The Best Apps To Help You With Your Fibreglass Pool!

Not only are fibreglass pool designs getting trendier but modern gadgets are also getting high-tech to make life simpler. Downloading a software application on your smartphone device can help you monitor pool lighting, temperature control, calculate water chemistry, and set the balance right.

If you want to spend more time enjoying your fibreglass pool but don’t have spare time to monitor pool maintenance, there are some amazing pool apps that can make your life easier. Some apps are free, while you need to purchase some services. There are various kinds of apps for pool maintenance, pool management, learning how to swim, and relaxing in the water.


Our Top Picks For Apps!

Pool Maintenance Apps

1. Nimbus Pool Doctor (iOS)

Like to keep your fibreglass pool clean and inviting at all times? Nimbus Pool Doctor is a pool maintenance app that’s popular among homeowners as well as the pros. It is considered one of the best pool chemistry apps designed to date. The app helps you to maintain the water chemical balance, which is extremely important for a healthy pool. All you need to do is feed in information about the chemical levels like calcium, bromine, free chlorine, salt, and pH levels. The app will tell you how much of what chemical you will require to add to balance the chemical level.

It is simple to navigate with a user-friendly interface. The app provides step-by-step instructions and gives clear, easily understandable guidance. As this is a favourite app globally, it delivers results in different units of measurement, including grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, litres, etc. It also allows you to enter accustomed scoop size making your job simpler. You can change units as required simply by pressing a button. Thoughtfully designed, the app helps you choose readings for different kinds of pools like regular swimming pools, saltwater pools, and bromine pools. It leaves no room for confusion as you will only see readings only for your type of pool.

The only downside of Nimbus Pool Doctor is that the app is not available for Android phones or tablets.


2. Pooli (iOS And Android)

Pooli is another extremely popular free pool maintenance app. This app will also help you maintain the perfect water balance in your fibreglass pool. Pooli is easy to use. After you use a testing strip to check your pool’s chemistry, Pooli allows you to scan it using your phone or tablet’s camera. It then calculates the required chemicals that will set your pool water balance right. It takes pool maintenance to the next level by suggesting links where you can shop for chemicals at the lowest price. It also tells you stores that can ship the chemicals to your location in the shortest time.

When the chemicals are available to you, Pooli will also guide you on how to use them and how much of each would you require to add to your pool water. The simple-to-follow, step-by-step instructions are suitable even for first-time users. With the Pooli app installed on your phone, you can save time, money, and the effort of visiting a store to purchase pool chemicals. It is a highly rated app on the Apple App Store as well as Google Play.


3.Swimming Pool Learning (iOS and Android)

Don’t get misled by the name! It is an app that helps you with pool maintenance tips. You can also buy things that you need to keep your fibreglass pool clean. The app helps you reach out to YouTube Videos, related websites, Podcasts, and several other helpful pool maintenance resources. It is a well-maintained app that keeps its content up-to-date. The app offers calculators for pools so that you know the right chemical dosage according to your pool volume.

4.Pool Care

The Pool Care app is yet another helpful pool maintenance app and is free if you don’t mind the ads. In case you want to remove the ads or want to scan your pool testing strips, you will be charged some money. This app can be used by homeowners as well as pool service providers.

It’s as simple as ABC! All you need to do is enter test results for your pool and the app will give you recommendations for chemicals to be used and the required amounts. It also has an in-built pool volume calculator. An interesting feature of Pool Care is its graph feature that shows the trends of your test results. It also has log data to manage them.

Pool Care has features that allow you to set reminders for pool tests, cleaning filters, and other pool maintenance tasks. This app helps you maintain the pH balance, chlorine levels, alkalinity, calcium hardness, salts, borates, phosphates, etc. Additionally, you can keep a check on your pool’s flow rate, temperature, pressure, and the last date when you cleaned and backwashed it.

Swimming Apps

With a fibreglass pool in your backyard, you surely want to enjoy, burn some calories, and master your swimming strokes. Learning how to swim can be way more fun when you can track your progress. It is also motivating for those who want to improve their performance. Some wonderful apps encourage you to improve your swimming performance.

5. SwimUp (iOS and ANdroid)

SwimUp can be called a digital swimming coach. It is dedicated to swimming lessons for swimmers of all levels. You don’t need to be a pro swimmer to find this app useful. It offers various modes of swimming instruction like Wellness (light swimming and wellness), Technique (improve swimming skills), Masters (for experienced swimmers), and Triathlon (specialised training). You can learn the correct swimming techniques, get personalised training plans, and keep track of your workout analytics via this app.

You can watch videos and learn swimming theory to improve your swimming techniques. SwimUp can be integrated with Apple Watches (Series 3, 4, 5) to track personal records like pulse, time, distance, and the number of arm strokes.


6. MySwimPro (iOS and Android))

Need a digital swimming coach, MySwimPro is the app for you! Extremely popular and user-friendly, it was named the “App Of The Year” by Apple.

From beginner basics, strength training and tailored workouts to open water swimming, MySwimPro will help you at every level to improve your technique. You can track your workout duration, calories burnt, distance, and real-time heart rate with this app on your smartphone or smartwatch.


Relaxation App

7.Calm (iOS and Android)

The goal of Calm is to improve health and happiness through relaxation techniques. What better place could it be to relax than in your pool?

‘Calm’ can help you relax, lower anxiety, take a nap, and improve the quality of sleep. The app offers guided meditation, stretching exercises, and methods of improving focus and mindfulness. This app is available both in the App Store and Google Play store.

In 2017, Apple named Calm the iPhone App of the Year. In 2018, Google Play recognised it as the “Editors’ Choice”. You can discover resources like sleep stories, sleep music, meditation lessons, nature sounds, and more on this app. You can download it for free and access certain content without paying a dollar. To access the entire content library, a paid subscription is required.

Use your fibreglass swimming pool to its full potential, relax and rejuvenate, or master your swimming strokes with these intelligent apps.


A Quick Summary

What Are The Best Pool Care Apps?

Some of the best apps you can get to help you with pool maintenance are:

  1. Nimbus Pool Doctor
  2. Pooli
  3. Swimming Pool Learning app
  4. Pool Care app.

All will help you measure your pool’s health and give you recommendations to keeping your pool clean and sparkling!

What Are The Best Pool Fitness Apps?

To help you track your fitness goals and exercise routine, there are a couple of apps which will help you keep burning calories and improve your swimming performance! These are:

  1. Swimup
  2. MySwimPro

Both extremely popular, you can be a beginner or advanced swimmer to use these apps and get the best out of your time in the pool!

What Are The Best Apps For Relaxing In The Pool?

Relaxing in your pool can be pure bliss, and you can use apps in tandem with your pool to really rejuvenate and find peace of mind. The Calm app is perfect for guided mediation, lowering anxiety and improving mindfulness! And what better way is there to spend time relaxing your mind than in your pool!

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