Here Are Three Amazing Fibreglass Pool Designs You Should Check Out

Fibreglass pools have become a beloved home installation for people whose property site has ample space for it. Several homeowners in Australia living in upend neighbourhoods have considered installing fiberglass pools in their backyard because they have the potential to completely transform the visual appeal of their space.

When a swimming pool is incorporated into a home’s design, living in it becomes more enjoyable and fun. It can serve as a spot to relax after a dip on a bright day or a space where loved ones gather for barbeques and cocktails. With such an investment comes enhanced perceived value of your home and ultimately, a boost in its worth.

Typically, the size of fiberglass pools ranges between 10 x20 feet, and 16×40 feet. There are models that are smaller than 10×20 feet, however, the majority of these pools will be about this size or bigger. When it comes to shapes, you can choose between rectangular and freeform. There’s a plethora of designs you can choose from when it comes to fibreglass pools. It won’t take long for you to be confused and overwhelmed. To make the choice easier, we bring to you three stunning designs in this blog post. Check them out.

#1 The tanning ledge pool

Although it has been in existence for a while now, fibreglass pools with a tanning ledge can steal your heart. Imagine being able to lounge in the cool water of your swimming pool. That’s would this pool design is all about. Fundamentally, a tanning ledge in swimming pools is a shallow water shelf that is either built into the pool or added to it. It’s an elevated end of the pool where you can simply lie down and enjoy the sunshine. You can add it to any side of your pool without reducing the swim space.

You will come across many fibreglass swimming pool models that incorporate a tanning ledge at the shallow end. However, there are manufacturers that offer separate ledges, which you can add to any side of the pool. If you have in-pool furniture, then these fibreglass pools would be great for you. The best part about this design is it’s child- and pet-friendly. Your little ones and furry friends can comfortably lounge in the pool without the fear of drowning. It’s a great installation for homeowners who value their pool time and loves to have everyone included in the experience. Do consider it.

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#2 Spa and seat combo

The time you spend in your pool should be relaxing and soothing. What would be better than having a built-in spa and seating? Swimming can be an intense physical workout and some of you may take your strokes extra seriously. A spa treatment in the pool itself would relax your muscles and put you at ultimate ease. This when coupled with seats makes the experience all the more holistic, comfortable, and enjoyable. Typically, it’s the pool steps that serve the purpose of a resting spot. But contemporary fibreglass pool designs have some form of seating where one or more swimmers can rest after their rounds.

When you install a fibreglass swimming pool with an in-built spa and seating, you get a couple of benefits. Firstly, you can save a lot of space, especially when your pool site is small to create a spa and seating area outside the pool. There are many free-form pool designs that have the spa and bench seating at the shallow end, meaning even your kids can enjoy the experience. However, akin to the tanning ledge pool design, you can include the spa and seating spot on any side of the pool. It provides a great place to lounge and shoot the breeze with your fellow swimmers.

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#3 Semi-inground design with retainer wall

Inground fibreglass pools are quite exquisite installations and their permanent feel is truly a plus point. However, that does not mean above-ground swimming pools are disadvantageous. You can enjoy the best of both worlds by going for a semi-inground pool design. For added aesthetics, build a retainer wall on one side. With a semi-inground pool design, you get a swimming pool that is partly dug into the ground and partially installed above the ground. Although the cost can skew towards the high side, these pools would be extremely suitable if your property is situated on uneven terrain or a high water table.

When it comes to the retainer wall, it’s an essential installation if your yard is on a slope. Having these walls on any side of your pool area can lend a lot of charm to your space. You can have miniature waterfalls, wall fountains, or planters to boost its aesthetics. You can even set up a seating spot, a cosy swim-up bar, or a patio and landscaping space. It would not only save space but enhance the visual appeal of your pool area. Your guests are surely going to swoon over its stunning beauty.

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Final Thoughts

These are just three of the many fibreglass pool designs that you can consider if you are interested in investing in one. Unlike vinyl liner swimming pools, which are relatively rough, fibreglass pools have a gel-coated surface, which is durable enough to bear the weight of your pool furniture, children, and pets. They are even better than concrete swimming pools because the surface of fiberglass pools is smooth enough to lie on without a pool lounger.

You might want to save on initial installation costs because of which you might consider adding the tanning ledge or the spa later. Your pool builder might tell you that’s possible, but actually, it’s not very practical. Installing the tanning ledge or spa later would prove more expensive; avoid spending now but you certainly have to bear the material and labour cost later. For this reason, you should add them to your pool’s design during its initial installation. Moreover, you should consider getting your pool from a manufacturer that provides an in-build spa or tanning ledge. Installing such a fibreglass pool would be a less time-consuming process and less expensive.

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    I like that you talk about how fiberglass pools will have exquisite installations and will feel permanent which makes them a great choice. I wonder if my husband would also love that material if we invest in contractors to install an in-ground pull in our backyard next year. And we should probably start talking to various experts and learn more about our options to help us decide so that the process will start as early as possible to ensure that it will be available in the summer season.

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