Swimming Pool Cleaners - Which Cleaner Is Best Suited To My Pool?

A pool might be in use only for the summer by you but it will need constant maintenance throughout the year. Think of it as a year-long all-weather commitment that will lead to a bitter relationship with your pool if you fail to do so. One less talked about the pool is the pool cleaners. With a massive array of options available to you, it is very easy to get lost in the sea of choice and get something bad. But fear not, we are here to make sure that the cleaning options don’t leave you confused and you make the best choice. Keeping your budget and lifestyle in mind, there are a variety of pool cleaners that will be fit for the task. But which one will be the best? This is where we help you make a choice.


Below are a few types of cleaners that you should be familiar with. We point their use and some of the drawbacks that one can expect. Buy a cleaner that you are comfortable with and understand fully too. The most common types are:

1. Manual Pool Cleaners

As the name suggests, manual pool clearer requires you to put in the effort to clean the pool. They are mainly a simple but effective tool that can make your life much easier. These are also the most inexpensive out of our list and if you have a very tight budget these will get the job done.

Their only drawback is that cleaning with manual pool cleaners is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. There is no self-cleaning involved in the process and you’ll have to clean the manual cleaner too after the pool is cleaned. Mostly it is vacuums, telescopic poles, pool brooms, and rakes with a water testing kit.

These are, on the other hand, a great tool for people who love working in their backyard when they have the time. You’ll have to put in the elbow grease at one time or the other, but seeing how it is the most inexpensive, it is worth it.


2. Suction Pool Cleaners

These are in more ways than one just an automatic version of the manual ones. They filter the water through the skimmer basket, but all this happens without you putting in the elbow grease. They move around the whole pool and pick up any dirt or debris in the pool. This means that you would not have to stand in the hot sun to fish out all the unwanted things from your pool.

When one uses these suction cleaners, there is barely any need to skim or brush the vacuum. All this is done automatically, and you’ll have to put in the minimum effort from your side. This allows you to spend less time in the pool and more time in the pool.

Pools sometimes also have very small and minute dust particles which are hard to clean with manual cleaners. This is where the suction cleaners come in. With enough vacuum power, the suction cleaners can take out these particles easily and have your pool ready for use in a few minutes. You may have to install a leaf canister or box for leaves if you live near trees. A lot of times the wind will blow leaves and branches into the pool and your suction cleaner will filter it out. It is optimum to catch these leaves into the leaf canister as it puts a lot less strain on the skimmer basket.

When it comes to suction cleaners, your best bet is the “Water TechniX Rapid Automatic Pool Cleaner.” A workhorse that handles all the basic cleaning duties with ease, the Rapid Automatic Pool Cleaner will make your life so much easier. Once you go automatic, there is no going back. It has a rubber skirt with a diaphragm made out of rubber too. It uses its own suction to move about in the pool.

3. Pressure-side Pool Cleaners

These cleaners, as the name suggests, use pressure along the walls and floor of the pool. It has its own filter bag, which takes the load off the skimmer basket. Most of the pressure side pool cleaners require their own booster pump. This alone can make the setup a hassle and hard to maintain too.

4. Robotic Cleaners

A completely automated process the robotic pool cleaners might be expensive but can make your life very easy too. If you like seeing these man-made wonders do all of your work, then these might be the best for you. You can sit by your poolside sipping margaritas while a little cleaner cleans your pool. The best part they don’t complain whatsoever. They take the tedious job of cleaning from you and perform with the utmost professionalism. With the current boom in technology in the last two decades, they have become extremely affordable and easy to use. They have a longer shelf life and can easily be repaired too if damaged.

Not only does this make these machines favorable, but they are very efficient too. They will do a better job of cleaning the pool as compared to you and only in a matter of minutes. The Zodiac X30 Tornax is the best value for money robot cleaner you can buy. Priced at about $1200, the robot cleaner is an excellent pool cleaner.

With the current boom in technology, robotic cleaners have become extremely affordable and easy to use

Advantages Of Robotic Pool Cleaners

Save Power – The robotic cleaner will work independently of the filtration system of the pool. This negates the need to pump all the water through long pipes from the system to the cleaning system. In the long run, this saves energy and money.

Fewer Chemicals Used – As the debris and dirt are removed and not stored in the filtration system of the pool, it becomes easier to balance the pH levels of the pool. Thus you wouldn’t have to worry about murky water and how to get rid of it.

Save Water – As the cleaners filter the water themselves, you save water. This is because the water does not have to go through the whole filtration system just to be cleaned.


Out of all the options mentioned above, robotic cleaners are by far the best of the bunch. If your budget allows it, go for these as they make your life easier. They can handle all types of debris and can filter them out with ease. This also takes the load off the filtration system. As the robotic cleaner cleans out the debris, it saves you the hassle of maintaining your pH too. With regular cleaning, the chemical levels of water remain stable for a longer time, thus saving you money in the long run.

Your choice of cleaner will depend on your budget and what you can afford. If ease of mind and virtually no labor is your preference, then you should go for a Robotic Pool Cleaner. If you don’t mind putting some elbow grease into the pool maintenance, then manual cleaners might work for you. A lot of these decisions will also be affected by the size of the pool and the surrounding area. If there are a lot of trees, then we highly recommend a robotic cleaner. Rest is up to you to decide.

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