Small Fibreglass Pools - Most Common FAQ's

You’ve decided to take the plunge and purchase a swimming pool for your home – how exciting! One of the many choices you’ll have to make is what size swimming pool is best suited to your backyard and family. If you’re like a growing number of Australians, you may be considering a smaller pool for your home. To help make your choice that much easier, we’ve compiled a list of the most common questions we get asked here at Barrier Reef Pools about small swimming pools.


Definition Of A Small Pool

A small pool is smaller than a regular-sized pool, but how small you may be asking? It can vary, but usually, a small pool is considered anything less than 3.5 metres wide and 7 metres long. The average depth of a small pool is around 1.2 metres.

Are There Any Advantages To Choosing A Small Pool?

There is a tonne of advantages to choosing a smaller pool, and with block sizes continuously reducing, they are a perfect solution for many wanting a swimming pool for their home. Here are some reasons why a smaller pool is a good idea:

Frees Up Space For Other Elements In The Backyard

While a big pool is great, if it leaves room for nothing else, it can prevent you from enjoying your backyard entirely. Well-designed backyards are multi-purpose and have various points of interest.

Heat Effectively

If you are considering heating for your pool, small pools are a superb match. As they are compact, they heat far quicker than larger pools, which allows you to go swimming sooner rather than having to wait around for the heating system to do its job. Because they warm up faster, you don’t have to run the heater for as long and this can lower your running costs.

Accessories Less Expensive

By making use of pool accessories, you can keep your pool in top nick with minimal effort. Extras such as pool covers and robotic cleaners that are designed specifically for smaller pools are generally more affordable.

You can keep your pool in top nick with minimal effort. Extras such as pool covers and robotic cleaners that are designed specifically for smaller pools are generally more affordable.

Water Use Is Minimal

As the volume of a small pool is considerably less than a large one, the water needed to top up the pool is much less, and therefore the expenses related to water consumption is minimised.

Pool Surrounds Are Cheaper

Typically, the smaller the pool, the less fencing and paving you’ll need. These two items alone can be expensive, so it can save you a substantial amount of money on the overall cost to install your pool.

Lower Energy Bills

Often, smaller pool pumps don’t need to run for as long as bigger pool pumps to sanitise the water efficiently. With the pump being the biggest energy consumer of all your pool equipment, this is a great way to save money on your energy bills.

Small Doses Of Chemicals Needed

The amount of chemicals needed to clean the water properly is much less than the dose required for a large pool.

Ideal For Hydrotherapy

As mentioned, smaller pools heat well, and many of them have the option for spa jets which is perfect for practising hydrotherapy exercises.

What Small Pools Do You Offer?

We want everyone to have the ultimate swimming pool for their home regardless of the size, that’s why you’ll find most of our smaller pools are exact copies of our larger models, they are just condensed versions. All the features are the same and the design. We have a large selection of small pools to choose from, but here are some of our best-sellers:

Will A Pool Fit In My Backyard, It's Tiny?

The best way to determine whether one of our small pools will fit in your backyard or not is by chatting with our team to discuss what options we have that may suit. Our smallest pool measures 4.2m by 1.6m plus, you’ll need to factor in room for your pool fencing and surrounds. If this won’t fit, we do have other choices that may work such as a spa, while you may not be able to swim in a spa, it still provides a place to relax after a long day. Another option is the front yard, if there’s more room out there, this might be a viable option.

Can You Swim Laps Comfortably In A Small Fibreglass Pool?

A smaller pool is probably not the best for swimming laps as the distance isn’t far, it can make it difficult to gain momentum but, there is a solution! Swim jets are a popular add-on in smaller pools. They are usually installed at one end of the pool, and they propel a forceful current of water which creates resistance for the swimmer to swim laps against. The great thing about them is they can make your pool multipurpose. They can be used for a workout and switched off when you just want to paddle around and relax in the pool. If swimming laps is important to you, and you only have enough room for a small pool, swim jets are highly recommended.

Is A Small Pool Cheaper To Run?

Generally speaking, yes, they are. The pump doesn’t need to be as powerful, and it doesn’t need to run for as long as a pump for a large pool, heating is more economical, fewer chemicals are required, and water use is lowered. It also doesn’t take as long to clean the pool as the surface area is less.


Are There Many Small Pools To Choose From?

With us, yes! We take great pride in our extensive collection of small pools. It’s not only the design and size you get to choose but also the colour, surrounds, add-ons, and landscaping.

Is In-ground The Only Installation Method For Small Pools?

No, all our fibreglass swimming pools can be installed partially above ground or above ground too. Which installation technique is best suited to you will depend on your personal preference and the layout of your site. Sometimes those on sloping blocks have no choice but to install their pool above or partially above ground.

Does It Take Long To Install A Small Pool?

No! One of the many appealing things about fibreglass pools is the installation time is fast! The pool shell is already manufactured and ready to go, once delivered, it’s just a matter of putting it in the ground. If all runs smoothly and there are no delays in permits, and the weather is good, a small fibreglass pool can be installed in a matter of a week.

Is It Cheaper To Install A Small Pool?

A small pool may be cheaper than a large pool but not drastically. The same heavy machinery is needed at site, and you are still getting a high-quality product made to the same standards as a bigger pool.

How Can I Start The Process Of Installing A Small Pool At My Place

If you’d like to get the ball rolling, simply get in contact with our friendly team here at Barrier Reef Pools. We are happy to answer any questions you have, and we can organise your free onsite quote.

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