What Is The Most Popular Pool Size?

The most popular pool size is a close call between small and medium sized pools. Each of these sizes have acute advantages that make them the first (and second) choice of Australian families. 

Although large pools are oftentimes showstoppers in terms of appearance, this appeal rarely transfers to real world pool buyers. 

Simply put: small and medium sized pools meet the needs of homeowners to a tee. In fact, the race between the two is so close, the conclusion of this article could change in as little as a year! Read on to find out which sized pool (and why) is Australia’s most popular.


So, What Actually Is The Most Popular Pool Size?

Despite it being an incredibly close call, medium sized pools edge out as the most popular pool size. Although both sizes have valuable benefits for Aussie families, medium sized pools have the advantage of being popular for longer. Whereas smaller pools have only recently become a rising trend. This may explain why small pools are quickly becoming one of the most purchased pool sizes, yet medium sized pools are some of the most common pools found in homes. 

Medium sized pools have long been the go-to, traditional size for many Aussie families. As such they have been established long before more recent, modern designs such as the plunge pool. It has only been in recent years that the advantages of plunge pools, slimlines and pools under 5m have become widely recognised and sought after. 

Although Medium pools have the lead, it’s anybody’s guess whether or not such popularity can hold out against the rapidly expanding trend of small pools; particularly in urban, contemporary homes with tight space demands.

Why Small Pools Are So Popular

As mentioned, small pools are rising rapidly in popularity. This is due to a variety of reasons:

The most obvious advantage of small pools is their size. Due to being small this size of pool can fit into almost any property in Australia. This has opened up the world of fibreglass pools to a wide range of homeowners which was previously inaccessible. In fact, for a long while pools were considered luxurious and a sign of wealth. In modern times however pools are no longer so inaccessible, and many families who could not afford or fit a pool in their homes now have the option to do so.

Small pools require remarkably little maintenance due to their relatively low surface area. This makes small pools incredibly popular amongst casual swimmers and pool owners who do not wish to spend an extended period of time cleaning their pool.

Small pools are enticingly affordable. Their low(ish) price has opened the world of pools to many families who previously assumed they were out of reach.

Small pools – such as lap pools, plunge pools and spas – have a distinct, modern look to them. This sharp aesthetic – combined with Barrier Reef Pool’s beautiful colour ranges – makes this size of pool incredibly pleasing to the eye. Nowadays, more and more families are living in urban areas, meaning the contemporary, distinguished look is especially trending right now.


Reasons You Might Not Want A Small Pool

As you may have guessed, small pools do not possess the same amount of spaciousness that medium pools do. If you are particularly fond of swimming in a large space, then small pools might not be ideal for you as their swimming space is typically restricted and small.

If you are after a family pool then it is wise to consider choosing a medium pool over a small pool. Although small pools have evolved to the point of being big enough to accommodate families, most pool owners prefer a medium pool for families of more than 2. Why is this? Well, small pools are typically shallower: meaning that children will have a harder time of diving into the water safely. Additionally, there will not be as much room for toys and games.

Small pools are not ideal for laps or cardiovascular, athletic swimming.

…Medium pools are the perfect fit for families  looking to make the most of their weekends with their children, as they offer a large swimming space…

Why Medium Pools Are So Popular

The most popular pool size offers a host of advantages and benefits that have seen medium pools rise to the top of the pool world. Chief among these are:

Medium pools are the perfect size for swimming laps and encouraging healthy fitness swimming as well. In fact, some of the most popular medium sized swimming pools are lap pools! These types of pools have been around for a long time and you can find them in most accommodations. They are perfect if you want to get in shape, stay in shape or just say you’re in shape! (We’re just joking: lap swimming is a fantastic cardiovascular and aerobic exercise that all ages and skill levels can enjoy.)

Medium pools are the perfect fit for families and pool owners looking to make the most of their weekends with their kids. Medium pools are significantly cheaper than large, Olympic sized pools, whilst offering a noticeably larger amount of space than small pools. If you’re looking for a pool the whole family can enjoy, all at the same time together, then medium pools are the perfect fit!

Medium pools are the most popular size of pool: that means you’ll be spoiled for choice! Medium sized fibreglass pools typically have the largest amount of design options.

Pools of this size also offer the best “all round” alternative: meaning that whatever reason you have for getting a pool (laps, fitness, family, casual) a medium pool can most likely accommodate it.

Due to their increased depth, medium pools are far better for jumping into than small pools!

Reasons You Might Not Want A Medium Sized Pool

Medium sized pools require noticeably more cleaning and maintenance than smaller pools. Expect to be whipping out your skimmer and checking on your filter more often, as overlooking the cleaning requirements of your pool could have unfavourable consequences.

Although many medium sized pools can have modern, sleek designs (such as lap pools) they require more space on your property than their smaller counterparts. 

The race between small and medium sized pools for the top spot as Australia’s most popular pool size is a close one. However, the winner is (just barely) medium sized pools – for the moment. The world of pools is an exciting industry and many innovations are being introduced each year. There’s no telling what exciting possibilities the future holds for Barrier Reef Pools. But for now, it’s clear that the large swimming space and plentiful design options of medium sized pools are the go-to choice for many homeowners. Now that you know the most popular pool size, why don’t you have a look at our wide range of premium, medium sized fibreglass swimming pools!

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