Are More Compatible With Automatic Pool Covers

Rectangular pools are more compatible with automatic pool covers. You can have your pool builder install it while they put in your new pool.

When you use a pool cover, it prevents dirt, debris, and leaves from falling into your pool. It can help keep your pool clean, which means you spend less time and effort in cleaning and maintaining your pool. There are fewer stains, and you need to use lesser chemicals to clean, which is great for your family and the environment.

They Are Easier To Clean

Swimming pools require regular cleaning and maintenance, and rectangular pools are, perhaps, the easiest to clean. The reason is quite simple- these pools have smooth edges and are the least likely to catch and entrap dirt and debris.

Those who use an automatic pool cleaner will find that it is much easier to manoeuvre in a rectangular pool. Hence, you can clean your pool thoroughly in less time and effort.

They Are Easier To Install

Rectangular pools are easier to build and install, regardless of whether you choose vinyl, gunite, or fibreglass. They are also cheaper than other shapes, and since they can be built quicker than others, you save both time and money. If you use vinyl liners, you will see that they line up better in rectangular pools than in other freeform shapes. Fibreglass pools are custom-built, and a rectangular pool is much more straightforward and practical to build.

They Are Great For Relaxing

After a long, hard day, doesn’t it feel wonderful to relax by the poolside? Having a swimming pool at home means that you get a chance to relax and take a dip in the pool while being in the privacy of your house.

Any swimming pool can be a great place to relax, so why a rectangular one? The rectangular shape allows you to build large, comfortable seating spaces around the pool, making it perfect for relaxing even when you don’t want to go swimming.

They Are Perfect For Families

When you decide to build a swimming pool in your backyard, there are a number of things that you must consider. The purpose of the pool is what mainly decides its size and shape. If you want to use your pool to relax with your family, you need it to be large enough for the whole family to swim together. Rectangular pools make the best use of space, giving you and your family ample space to swim, relax, or play in the pool.

Safety is a big concern when designing a pool for families, especially one that has young children. When children play in rectangular pools, it is easier for adults to keep an eye on them, unlike a non-traditional pool shape where a kid could go into an unsafe corner.

According to Australian safety regulations, private pools must be fenced. It is much easier to build a fence around rectangular pools than other shapes.

They Are Suitable For Most Homes

A swimming pool adds an element of luxury, and the pool must suit the style of your home. The right swimming pool gives a cohesive look to your entire property, taking the level of aesthetics up a few notches. A unified design for your entire property makes your home look stylish and well cared for.

Rectangular pools look great with a large variety of architectural styles. It is a classic shape that coordinates well with both modern and traditional properties. When you can’t make up your mind about the shape of your pool, choose a rectangle. With a rectangular pool, you just can’t go wrong.

“The right swimming pool gives a

cohesive look to your whole property”

They Allow For More Functional Landscaping

You must consider landscaping when installing a swimming pool in your backyard. Landscaping plays a major role in determining the final look of your pool and the functionality of your backyard.

It is important to install your pool in the right position to ensure that your pool looks good from every angle, making it visually appealing both from outside and inside the home. Most houses are built on straight lines making rectangular pools the easiest and the most convenient to position. It is a classic shape that looks good from almost all vantage points. Rectangular pools look stunning, whether they are built right next to the house or a little further away.

Also, a rectangular pool makes optimum use of space, allowing you to make the best use of the rest of the space in your backyard. It is easier to design the sitting areas and other spaces that you could use to unwind and relax. A well-designed and functional backyard can make your property extremely attractive to potential buyers.

They Make The Best Infinity Pools

Nothing spells luxury like an infinity pool. The edge of an infinity pool seems to “disappear” creating an illusion of water falling away. If you want to enjoy the breathtaking view of your surrounding area, you must consider building an infinity pool.

Rectangular pools are the ideal choice for an infinity pool. The straight edges of a rectangular pool make it easier to create the “disappearing” edge.


Swimming can be a great way to stay fit while having loads of fun. Few things add excitement to a home like a swimming pool. Whether you want to spend summer afternoons playing in the water with your kids or just cool off after a tiring day, a swimming pool can be a great addition to your home. Having a pool in your backyard would also make your friends want to come over more often for a relaxing day in the pool. What better place to party than a house with a pool? A swimming pool is a great investment, not just to increase your property’s value but also for your health and happiness.

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