Five Tips On Decorating Your Pool Area

If you own a pool, then your pool area might be one of the most frequented areas in your home – especially during the summer months. Just imagine yourself lounging in your pool area in an outdoor ottoman, the calm glistening waters of your fibreglass pool, with the sky reflecting back at you.

Since you’re likely to spend so much time on your pool area, why not deck it out with your personality and aesthetics? From outdoor chairs to shady groves, there’s a lot you can do to make your pool area a space you don’t want to step away from.


Your pool area should be a space where you and your family feel comfortable and safe. It should also be an area that reflects your personality and character. To that end, here are five things you can do to make your pool area feel warm and inviting:

Our Top 5 Tips

1. Set Up Shaded Areas

Shade can be extremely important, especially during the summer months. If the heat from the Sun gets too intense for you, or a family member, then you need to ensure that they have a safe space. This is a place where they can sit in the shade and enjoy their surroundings. You’ll want shaded areas in your pool area, so you can protect yourself, as well as your family, from harmful UV rays from the Sun.

A great way to set up shaded areas in your pool area is with the help of large trees. If you have large trees in your backyard, then they may naturally form shaded areas around your pool area and fibreglass pool. But even if this isn’t the case, a simple cantilever umbrella can go a long way towards adding a shaded spot to your pool area.

You can also think about adding a sailcloth to your pool area. These are available in multiple colours and sizes and go a long way towards adding shaded spots to your pool area that can protect you from UV rays. Consider getting sail cloths made from high-density polyethylene fabric, as these are known for their ability to block out harmful UV rays from the Sun.


2. Outdoor Seating And Tables

Getting chairs and tables that are specifically for your pool area eliminates the need to constantly move the indoor chairs around. You can also consider getting outdoor chairs, such as lounge chairs or outdoor ottomans. Even bean bags can serve the function of providing a place to sit in your pool area. Colourful cushions are a great way of adding a pop of colour to the area as well.

Consider opting for a few tables as well, as places where people can keep their food or drinks while they’re enjoying outside.

3. Adding Lush Greenery

You can also think about adding plants to your pool area. If you have a green thumb, then you can think about adding various kinds of flora and fauna to add a personal touch to your pool area. But even if you don’t enjoy gardening, there’s a lot you can do to add greenery to your pool area.

Why not opt for succulents, as they’re easy to take care of and hardy and enduring as well. You can also think about planting bamboo or adding a few bonsai plants to your pool area. A great way to add colour to your pool area is with the help of colourful planters. Opt for your favourite shades of colours, such as bold colours or pastel shades, to add more personality to your pool area.


4. Adding Lighting

Consider adding lighting to your pool area to make the space seem more inviting and welcoming. You can opt for affordable string lights and use them to create a lovely environment in your pool area. Edison lights are another great option if you want to add affordable string lights that can also make your pool area aesthetically pleasing.

Another option, however, is LED string lights. Not only are these often budget-friendly, but they’re energy-efficient as well. The best part is, they often come in multicolour options. This means that you get to change the colour of the lights in your pool area, depending on your mood. LED lights are a great way to add a touch of your personality to your pool area.

5. Heating For The Colder Months

Do you want to use your fibreglass pool throughout the year? Even during the cold months? Adding a portable space heater to your pool area could be an excellent way of making that happen. Alternatively, you can also consider adding a fire pit as well.

Outdoor heaters, such as the ones you can place in your pool area, typically run on propane. If you choose to get fire pits, then you can opt for a fire pit from among various different available sizes. Having heating in your pool area allows you to continue enjoying your fibreglass pool, even when it’s getting colder. They add a touch of warmth to your pool area and helps create cozy moods during the winter months. With the help of an outdoor heater or a fire pit, you can continue to spend time in your pool area, even as it starts to get cold outside.


There are several things you can do to make your pool area feel warmer and more inviting to you and your family. Consider adding ambient lighting to help set different moods or adding a touch of greenery to brighten the space. Flowers, and even bright coloured planters, can enable you to add a pop of colour to your pool area.

You can also think about getting outdoors chairs and tables and creating shaded areas where you can go to protect yourself from UV rays. Shaded areas can also help you to find shade against intense sunlight. Use these five tips to add a touch of your personality and character to your pool area!

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