The Many Benefits Of A Saltwater Pool

If you live somewhere that is known for its hot, summer days, getting a saltwater pool can be a good idea. It doesn’t burn your eyes, breaks down the materials of the pool slower, and is less harsh on your skin. In fact, now that more and more people understand the benefits of a saltwater pool, they have become a common choice for residential pools, hotels, day spas, and more.


Saltwater Systems

It is important to note that saltwater pools aren’t completely free of chlorine. However, they do have a smaller amount of chlorine. The way they produce chlorine is different. It is more natural than the way chlorinated pools work. It doesn’t add chlorine to the pool directly. Instead, they rely on the electrolysis process for turning salt into chlorine. Since it exposes you to fewer toxins, natural chlorination is considered to be better. Moreover, chlorine pools have a much higher chemical concentration used to kill bacteria in the water.

For saltwater pools, you will also need specialised equipment, meaning that you will have to pay an upfront cost. However, when it comes to maintenance, it is the same as chlorine pools. There are several benefits of having a saltwater pool, which will make the upfront cost worth it.

1. Continuous Disinfection

A saltwater pool disinfection system uses chlorine to kill germs and neutralise contaminants in the water. It contains two charged titanium plates through which salt is passed. Then, the salt breaks down to form the hypochlorous acid that disinfects your pool water, just like the traditional chlorine-based system does. This process is known as electrolysis. Since the salt gets dissolved in the water, your pool has a continuous, steady chlorine supply.


2. Avoid Chemical Handling

When you have a saltwater pool, it requires less handling of chemicals. In the case of a chlorine pool, the chemicals required to maintain it are dangerous to have inside the home, especially if you have small children or pets. For chemical pools, you will have to treat them with chemicals in the form of tablets or sticks. However, in the case of a saltwater pool, chlorine is self-produced, which means that you won’t have to perform a chemical dump frequently. Instead, you will have to treat the pools with salt, which sanitises the water through the electrolysis process.

3. Easier On The Eyes

Chlorine water can make your eyes burn and turn red. However, since saltwater pools have a low chlorine level, it doesn’t irritate your eyes as much. For some people, chlorine can cause irritation in the lungs as well. With the saltwater pool, this wouldn’t be an issue. You might think that since the water in the ocean causes your eyes to burn, the saltwater in your pool would do the same. This is not true as the saltwater pool has ten times less salt than what is found in the ocean. In the ocean, there is about 35,000 ppm of salinity, whereas the saltwater pool has a salinity level of 3,000 ppm.

4. Better For Your Health

Saltwater pools work better for people who have allergies or asthma. This is especially true in the case of indoor pools. In fact, studies have shown that swimming routinely in an indoor chlorinated pool puts children at a higher risk for asthma and lung inflammation. Research has also shown that swimming in saltwater pools is better for the health of your joints. This is because of the presence of bromide in saltwater. Bromide is known to have a soothing effect on your body, which eases everyday aches.

5. Easy Maintenance

One of the best advantages of having a saltwater pool is the fact that they require less maintenance. The chlorine used to disinfect the water is produced by the salt-chlorine generator. It only generates the amount that you need to keep your pool sanitised and clean. Occasionally, you will have to clean the deposits, which is easy to do. Most salt chlorination systems available in the market can self-clean at regular intervals.

6. Luxurious Water

What makes your pool water luxurious? It is silky smooth, crystal clear, and soft on the skin. When you use a saltwater chlorine generator to chlorinate your pool water, it will have these attributes. A saltwater pool is really comfortable to swim in. By swimming in this luxurious water, you will be able to have a smooth experience against your skin. This is a really gratifying experience.

7. Lower Costs

Yes, there is an upfront investment in the saltwater chlorine generator. But, the lower maintenance costs and the multitude of benefits it offers make it worthwhile. You will be using high-quality table salt in the pool, which is cheaper than the harsh chlorine chemicals you have to buy for a traditional pool. The total cost of the salt you use for the system will be a lot lower than purchasing the maintenance chemicals. Also, since you will be using salt, not chlorine, you won’t have to worry about the fluctuations in the chlorine industry.

8. Reduce The Smell Of Chlorine

In a traditional pool, there is a chlorine smell that comes from chloramines, a chemical produced as the chlorine binds with the pool’s particulates. As you continue using the pool, the particulates like your sweat increase chloramine, which results in the emanating of the unpleasant smell of chlorine from the pool. With a saltwater system, you won’t have this problem. Thanks to the regulated natural chlorine supply, there won’t be any overaccumulation of chloramines resulting in reduced chemical smell.

How Does A Salt Chlorinator System Work?

For a salt chlorinator system to work, you have to add the required amount of salt to the pool and wait until it is properly dissolved. As this salt enters the salt chlorine generator, a small current will be applied that converts the salt into the right quantity of chlorine needed in your pool. This filtered pool water mixed with chlorine is returned for sanitisation, and the process continues.

There are a number of different water systems available, and having a saltwater system can help you make the most out of your pool. Talk to a professional on how to create the right saltwater pool experience for your family members and friends.

A Quick Summary

Are Saltwater Pools Less Maintenance?

Yes! Saltwater pools mean less chemical handling as the chlorine is self-produced, meaning you won’t have to worry about frequent chemical dumps. Saltwater pools are able to disinfect themselves and neutralise contaminants, making maintenance easier for you!

Are Saltwater Pools More Pleasant To Swim In?

Saltwater pools have a much lower chlorine level, so your eyes will be far less irritable when swimming in the pool. However you may think because the saltwater in the ocean burns your eyes, a saltwater pool will do the same. This is untrue thankfully as a saltwater pool has ten times as less salt than the ocean!

Are Saltwater Pools Cheaper Than Regular Pools?

Yes, saltwater pools are cheaper in the long run than regular chlorine pools! There will be an upfront investment for the saltwater chlorine generator, but the lower maintenance costs over time mean you will be spending less than a standard chlorine pool!

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