Why Your Pool Warranty Is So Important

In the excitement of purchasing a pool, you may forget to check its warranty. It’s important you have an understanding of what is and isn’t included under your warranty to avoid being out of pocket for things you assumed you would be covered for. Here is everything you need to know about warranty for your pool.


Why Should My Pool Have A Warranty?

Fibreglass pools are manufactured to a technological standard that has never been seen before and the chances of something going wrong when hiring a reputable company to install it is slim, but this doesn’t mean something unforeseeable won’t pop up down the track. Pools are a significant home investment and you want to be sure that your warranty covers you for any damage, wear or defects as pool repairs and replacements don’t come cheap

What To Look For In A Pool Warranty

The more your warranty covers, the better. At the minimum, it should cover the major components of your pool. Most fibreglass pool companies will offer generous warranties with their pools as they back their shells and their building standards. If they don’t, you should be asking why. Here are some main things to look for in your pool warranty:

Structural Warranty

If there is a manufacturing defect or any issue relating to the structural integrity of your pool, this will be covered under your structural warranty.

Internal Warranty

An internal warranty usually relates to the interior gel-coat finish of your pool and covers you for damage caused by weather, chemicals or colour fading.

Osmosis Warranty

Osmosis warranty generally covers you for problems such as peeling, blistering and weakened pool structure due to osmosis damage.

The three warranties mentioned above are the most important and ideally, they should be lifetime or ten years at the minimum. Some companies offer 5 to 10-year warranties on additional components such as:

  • Pencil compaction warranty
  • Plumbing warranty
  • Paving warranty

Installation Warranty

Each state and territory in Australia is slightly different, but all have laws in place that stipulate builders must have mandatory builders warranty insurance. This protects consumers from faulty or incomplete installation. For structural problems, the cover is usually 6 to 7 years and for non-structural issues, it is up to 2 years. This should be outlined in your contract as well as any additional protection offered with your installation.

Equipment Warranty

Swimming pools use many pieces of equipment that work together to keep your water safe and sanitary to swim in. Each component should come with a manufacturer’s warranty. You can expect the warranties to be anywhere from 1 to 3 years. Make sure you are following the guidelines listed in your user manual correctly when maintaining your pool. If the fault is caused by your wrongdoing, you may not be covered.

Is A Lifetime Warranty Forever

If something says its lifetime, it’s easy to think that means forever, right? When a pool company is offering a lifetime warranty and can mean just that, for the lifetime of the pool, or can it mean 25 years. Ask about this when deciding which pool builder to use as the terms and conditions will vary from company to company.

Read The Fine Print

Ask your builder for a copy of their terms and conditions before signing a contract, that way if there are any discrepancies you can bring them to the builder’s attention or find someone else before you’ve made any concrete commitments. While reading the fine print is a tedious task, it’s one that should not be skipped and can provide you with peace of mind knowing you will be covered in the unlikely event of an issue. It’s a good idea to choose a company that provides the best cover for your money.

What To Look For In The Fine Print

Warranty timeframes – Read about the warranties they include and how long they are for.

Check if they include a warranty on labour and pool equipment – How your pool is installed and the equipment used to run it are vital to the longevity of your pool.

Choose A Well-Established Company To Install your Pool

Choosing a well-established company that has been in the industry for a long time is recommended. New companies may offer lifetime warranties, but are they going to be around in 10 to 15 years to honour it? This is something to think about when narrowing down your pool company choices.

What To Do If There Is A Problem WIth Your Pool

If you are having issues with your pool, your first point of contact should be with the pool builder, in most instances, they’ll be happy to work with you to fix the problem promptly. If it is relating to warranties that you are covered for, it should be rectified free of charge. If the problem has been caused by improper pool care, you may be liable for the repair costs. If you have tried to contact your pool builder and they aren’t willing to see problems covered under your warranty, its best to contact Fair Trading for advice and what steps you should take next.

How To Avoid Problems With Your Pool

It’s smart to do some research when in the market for a new pool rather than just taking an attractive website at face value. Choose a reputable company that has good reviews and ensure they are licenced, insured and qualified. Before signing your contract, make sure you understand the terms and conditions stated and if you don’t, ask questions. Remember, you are responsible for the upkeep of your pool and you should do so following the manufacturing and building standards that are listed within your manual.

Ask If The Warranty Is Fully Transferable

Ask if the pool warranty is transferable. This way, if you ever decide to sell, the new owners will still be covered if there is an issue with the pool. Having a quality pool in the backyard that comes with a transferable warranty is an attractive selling feature that will appeal to prospective buyers and make your home easier to sell.

Make Sure You Get Your Registered Warranty Paperwork In On Time

You need to register your warranty to ensure you are covered. You will be given the necessary paperwork and you will need to fill this out and send it back as soon as you can as strict time limits apply.

What You Can Expect With A Warranty From Barrier Reef Pools

Lifetime Structural Warranty

• Fully Transferable

Lifetime Osmosis Warranty

• Fully transferable

Lifetime Internal Warranty

• Advance Pool Colour Technology

• Marine Grade ISO NPG

Lifetime Paving Warranty

• Fully Transferable

• Lifetime Paving Guarantee against any bullnose paving becoming loose around the pool’s edge

• Industry Standard 1 Year

When you purchase a pool with Barrier Reef Pools, you can have confidence knowing that our pools are constructed to the highest standards and our warranties are customer-focused and all-inclusive. We are proud to offer Australia’s most comprehensive pool warranty. If you’d like more information or if you have any questions, get in touch with our highly skilled team, we are happy to help in any way we can.

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