A Focus On Spas: The Amazing Benefits Of Owning One

Spas are known to induce tranquility and help people to calm down. There’s nothing better than easing back into a warm spa at the end of a rough day.

The health benefits of spas aren’t new. Ancient Greeks and Romans built spas around available hot springs and used them as health retreats. Many hot springs around the world are used for their health-inducing benefits.

You may not have a hot spring near your home to build a health spa around, but you can get a spa system installed into your pool to enjoy the health benefits anyway!


How Can A Spa Improve Your Health?

Bringing a spa home can give you easy access to a super convenient way to improve your health. Whether you’re working from day to night, enjoy working out regularly, or suffer from body pains or arthritis, a spa can make your life better.

1. Stress Reduction

Stress affects many people. From tiring jobs to daily hassles, stress is an unavoidable part of life.

Aside from leading to bad moods and sometimes even migraines, long-term stress is associated with various mental health issues as well. Depression, anxiety and reduced mood regulation capabilities are all related to long-term stress.

A spa can induce a calm and peaceful environment that can reduce stress in your body. As you easy into your spa tub and allow the warm water to envelop you, the warm and gentle environment can enable you to effectively reduce stress.

Add-ons like ambient lighting, or a few drops of essential oil for aromatherapy can bring down stress even further.

2. Reduce Joint Inflammation

Warm water can ease the muscles in you body, reduce inflammation and help you relax inside and out.

According to the Arthritis Foundation, the warmth of the spa water, the gentle massage from the jet streams are good against arthritis pain. The buoyant nature of the spa water allows you to lightly float while lying down in the water. This can combat pain from arthritis as well.

The buoyancy allows you to free up movement, and aids in gentle stretching as well. Whether you have arthritis or suffer from sore muscles, a spa can help alleviate that pain.

3. Combat Type-2 Diabetes, Low Blood Pressure And Obesity

The health benefits associated with a spa extend to chronic illnesses like diabetes and hypertension as well.

Studies associated with hypertension show that a spa can help lower blood pressure.

Insulin sensitivity can be controlled as well, which helps you manage diabetes better. Spas are also known to help burn calories, which also assists those suffering from obesity.

4. Burning Calories

Research shows that soaking in a spa for around an hour can help you burn around the same number of calories you lose from a half an hour walk.

While a spa bath is not an alternative to exercise, it does provide another way to burn calories. You get to feel relaxed and stress- free while simultaneously burning calories. This is the perfect way to reduce weight when you don’t want to go out.

If you exercise regularly and we’re wondering what you should do on the days where you don’t work out, a spa bath is a great idea. Relaxing in a spa enables you to effectively use your off-day’s while you ease your sore muscles.

5. Reduce Muscle Tension

Running daily, working out, or leading an active lifestyle can cause the muscles to tighten up and make you feel sore.

This can affect your performance and prevent you from giving your best the next time you’re active. Do you play tennis every day? Do you enjoy swimming in your pool regularly? How about running regularly?

Regular exercise is great for the body and can boost your health and immunity. However, that comes at the cost of your muscles being affected and feeling sore. Stiff joints, muscle pain and even sprains are possible if you aren’t careful with how you treat your body.

A spa allows you to lead a healthy lifestyle while further boosting your health and immunity. Any time your muscles feel sore, simple ease into the warm water of a spa and allow it to reduce the tension in your body’s muscles.


6. Sleep Deeper And Better

Studies have already indicated that bathing in a spa has positive effects that induce better sleep. The effects of body heating on sleep show that the warm water and gentle massage you experience in a spa can even help insomniacs.

Entering a spa around ninety minutes before going to bed can help you reset your body’s temperature. The warm water reduces stress and makes your worries fade away.

Not being able to sleep at night is associated with various factors. These include increased stress, tension, muscle pain, overthinking, anxiety, and even depression. These factors can be greatly controlled by using a spa regularly.

Not only does the warm water control your body’s core temperature and relax you, but the massage you get from the jet streams can further aid sleep.

On the nights you use a spa, you’ll not only sleep better, but you’re more likely to enjoy sleeping deeply through the night.

7. Improve Blood Circulation

Relaxing in the warm water from a spa can boost blood circulation. The warm water enables the blood to flow better, especially to the extremities of your body.

The effects of passive heating on the body have already been studied. Warm water dilates the blood vessels. Regularly using a spa boosts more than just blood circulation – it can also improve lung health.

Improve cardiovascular health and have healthy lungs all while relaxing in a spa.

Regularly using a spa boosts more than just blood circulation – it can also improve lung health

8. Get Better And Healthier Skin

Warm water can open up the pores on the epidermal or surface layer of your skin. This where many toxins, dead skin cells, bacteria and other residues that affect skin health reside.

Clogging up the pores is the main reason behind why people develop skin conditions such as acne. Relaxing in warm water that’s around 38°C opens up the pores, and allows these residues to leave your body.

After your spa, quickly take a cool shower so that the pores are closed again. This prevents the residues from re-entering the pores in your body. This process leaves behind smooth, clean and healthy looking skin.

You can now bring a spa home by getting one installed within your pool. If you don’t have a pool yet and are considering buying one, then consider opting for a pool that comes with a built-in spa. This allows you to bring them both home at the same time.

A spa can be installed into various kinds of pools, such as fibreglass pools. They add relaxation and fun to your pool. A convenient way to improve your health right from your backyard, a spa is an investment that protects your health over the long run.

The health-boosting and therapeutic effects of hot springs are well-known. But a spa takes that a step further with the jet stream massages that come with many modern spas. Massage your body, control muscle pain, look better and sleep better by adding a spa to your pool!

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