A Guide To Smart Pools - Is It Worth The Upgrade

With the recent advancements in technology making sophisticated technology easier to us common folk, it was just a matter of time before swimming pools got the smart treatment too. They are now cost-effective to produce and won’t hurt your pocket. The new smart pools allow the owners a greater sense of autonomy and lower costs of operation as compared to a traditional pool.

If you are thinking about getting a smart pool or whether it would be the right fit for your house?, Don’t worry we have you covered. Here are a few things to know about these smart pools before setting out to buy one.


They Are Very Convenient

Gone are the days when you would stand by with a telescopic net to fish out all the trash from your pool. The biggest advantage of having a fully automated pool is that you literally can automate everything. This means whether it be filtering or turning on the light all can be done with a flick of a switch.

You can also control all these parameters from an app on your phone. That means you do not even have to be in the vicinity if you want your pool to be heated by the time you reach your house.

Money Matters

While the cost at the time of installation may sound steep but once it is done it ends up saving you money. Most people don’t look ahead and just talk about the sticker shock. Albeit a smart pool can be expensive at first but it will save you a lot of money, you must be wondering.

Since most of the tasks that require manual labor can be automated you save in man-hours. If this was not enough to convince. Every time you clean the pool or drain it you wouldn’t need to call pool cleaners to do it for you. Here you save money and time. All your general needs regarding a pool are available at a flick of switch or app, whichever you choose to get.

A smart pool may be expensive at first, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run…

Time Saver

As we have been told a million times, time is the most important currency that one has. You can easily save a lot of time by automating certain tasks. As discussed in the aforementioned paragraph an automated pool becomes easier to maintain and run. This saves your time which can be utilized elsewhere.

Increase Property Value

One more thing that is often overlooked by people when installing a smart pool is that a pool will increase the value of your house. It is often an added amenity or a luxury that definitely makes the house look good. As they can be now designed to fit any shape or size you no longer have to worry about having enough space.

Above-ground pools can also increase the value of your property but in most cases, they might sit well with the aesthetics of your place. Keep in mind how your pool looks with respect to the surrounding area. There are times when a pool might look great on paper but not gel with the pre-existing surroundings.

What Do You Want To Automate

All this might sound fine and dandy but what would you like to automate. Would it even be possible?. For example, if you want to automate the lights then you’ll have to install the automation system while the lights are being installed. Aftermarket installation of such things can be cumbersome and very expensive.

Make sure you know what you want to get automated. They are designed to make your life easier and will do if you let them. Be familiar with the interface of the app or the control box. Choose the one that is the most comfortable for you and work with that. Smart pools are designed in such a way that all the aspects can be controlled from a central control panel. These can include but are not limited to sensors that show you your pH levels. You can also control the temperature and lights(If already there). Cleaning the pool is a breeze with these machines in place.

The smart pool gives you a tonne of control but what you want to control is up to you. Many of these smart pools also have a neat management system that can be housed in a box. They have soot of switches that pertain to the various functions the pool has been programmed to do.

Here Are A Few Aspects Of The Pool System That Can Be Automated

Pool Pumps

When pool pumps were automated, they almost started a revolution. Once they were introduced to the general public they were well-received by many. Almost overnight many people started to automate their pumps. Any pool owner can tell you that the most cumbersome thing about owning a pool is maintaining the pumps.

The biggest advantage of automated pumps is that they use 85% less energy than their traditional counterparts. When your pool water is circulating it avoids algae and bacterial growth. With a cost-effective and energy-efficient alternative existing you should definitely switch to automated options.

Automated pumps use 85% less energy than their traditional counterparts

Central Management System

This is the motherboard or rather the control board. Treat it like the hub of operations as the command for an automated task goes from here. Some smart pools have the ability to be controlled remotely via an App. Make sure you look at the different variations available and choose the one you are comfortable with.

Larger ones can have a variety of options but if you want to have only a few tasks automated then going with a small board might seem wise. Some new systems can now also be synced with a smart-home device like Amazon Echo or Google Home. A hands-free approach is relatively new and relieves the stress of operating a control board altogether.

Self Cleaning

Cleaning a traditional pool is a big ask in itself. Add to that the number of hours it takes and the things that can go wrong makes the whole experience off putting. If these thighs have bothered you in the past, fear not self-cleaning pools are here. Would a pool really be smart if it can’t clean up after itself?

Nowadays pools can take care of their own hygiene and chemical levels, thus truly justifying the Smart monitor. Manually the pool might take a long time but with an automated pool, cleaning is a breeze altogether.

Automated Chlorinators

Experienced pool owners will tell you how fragile the chemical balance of a pool is. With sunlight and wind and the dirt affecting it on a constant basis, the chlorine levels can go haywire very easily. Thus an automated chlorinator checks the balance periodically and adds the necessary chemicals back into the pool.

As we have entered a new decade altogether one must think about all the things that they can modernize in their lives. Pools are an essential part of a pool owner’s life as they have so many fond memories of all the things that happened there. Whether it be with their friends or family a good day spent by the pool is cherished forever.

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