The Most Important Pool Accessories Every Pool Owner Must Have

If you own a pool at home, then you may have questions regarding the type of pool accessories needed to make swimming a more fun and safe experience. It is true that every pool owner must invest in a few simple accessories to ensure that the pool is well maintained. These accessories will also allow your family and friends to have fun in a safe environment at the swimming pool.


What Should You Buy?

The fact is that the market is saturated with multiple pool accessories today. Many pool owners go crazy doing Google searches and visiting stores trying to identify what to buy. The question is “Which pool accessories will best suit my needs?”

Below, we’re tried to make the decision simpler for you by providing a list of some must-have pool accessories that are not only popular but extremely useful too!

1. Cleaning Accessories

Keeping your pool clean is one of the most important tasks. This helps ensure that the pool is well maintained and meets the required hygiene standards. Cleaning your pool also minimizes the possibility of infections, which is common due to the accumulation of bacteria or algae.

Here is a list of some of the most important pool cleaning accessories:

Chemical Floater

The function of this pool accessory is to float on water while gradually releasing chemicals.

Pool Broom

Just like you broom your home, you need a broom for your swimming pool too. A pool broom is useful in removing leaves and algae in water.

Vacuum Cleaner

There might be some stains or algae in your swimming pool that cannot be removed manually. In such cases, a vacuum cleaner can play an important role in quick and efficient cleaning. A filter cartridge cleaning device is also helpful in maintaining hygiene of the pool.


A skimmer is a must-have pool accessory, and we’ll tell you why. First, a skimmer is basically a flattened net which is attached to one long pole. It allows easy access to the swimming pool. You’ll find some poles in the market with interchangeable heads, such as leaf bag or brush head. A skimmer is an accessory that you might need for each swimming session. It helps pick up the debris which may be floating on top. It could be insects, flower petals, leaves and so on. Another interesting function of a skimmer is that it can be used for reaching out to pull pool toys. These are often accidently dropped in or left behind in the swimming pool by kids.


2. Reliable and Effective Pool Barrier

Every pool owner needs a barrier around the pool which ensures there is no unauthorized entry to the pool area. Here, we’re not just talking about a pool cover or fence, but something stronger and more efficient. One of the best options when looking for a solid pool barrier is a polycarbonate pool enclosure. For instance, you have kids in your family who’re used to getting into the pool without consideration of its hygiene condition. This type of barrier will prevent such a thing from happening. You can easily lock this polycarbonate pool enclosure and the kids or unknown people will not be able to access the pool area.

The polycarbonate pool enclosure comes fully assembled with extruded aluminum and cover. It is capable of covering all sections of the pool for complete security. Most polycarbonate pool enclosures are self-latching. This means that even if someone forgets to put a lock on the pool, it will lock itself automatically. How awesome is that?

There are different types of designs available in polycarbonate pool enclosures, so you can pick one that best suits your taste and needs.

3. Wireless Floating Speaker

A swimming pool is pretty redundant if you cannot even host a party with some exciting music. Agree? Well, then you need some speakers, but not the regular kinds. With regular speakers, you’d need to make sure that they face outside and that the volume is within the tolerance of your neighbours. What you need instead are some wireless floating speakers for your pool!

What are wireless floating speakers? Well, to put it simply, these are 100 per cent waterproof, which is one of the most important mechanisms needed in a swimming pool speaker. Additionally, these speakers provide several levels of volume as well as a strong subwoofer. The subwoofer ensures that you get high-quality stereo sound. The best thing about wireless floating speakers is that you could easily connect them to various devices like your tablet, smartphone or computer. This way you can access your playlists, keep the volume in check and perform other similar functions using your device.

4. Rescue Equipment

For pool owners, it is extremely important to have reliable rescue equipment. Accidents and injuries are unpredictable and can happen anytime. In such circumstances, rescue equipment can help save lives. Here’s a list of some vital rescue equipment you should purchase for your pool area:

A first-aid kit

A first-aid kit is helpful in responding to all kinds of emergencies in an easy and efficient manner. It is generally used before the victim seeks proper medical aid. If you own a pool, you should definitely get yourself first-aid training.

Spine Board

Spine boards are needed to help swimmers who have injuries. They can be used to carry them off the swimming pool. When purchasing a spine board, look for one that is non-porous and has restraint straps and a comfortable head.

Life Jackets

Eve kids or beginners learning to swim would remain floating with life jackets on them. This way, it becomes easier to rescue them and avoid any fatalities or accidents.

Life Hook

A life hook is useful in providing fast aid. It helps in quickly rescuing individuals from drowning. To use the hook, you simply need to extend it to the drowning victim. Maneuver the hook a little so that it is around them. Then pull them and get them out of the swimming pool.

Besides these pool safety tools and accessories, there are other items you could consider purchasing. These include a rope, safety ring, rescue can, rescue tube and floats.


5. Pool Light And Alarms

It is slightly strange how some pool owners believe that they don’t require an alarm just because they have pool enclosure. In reality, a pool alarm is still needed for complete safety and protection.

A pool alarm makes it almost impossible for intruders to come near or use the pool area. These alarms can be installed in different strategic locations like the pool entrance, deck, doors, windows and so on. Different types of pool alarms are available in the market, some might include infrared or wave detecting.

Besides alarms, you also require pool lights. This accessory is especially useful for those who swim in the night. If you go to the market for browsing lights, you’ll find that majority of them are LED systems, which help save energy.

6. Pool Covers

During the winter season, you would need to cover the pool. There are different types of pool covers available in the market, such as a leaf cover and a solar cover.