Tip To Keep Ducks Out Of Your Pool!

When you first see ducks in your pool, you may be thinking that they look cute floating around, but they can become a problem if they decide to make your backyard their permanent residence. If you’ve already got some living at your place and you’re wondering how to get them to move on, this post is for you. Here, we’ll share some handy tips to help you keep ducks out of your pool and yard.


Why Are Ducks In Your Pool A Problem?

Ducks are known to defecate often, and they don’t discriminate where they do this. It ends up in the water and all-around your pool. Duck poo not only looks unsightly but, it’s often riddled with parasites that can make you sick.

Effective Ways To Deter Ducks From Your Pool Area

Invest In A Pool Cover

A pool cover is a smart investment for many reasons other than keeping ducks at bay. They can effectively cut down on your pools water consumption by preventing evaporation. A cover stops your pool from getting dirty by protecting it from debris and various external contaminants. Other benefits include reducing heat and chemical loss. The main reason that ducks are enticed to your pool is because of the water. When this is covered, they are less likely to linger in your pool area.

Set Up Some Motion Detection Sprinklers

Ducks are easily startled, and a sudden jet of water will scare them off quickly. This is exactly what motion detection sprinklers do, as soon as they detect motion, they automatically turn on and propel water. This is entirely harmless to the ducks, and it may take a few tries, but quick enough, they’ll realise as soon as they land in the pool area, they are going to get sprayed, and they will find somewhere else to swim.

Get Your Robotic Pool Cleaner Going

Robotic cleaners are not only fantastic at cleaning swimming pools, but they are great a scaring off unwanted guests such as ducks. To work, they move in random motions rather than slow fluid movements, and this in conjunction with the shape underwater can appear like a predator and frighten them off. Running your robotic cleaner is win, win, it keeps your pool water sanitary and healthy and stops pesky ducks from swimming in your pool regularly.


Keep The Blow-Up Toys In The Water

As we’ve mentioned, ducks get easily startled and if you have a duck problem, leaving your pool toys in the pool is an effective way to get them to go away. Bigger floaties toys such as flamingos, sharks and crocodiles can intimidate the ducks, and they’ll likely think that it is dangerous to land near them in the water and will go elsewhere as a result.

Grab Some Good Quality Life-Size Owl Props

In the wild, some species of owls will prey on ducks and kill them for a source of food. Naturally, ducks are scared of this predator and see them as an immediate threat. By positioning a few fake owls in your pool area in obvious spots, you can discourage them from landing in your pool. The best types of owl props you can use are motion-activated versions. These move or make a sound whenever they sense motion. This can make them seem more real and raise alarm with the ducks. If it doesn’t have any motion, the ducks will work out that the prop is not a threat and continue to go in the pool.

Install An Ultrasonic Bird Repeller

If you have tried some of the solutions above to no avail, another option is installing an ultrasonic bird repeller. They have a motion sensor that emits an ultrasonic sound that is undetectable to humans yet irritating to birds. As they don’t like the sound, they will fly off. Most options are solar-powered, so you don’t have to worry about connecting it to power or changing batteries. This is not a good option if you have pets as they can typically hear it, and they may react to it.

Let Your Dog Out The Back But Not In The Pool Area

While ducks are fast movers, the last thing you want to do is let your dog loose in the pool area, and then it kills an unsuspecting duck. Instead, let the dog out the back. If it sees the ducks, it’ll likely bark and spook them away. Some dogs are better at this than others, and if your dog is one of those that isn’t phased by anything or anyone, there’s a good chance the ducks aren’t going to leave just at the sight of a cruisy dog in the backyard.

Keep Your Swimming Pool Clean

Keeping your pool clean is not only beneficial to you as it allows you to swim anytime you like, but it can prevent ducks from visiting. They love murky pond-like water, so the dirtier your pool is, the more inclined they are going to be to swim in it. Even some leaves floating about on the surface can encourage them to settle in for longer than you’d like, as they may mistake your pool for a pond.

Use 'No Ducks'

No ducks is a liquid product that you can add to your pool to discourage ducks from swimming in it. It works by reducing the surface tension of the water, making it difficult for them to float on the surface. It’s entirely safe for wildlife, ducks included. To use this product, you simply add the recommended dose to the swimming pool and run your filter. This product is very effective, although it should only be used on a needs basis as it can affect the clarity of your water.

Plant Some Tall Trees Around Your Pool Area

Ducks aren’t particularly fond of large trees or foliage as they obstruct potential dangers and threats from view. Make sure the trees you choose are pool friendly and don’t produce fruit as this can attract them to the area making it harder to get them to leave. Avoid trees that constantly shed leaf litter, as this will make your pool cleaning more labour intensive. Some good options are palms and olive trees, or hedging can work too. Be sure to check what kind of root system the tree has before planting to ensure they are not invasive and can cause damage to your pool or the surroundings.

Say Goodbye To Pool Ducks

As you can see, as innocent as ducks may seem, they can cause issues with your pool and ultimately, your health from swimming in contaminated water. By implementing the tips we have mentioned above, the only ducks you should be seeing from now on are the ones living out in nature. Ducks are skittish, and it is all about making your swimming pool seem like an uninviting place to be. When they feel threatened, they will fly off to safer territory. If you would like more information on this topic or swimming pools in general, feel free to ask our friendly team here at Barrier Reef Pools. We specialise in state-of-the-art fibreglass pools and would love to be of assistance if we can. Get in touch today!

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