The Incredible Impact Of Water Features On Your Pool

A new swimming pool can enhance a backyard drastically and if you’re looking for something that’s going to make it the ultimate showstopper, you can’t go past a water feature. With so many options on the market, how do you know which one to choose? Here’s what you need to know about water features to help you make the right choice.


Why Do So Many Like The Idea Of A Water Feature?

While the classics such as rock waterfalls have been around for decades, new styles have emerged over the years and an increasing number of pool purchasers and owners are adding them to their pool. A pool draws you outside and the more inviting it is the more inclined you will be to use it. Water features not only add a touch luxury, they provide homeowners with a space that is tranquil and calming.

How Much Do Water Features Cost?

For most, the cost of adding a water feature to their pool is the number one consideration. Many factors can influence the price of a water feature such as the time of installation, the size, the style, and the materials you choose to make your water feature with. To give you a broad idea, at the cheaper end, water features start at around $1800- $2500 and work their way up from there depending on the complexity of the design. While they may seem like an expensive addition, they can improve the aesthetics of your pool and make it appear more welcoming and inviting. If you choose to put your home on the market one day, a pool water feature is an inclusion that is likely to appeal to most prospective buyers which makes it easier to sell.

When Should I Install A Water Feature? While The Pool Is Being Built Or After?

If you want to save money on installing your water feature, its best to do it at the same time as your pool construction as it can be more difficult to connect the necessary pipes when the pool is already built. While water features for existing pools are an absolute possibility, they may just take a little longer to install. If you are building a new pool and you know you want a water feature but cannot afford one right now, let your pool builder know where you would like to put it and they can alter the construction so that when you do add it, the installation is straightforward and costs less.


Popular Water Features

There is a huge variety of water feature designs and styles you can add to your pool, you are only limited by your imagination. Here are some of the most popular ideas:

Water Wall

If you are looking for a water feature that is sleek and modern looking you can’t go past a water wall. They are usually rectangle or square in shape but can be custom made to the pool owners specific requirements, so this allows you to have freedom over the size. Water flows from the top and runs down the wall. They often finished with materials such as stacked stone, pebble sheets and tiles.

Rainfall Curtain

A rainfall curtain looks and sounds like water falling into the pool. The water feature component is usually mounted onto a frame or under an existing roof that hangs over the pool. They not only create a stunning display but the cascading sound of water has therapeutic effects too.

Rock Waterfall

Rock waterfalls are made using artificial rock and are inspired by nature with the objective being to create a life-like waterfall. They can be as big or small as you like and while they may look realistic and heavy, they are generally lightweight and easy to install. Look for UV resistant varieties to ensure they don’t weather or fade in the sun.


Sunpods are a tiled area that is positioned adjacent to the pool, they have bubblers situated on top that shoot spouts of water upwards to create a beautiful statement. They are an attractive water feature design that doubles as a fun spot for the kids to play.

Deck Jets

Deck jets can be positioned anywhere on the side of a pool and produce a constant arc-shaped flow of water. They can be adjusted 360 degrees which allows you to alter the direction that the water flows into the pool. You have as many or as little of these as you like, some styles come with lights built into them.

Spillover Spa

Adding a spa with an overflow to the end of your pool can provide you with an impressive water feature. The water from the spa flows down into the pool and the sound of running water can enhance the bathing experience.

Lighting Takes Your Water Feature To The Next Level

Some water features have lighting included and there are some clever ways you can use lighting to enhance the appearance of your water feature. It’s a good idea to discuss your lighting options when installing your water feature as you may be able to incorporate them to give it a professional finish.

What Are The Benefits Of Installing A Water Feature?

Create a tropical oasis in your backyard – Nothing screams a resort-style swimming pool like a water feature does.

Therapeutic – The sound of tumbling water is known to have soothing properties. Sitting outside in the fresh air whilst listening to a water feature can help to relieve stress and unwind after a busy day.

Improves the appearance of your backyard – Water features can improve the overall appeal of the backyard and potentially add value to your home.

Get the kids outside – A pool in itself is going to entice the kids outside and away from technology. Having extra elements of fun such as a water feature encourages them to spend more time in the pool, they will lose track of time playing games and using their imagination.

Some Tips To Consider Before Purchasing A Water Feature

  • The size and design you can have for your pool depends on how much space you have to work with. The water feature must not encroach on any of your pool fencing boundary lines. It’s best to explore all the water feature options available to find one to complement the space best.
  • If possible, place your water feature in a spot that can be seen from the house or entertaining area. This way you can enjoy it in its entirety and watch the kids too.
  • Check with your local council to see if you need a permit to install your water feature before installing it to avoid getting a fine.

Speak To A Professional

If you’ve decided that a water feature is something you would like for your pool, it’s best to discuss your options with a professional. For more than 30 years our team here at Barrier Reef National have been manufacturing and installing the world’s best fibreglass pools and can offer helpful advice on pool water features. If you have any questions or would like additional information, get in touch today, we would love to help if we can.

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