The Top Solar Pool Covers For 2022!

A pool cover is a sound investment for several reasons, and if you are wanting to increase or maintain the temperature in your pool, it’s smart to consider a solar cover. To get the best result, it’s essential you choose a quality product. To help, we’ve put together some great choices for 2022.


What Is A Solar Pool Cover?

While pools do absorb heat from the sun, it is hindered by evaporation. The heat escapes, and the water cools. Solar covers work by harnessing the sun’s energy and transferring it to the pool. The warmth is then retained in the water as evaporation is drastically reduced.

How Effective Are Solar Covers

Solar covers can efficiently warm your pool water. They do not work as well as heating systems, but they don’t cost any money to run whereas heating systems can be expensive. In general, you can expect your solar pool cover to warm the water by up to 8 – 12 degrees. If you live in a cold climate, a solar cover alone may not be enough to be able to swim during the cooler times of the year.

How Much Do Solar Pool Covers Cost?

Solar covers are typically affordable to buy unless you are investing in an automatic version. You can expect an entry price solar cover to be around $200, and they go up from there.

Are Solar Covers Easy To Use?

In short, yes. To use one, you will need to remove it from its packaging and unfold it. From here, you just simply lay the cover across the pool bubble side down. You can cut the cover to suit the shape of your pool if it is too big. Make sure you fully remove the cover when the pool is in use and replace it when finished. This will ensure swimmers are safe and your pool can be heated when you are not using it.

Downsides To Solar Pool Covers

The only downside to a solar cover is that it is solely dependent on the sun to work, so on overcast days with little to no sun, you’re unlikely to notice much of a difference in the temperature of the pool.


Here Are Some Of Our Favourite Solar Covers For 2022

Sunline Australia Aquavent Pool Covers

Sunline Australia is a long-standing pool cover company that has a generous selection on offer. One of our favourites from them is the Aquavent cover. Providing superior thermal resistance, this cover can drastically lessen your pools water loss and can effectively retain heat in the water. What makes it unique is it is the only solar pool cover in the world that is breathable. This allows excessive chlorine and chemicals in the water to be released, and as a result, your pool water is cleaner. This patented design not only improves the water quality, but it offers optimal heat retention. Its heating cells are large and deep which capture warmth from the sun and transfer it into the pool water. An Aquavent cover can warm the water by 8 degrees.

Sol+Guard Pool Cover

The Sol+Guard cover offers superior performance, and by utilising GeoBubble technology, it can warm the pool by a whopping 12 degrees. It has an innovative clear top layer and translucent tinted underside that provides greater penetration of solar energy into the water. A Sol+Guard cover can help to extend your swimming season by up to two months. The cost-saving benefits they provide from water, heat and chemical loss will quickly see you recoup your investment. If you plan on using a solar cover alone as your primary source of pool heating, this is a great option to notice the biggest difference in water temperature. Like all good quality covers, they stop dirt and debris from falling into the pool and this can cut down on your pool maintenance.

Daisy Premium Range 525B Blue Pool Cover

Daisy is a well-known, go-to pool cover brand for many Aussie pool owners. They specialise in bubble blankets, and their products are engineered from years of research. Many choose this company due to the comprehensive selection of covers they offer and their unparalleled quality. One of their solar blankets that stands out to us is their Premium Range 525B Blue Pool Cover. It offers premium heat retention and is strong and durable. Heating the pool by up to 8 degrees and reducing evaporation by 97%, this cover is a great way to add some warmth to your pool. You can choose to have this cover as either an automatic cover or to keep costs down, you can use it as a manual cover.

SolarBlue+ Pool Cover

The SolarBlue+ is a universal cover that offers fantastic heating benefits. This covers also uses GeoBubble Technolgy, and it has superior durability. Its made here right in Australia and comes with an additional UV + colour stabiliser formulation. This extra layer increases the covers Air Cell strength. Designed to withstand the harsh Aussie climate with ease, the SolarBlue+ pool cover can warm the pool by up to 8 degrees. Designed to reduce evaporation, keep out dirt and debris and reduce heat and chemical loss significantly. It comes with a warranty for peace of mind and continues to be a crowd favourite.


Solar Is The Way Of The Future

You may have noticed there are seemingly endless solar options for pools nowadays and this is primarily because it’s better for the environment, and it can cut down on a pool’s running expenses quite substantially. A solar cover for your swimming pool can warm your water, cut down on your pool maintenance, keep your pool water cleaner, reduce water loss, and cut down on the number of chemicals your pool needs. They are extremely cheap for the number of benefits they offer. We always suggest starting off with a solar pool cover and seeing if it warms the water enough for you, and if it doesn’t, we recommend pairing your solar cover with a heating system or heat pump. This will give the absolute best result and will extend your swimming season the most. If you have any questions about a solar cover for your swimming pool, just ask our team of fibreglass pool specialists here at Barrier Reef Pools.

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