Here Are Some Fantastic Tips On How You Can Fit A Small Fibreglass Pool In Your Backyard!

In recent times in the real estate market, the realtors have started building larger homes on plots. This means there is more floor space and carpet area than ever but the backyard has started shrinking too. Many people do not mind the extra space being used to make the house bigger but this also means that swimming pool and patio sizes have become more modest.

This is where the trend of smaller swimming pools come in, gone are the days when everybody wanted a full size swimming pool in their backyards. You may not be able to have full length laps in them to exercise but other than that they barely have any disadvantages. They are easier to maintain, long-lasting, and easy to clean in the long run, and take up less space. If you have a small backyard a small fibreglass pool will fit in perfectly in that.

They give you almost all the benefits of having a pool but at a reduced cost. They do not occupy most of your backyard but still add value to the property. Small pools are the perfect answer to the rising demand for larger homes which reduces the backyard size. Another advantage of such pools is that they can come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can be easily customized.

What is considered small?

Any pool that has an area of under 10meter square can be classified as a small swimming pool. They offer the same functionality and quality as their larger brethren but at a fraction of the cost. 

Most people use the pool only to take a dip once every few days or host a pool party. With the smaller pools, you can have an aesthetically pleasing addition to your backyard which can act as a centerpiece too. A visually appealing pool can tie in the decor of the backyard and make it work as a whole. 

Some designs are borrowed from the larger pool but have been shrunk down to fit smaller backyards. There is some overlap in designs but small pools have a lot of exclusive designs owing to their space-saving nature. Plunge pools, spa pools, and lap pools are some unique designs that you can get when going for a small pool. 

Which would be right for you?

One of the toughest decisions to make is what would be the perfect pool for you. This can be dependent on a number of factors. The size and shape are two obvious ones, but you will have to decide on the feature set and which all are feasible. 

For example, a plunge pool with spa features might be a bit extravagant for most but just any one of the aforementioned might not be enough. This makes deciding what pool you want even more perplexing. 

It is best that you take your time and make an informed choice. Talk to pool owners who have similar designs as you have in mind and gather information. Talk to pool companies and get their catalogs to see available designs. 

How to decide?

If you go through enough catalogs you will find something to your lying. But if you don’t see anything that fits with your backyard then you can always go for a custom-built one. With the advances in modern technology, it has never been easier to get a customized pool. It will be delivered to your doorstep and all you have to do is get it installed where you want it to be.

Another good option is to get expert advice. Experienced pool builders will be able to guide as to how and where the pool must be placed and what its size should be. They will assess your backyard and then tell you about all the places where the pool can be installed. 

Write what the main purpose of getting the pool is. If you want to exercise then a lap pool would be best for you. If you want to relax then a spa pool fits the description and if you just want to take a dip then get a plunge pool. All these pools come in at different price points and you should budget according to that.

Why get a small pool?

A bigger pool means more chemicals and more resources to take care of it. They are also prone to evaporation and as the surface area is large debris can easily get inside it. You will have to invest in a bigger pool cover too with bigger pools. A pool cover is not a cheap investment and can run into thousands easily. 

A smaller pool leaves a lot of room for other activities in the yard that can come in handy later. You can easily accommodate more people in your backyard if you have a small pool. With the rest of the space, you can have an outdoor kitchen or Barbeque set up which would not have been possible with a bigger pool. 

As the volume of water would be lesser than a large pool too, you will save on water bills too. And since less water needs to be moved your pump and filtration system will use less electricity.

Fewer chemicals

Chemicals needed to maintain the pH of the pool do not come cheap but with a smaller pool, you will not have to buy as much. The number of advantages that a small pool provides only makes it more popular amongst the modern decorators. They serve their purpose and also add a new chic aesthetic to your yard. It is important to know the importance of water balance when it comes to maintaining your pool and keeping costs down throughout the year.

Cost savings in general

A small pool is a great economic investment that raises the value of your property without taking up a lot of space. Lap pools and spa pools are, particularly in high demand. They are easy to maintain and are high tech enough to not be obsolete in the next decade or so.

As is it with every investment, you should gather as much information on pools as possible. Make sure you are comfortable with your choices and looking at the long-term impact too. This will give you a much more holistic idea of the pool-owning experience. 

Talk to other pool owners to get a better idea of the yearly expenses and how much does it cost to maintain a pool. You will also need a few construction permits that will need to be signed off by the local council or body. These usually take time and you need to have them in advance to ensure pool installation goes smoothly.

Your pool company should have experienced builders that will tell you exactly what permits you need to get the construction going. Keep in mind that the permit granting body may not meet regularly and you will have to submit your application formally. 

Your pool-owning neighbors will also have a good idea about what needs to be done from the permit point of view. Contact them and they will be able to guide. Experience pool builders will also give you sound advice so feel free to contact us for great quotes and deals. We will be more than happy to assist you with your pool-owning experience. 

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