What Are Lap Pools, And Why Are They So Popular?

With decreasing curb sizes and increasing health considerations, lap pools are becoming more and more sought after over recent years. These huge pools were initially created in Rome and Greece, where people used them for regular aquarobics, nautical games, and military drills. Now they are popular owing to their sophisticated designs, convenience, and luxury.


About Lap Pools

Lap pools are swimming pools installed for the purpose of doing laps for health and physical fitness. They are very similar to standard-sized pools, but their dimensions make them unique. While standard-sized pools are wide and balanced, lap pools are long, tapered, and rectangular.

Generally, the lap pools are around 40 feet lengthwise, sometimes even extending up to about 75 feet, with a width ranging from 6 to 10 feet. The pool depth is designed in such a way that it is adequate to walk in, along with swimming laps at an athletic level. They also contain a relaxation area for sitting and unwinding in the water.

Different Models Of Lap Pools

Compared to traditional pools, the design flexibility available for a lap pool is much less. It can be fabricated using concrete, acrylic, or vinyl sheets. One of the most popular is fibreglass pools. They are in-mould, handcrafted pools that are extremely durable and sturdy.

It is not possible to change the shape of the fibreglass pool, but it can be customised by adding several additional features to suit one’s needs. A few of the add-ons that come with the pool include:

  • Spas Or Hot Tubs – They can be used for hydrotherapy and relaxation.
  • Spa Jets – They are used to produce resistance while swimming laps and unwind after a difficult training session.
  • Heating – The heating system makes it possible to use the pool year-round. The warm water, along with the spa jets, helps relieve aching muscles and tension.
  • Chlorine Or Saltwater Pools – Saltwater or natural pools may be better suited for people with sensitive skin, allergies, or asthma.
  • Smart Technology – Smart technology will help control the pool facilities with the help of a smart device.
  • Pool Finish – The pool colour can be selected based on one’s preference, with numerous companies offering a wide range of selections.
  • Landscaping – The pool can be enhanced stunningly by landscaping it and the surrounding area.
  • Lighting – Lighting is an excellent way to enhance the entire look of the pool.

Installation Of Lap Pools And Prices

The prices of lap pools, as well as their installation techniques, are not very different from that of full-size pools. The pool can be placed either above ground or in the ground. In-ground pools entail excavation, skimmers, pool pumps, and filters. This process can take many days to complete. In-ground pools provide a classic, sophisticated, and streamlined silhouette associated with a modern swimming pool.

Above-ground installation of a high-quality fibreglass pool can be costlier than in-ground installation, especially considering the other costs associated with the pool landscaping. A deck or other weight-supporting structure needs to be constructed to support the pool, water, and swimmers inside. After the support structure has been implemented, an above-ground pool takes only a few hours to install.

Several variables determine the final cost of installing a lap pool. These include the extra add-ons, landscaping, pool fencing, and choice of materials. The cost can also vary depending on the conditions of the site where it is installed.

Many people presume that lap pools are less expensive because of their smaller sizes. However, the process of installation and the amount of work involved is almost the same as that of a regular-sized pool. Since the work involved is similar, the cost of lap pool installation is comparable to that of standard pools.

Any type of pool, especially an in-ground lap pool, is a substantial investment that adds immense financial value to the property, giving it an air of luxury and sophistication.

Any type of pool, especially an in-ground lap pool, is a substantial investment that adds immense financial value to the property

Lap Pool Cleaning And Maintenance

Since lap pools are smaller, the cleaning area is also smaller. Smaller pools consume less water and chemicals during the cleaning process. People pressed for time can also choose from several automations that can help keep the pool clean. Energy-efficient automated pool pumps can keep pool water healthy while consuming less energy. It enables constant water circulation, suppresses algal and bacterial growth, distributes pool chemicals uniformly, and rids the pool of cold spots. Pools can also be installed with self-cleaning technology that efficiently cleans all areas within the pool and the debris is pushed into the pool drain, making the pool water fresh and clean.

Smart pools offer remote pool management for busy pool owners. Using this technology, the owner can schedule cleanings, adjust temperatures, and control all functionalities of the pool using a smart device.

The Benefits Of A Lap Pool

The countless benefits of lap pools include:

  • They can be installed in a narrow and shallow backyard, thereby allowing people with space constraints to own a pool.
  • They can serve as an exceptional form of aerobic exercise for all types of people, including those with restricted mobility or those recovering from serious injuries.
  • Lap pools customised with heat or resistance currents can have beneficial effects on the body.
  • Swimming laps combined with the calming effects of warm water can help people relax and sleep better. The endorphins released during swimming laps are a great way to de-stress and have a positive effect on mental health.
  • For families with young kids, lap pools are a good option since their size is perfect for kids to practise swimming.
  • Lap pools also allow a cut-back on maintenance since they are only one-third the size of a full-size pool. It takes much less time to clean, fewer chemicals to maintain, and requires less water to fill.
  • Lap pools are an ideal choice for people who want to keep fit and healthy during their busy schedules. They also provide a great deal of privacy for individuals and families who want to swim, relax, and have a great time.

A Quick Summary

How Expensive Are Lap Pools?

It’s common to think lap pools are less expensive because of their smaller sizes, but since the installation is similar to regular sized pools, the cost of lap pool installation is comparable to that of standard pools.

Why Should I Get A Lap Pool?

The benefits of lap pools are numerous. Apart from serving as your at-home fitness centre, they are perfect for teaching kids how to swim and can be installed in much narrower and more shallow backyards due to their shape. Fibreglass lap pools can also be fitted out with extras such as spa jets, heating and smart technology.

How Large Are Lap Pools?

A good sized lap pool can be up to 12m, however, if your backyard is a bit smaller and need something more downsized, you can still accommodate good exercise in a lap pool as small as 8m.

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