Making The Most Of Your Pool In Winter

Australians aren’t known for their love of winter and this tends to lead to most pools being neglected during the winter months. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we get it: once you dip your toe into the freezing cold August waters, your body starts to scream: get inside and under a blanket right now! Not to mention the run from the pool to a hot shower is almost always too long. But beneath those icy waters lies a world of benefits and solutions; from feeling more energetic and awake to healthier skin, to your pool water being just as warm and enticing as any hot shower. Just remember: your pool is an investment and you wouldn’t want to use up only half of your investment, would you? So, here’s how you can take advantage of your pool during the winter.

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Enjoy The Comfort Of A Heated Pool

Not all winter swims need be so exhilarating and bracing; one solution for winter swims is to simply heat your pool and avoid the initial discomfort of cold shock. Installing a heated pool is the most straightforward way to achieve the most return on your investment, as it will allow you to use your pool year-round. 

A heated will pool will also positively change the dynamic of your pool to suit your needs seasonally; a refreshing swim during the summer months, and a relaxing, heated experience during winter. If your heated pool is struggling to stay warm, it’s important that you keep your pool cover over the pool when it’s not in use – this can significantly help with the maintenance cost as well.

Indoor Pools; An Emerging Trend

Have you considered opting for an indoor pool yet? Well, if you’re thinking of swimming in winter, you should! Indoor pools, along with mineral pools, have seen an upsurge in popularity and trends in recent years and it’s not hard to see why. 

An indoor pool screams elegance and decadent design, meaning your pool will be the envy of the neighbourhood. But the advantages are far deeper than appearance. You’ll be able to enjoy your indoor pool year-round and no matter the weather – even if it rains! Cleaning will also be made easier, due to the lack of foliage and flora debris.

Relax In A Heated Spa

The biggest and most reliable way to enjoy your pool during winter is simple: use a spa! Spas are designed to keep you warm and comfortable, and there’s no more suitable time for it to do that than winter. There is a plentiful range of fibreglass pools that come with a built-in spa to facilitate your needs.

Using a spa also provides a multitude of health benefits, such as:

  • Decreased stress, as the warm water soothes your body. This is especially so when the outside air is brisk and cold.
  • Relaxes your muscles.
  • Great to warm your body after partaking in that winter morning plunge!
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External Heaters

If you’re looking for the ultimate way to stay warm around your pool, then consider investing in heaters outside your pool. These can be fireplaces or outdoor heaters, but they can also mean ensuring your pool area is equipped with warm blankets. While these applications won’t directly heat your pool, they will contribute to creating a cozier, warmer atmosphere for your pool area. This is essential for planning gatherings such as BBQ’s or parties around your pool during winter – or even relaxing with a cup of hot chocolate, enjoying the view. Which, of course, you can now do instead of worrying about freezing, because you’ve successfully optimised your pool for year-round use.

How A Cold Plunge Can Improve Your Health

We’ve all heard of ice baths before; we’ve also all felt that cold chill run up our spine as we think about doing it ourselves. But did you know that plunging into ice bathes is a long and storied tradition, dating back to the ancient times when even ancient Greek philosophers would do it? Did you also know that many of the same advantages from an ice bath can be attained by swimming into your own pool, or plunge pool, during winter? Well, you can!

Swimming in your pool during winter, even if only for a few moments, can provide a host of healthy benefits for your body and mind. These include: 

    • Boosted immune system. When you submerge yourself in your pool’s cold water, you will experience a very slight form of cold water shock, which will kickstart your immune system into producing more white blood cells and antioxidants. This in turn gives your body heightened resistance to diseases such as a typical cold or even heart disease.
    • Healthy skin. Cold water helps with dry skin especially.
    • No lethargic feeling after using a spa. 
    • Heightened metabolism. Swimming in your pool during winter increases the circulation inside your body and this can lead to feeling more awake as well.
    • Decrease in stress. Numerous studies have shown that exercise, in particular swimming, increases your body’s endorphins – the feel good chemicals in your body.
    • Exhilaration. Some swimmers enjoy the rush that cold water brings and this can be an excellent, if bracing, start to your day.

Winter might be cold and full of shivers, but that doesn’t mean your pool needs to be. By optimising your pool area with these 5 tips, you can ensure that your pool will be in use 12 months of the year. You might also discover the wide range of health benefits and even a new passion! (Okay, we admit, diving headfirst into a freezing cold pool might take some getting used to) Or, you can simply lean back and enjoy the warmth of your pool heater or spa. So, get in contact with your nearest Barrier Reef Pools contact centre today and learn how to optimize your pool for winter now!