The Amazing Benefits of Mineral Pool Swimming

You’ve likely heard of the numerous benefits that owning a mineral pool can bring you. Even more likely is that you’re wondering how many of these are true! Well, here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’re committed to separating the fact from fiction, so that your choice of pool installation is as honest and easy as possible. 

If you’re after a sneak peek, then you should know that the benefits of mineral pools can include muscle relaxants, improve your sleep schedule and even give your skin a healthy shine!


What Exactly Makes A Mineral Pool Different From A Normal One?

The main difference may not be so easy to see at face value: apart from the name, most mineral pools and traditional ones look exactly the same! But trust us when we say that there is a whole world of difference going on beneath the surface.

The main difference is that mineral pools operate on a different water system than normal: the mineral water system. This also includes the cleaning process: instead of relying primarily on chlorine, mineral pools will instead use a combination of (significantly lower amounts of) chlorine, and minerals to clean your pool. A good thing to note is that mineral pools have a lowered chance of causing skin irritation due to chemical imbalance. Whilst one advantage to the mineral water system is that it can be set up post-pool installation, we strongly recommend letting a professional install it for you. In fact, our team of friendly professionals have over 30 years of experience – why not give us a call today?

Typical Minerals Used In Pools:

If the mineral water system has piqued your interest, then you’re likely wondering exactly what minerals you can use in your pool. Well, the list is simple and each mineral will have a slightly different advantage to cleaning your pool. They are:

  • Magnesium chloride 
  • Borates
  • Sodium chloride
  • Potassium chloride

Benefit #1: No More Skin Irritation!

One of the main reasons pool owners choose to install a mineral water system in their pool is to slowly wean themselves off of chlorine, in a sense. Chemical imbalance and fluctuating PH levels can be the bane of any pool owner and often require dedicated and consistent maintenance to avoid. A mineral water system can avoid all of this by simply substituting a large amount of the chlorine needed for cleaning, for less abrasive chemicals instead.

Simply put: a mineral water pool will use more minerals in it’s cleaning process rather than mainly chlorine. This will in turn lower the chance of chemical imbalance in your pool and all the nasty side effects that come with it: such as skin irritation, clothes discolouration and damaging your pool hardware (skimmers, cleaners and filters.)

Benefit #2: Enjoy Healthier And Smoother Skin

Likely the biggest selling point of mineral pools is the way they affect your pool water. Namely, a mineral water system will give your pool water that “soft, silky smooth” feeling that mineral pools are famous for.

Not only does this smoother feeling make for an overall more enjoyable swimming experience, but it has some surprising benefits as well! The softness of the water will lead to less irritation on your skin and provide a rejuvenating swimming experience.

Additionally, the minerals used in a mineral water system will actually inject moisture into your skin, rather than stripping it away as saltwater pools do. After just a few minutes of swimming in a mineral pool your skin will be left feeling younger and healthier.

Your skin is also the primary surface area that absorbs the minerals from the water: some minerals, such as magnesium, can even strengthen bone density and reduce hair loss!

…Just a few minutes swimming in a mineral pool will leave your skin feeling younger and healthier…

Benefit #3: Get Better Sleep And Less Stress At The Same Time

The “soft, silky smooth” feeling that we described earlier does more than physically benefit you, as well. The softness of mineral water will relax you far more deeply and quickly than normal pool water can. In fact, the “weightless” feeling of floating is exemplified in a mineral pool, feeling almost like an aquatic blanket surrounding you. This all contributes to an overall deep relaxation session.

What’s more, the softness of the mineral water has been proven to aid in the circulation of blood throughout your body, particularly in your heart, muscles and brain. This is critically important if you’re after a good night’s sleep.

Benefit #4: Safer For Your Pool And Poolside Area

A popular question asked by many burgeoning pool owners are the benefits of a mineral pool compared to a saltwater one. Probably the most clear cut advantage that mineral pools have over saltwater pools is that they are less abrasive – both to your poolside area and anything inside the pool. By using a mineral pool, your cleaning and maintenance tools (such as skimmers and automatic cleaners) will have a much longer lifespan and suffer far less from rust. This means you will end up spending far less in maintenance costs down the line.

Additionally, many plants that are common to Australian gardens will suffer from close proximity to saltwater. Mineral pools will not have this problem – mineral water is completely safe for plants!

Benefit #5: Surprisingly Easy To Install

Here at Barrier Reef Pools, our mineral water systems can be installed with your pool installation at the same time. Or, if you already own a pool but are considering making the change, then we can even install it on your traditional pool! There really is no excuse not to get a mineral water system for your pool: it will save you money in the long-run, make for a much more enjoyable, silky smooth swimming experience, and even provide a whole host of health benefits – including rejuvenating your skin! So, what are you waiting for? Get into touch with Barrier Reef Pools today for your free quote!

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