4 Ways To Enhance Your Pool's Wow Factor

You have had your pool for a while but now the excitement is gone. You know about every nook and corner of your pool and also know how to maintain it. The design looks dated, and the pool could use a bit of a makeover. Then a bit of remodeling is just the thing you need.

After summer is over you can easily get your pool renovated and have a few new things installed. There are many ways to get the excitement back into the pool, but these 4 work every time.


1. Pool Fencing

The surrounding area of your pool will most probably have a fence if it wasn’t constructed recently. The fence takes up a lot of space and, in most cases does not add value to the aesthetics of your backyard. You can get rid of these old clunky fences and get some new ones. These days there are a number of low-cost fencing options that can make your pool look better and provide the necessary security and privacy as well.

In 2021, they do not have to be boring or massive. Different places have different fencing regulations, and it is up to you that you adhere to them. It is imperative that the material used to make the fence is durable, and the gaps must be small enough so children can’t pass through them.

Different types of fences will come at different prices. Each supplier/installer will have a number of designs that they will be able to put around your pool and secure it within the regulations. Some of the most common materials used for these fences are:

  • PVC
  • Tubular Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Glass

PVC happens to be the cheapest option and the glass to be the most expensive. Both have their pros and cons. PVC is cheap and can be replaced easily. Plus when it breaks it is easier to remove and reinstall. On the other hand, glass is not the easiest material to work with. Glass will give you intricate designs but is much more fragile and prone to breaking. Glass is also harder and more expensive to install.

Frameless glass pool fencing has become very popular in recent times. It provides an aesthetically pleasing view of the pool while meeting the safety requirement too. It is a great way to ensure the safety of your children and pets without compromising on the landscape beauty of your backyard.

Fencing made of tubular steel or aluminum is easy to work with and light enough to be reinstalled if it is removed accidentally. Not only that metal happens to the sturdiest of all the materials and can last you years without any significant upkeep.


2. Remodel The Area Around The Pool

It is important that the area around your pool matches the vibe of your backyard. You can change how you view the pool just by adding a few choice pieces around your pool. You can also opt for a natural pool that has biological plants that are hydroponically attached to the swimming pool. They can act as filters and clean the water while they are growing.

This authentic feeling of being close to nature is hard to mimic, and the chemical-free approach makes it a very rewarding experience too. People looking to have a more relaxed view around their pool should definitely look into this.

A natural pool may lower your chemical costs, but the trade-off is that it needs more space. It will also need a regeneration zone where all the plants can be grown from scratch. It is not easy to convert a normal pool into a natural pool, but it is well worth it.

You can add a bar or a grill in the surrounding area that will make your pool more utilitarian. You can hold Sunday brunches in your backyard and fire up the grill now and then. Another thing you can do is add a deck around the pool. A deck seamlessly blends the pool into the landscape and ties together the whole backyard.

3. Cost Effective Additions

Adding certain features like LED lighting or fountains can turn your mundane pool into a stunning attraction. Lighting can bring the pool to life at night and fountains/waterfalls never fail to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a place.

A simple water feature can also have a great effect on the overall experience of your pool. If you are looking to spend a bit of money jets or spas can also be installed to make the pool a great place to relax or exercise in.

A jet can convert your small pool into a full-body exercise machine. Swimming against the jet is a great workout that you can do within the comfort of your home. If you are after a more relaxed vibe, a spa can be a great way to unwind after a hectic day.


4. Complete Renovation

If you are not happy with multiple things in your pool, then you can do a complete overhaul. This means getting new tiles with different designs. Changing the landscape and adding safety features like a pool cover or steps to the pool is also a great option.

You can make your pool safer for your kids with steps at the shallow end of the pool. Adding a tanning shelf is a great option too. While you are at it, get a new filtering system and a heating system to the pool. All these modern amenities will make it easier for you to enjoy your pool, whether it be day or night.

Always contact a pool designer and get a quote for your pool upgrades. Make sure you have finalized what you are going to do and get the required permits too. Several permits are involved when it comes to any kind of construction, and in most cases, it takes a while before they are approved. Check-in with your local council about the safety and construction permits.

Ask your neighbours who have pools, and they will be able to guide you with the process. A pool builder will also be able to tell you exactly what you need to do so that the process is smooth and hassle-free.

Modern renovations can be easy and quick or complex, depending on what you want. Making the experience of owning a pool does not need to be costly; you just need to get creative with what you want and how to go about installing it.

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